Golf Courses: Top 10 best golf courses in Arkansas

In Arkansas, Golf Association is separated for men and women so as to promote and improve this kind of hobby better in the long run. As a result, we are going to identify top 10 best golf courses in Arkansas to know more about the club quality in this state.

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Top 10 best golf courses in Arkansas

  1. Diamante Golf Club

Since the establishment in 1995, Diamante has been widely recognized as one of the most toughing courses all over the United States. Therefore, people are getting more and more curious, so that they want to come and challenge themselves. Located in the foothills of the Ouachita National Forest, Diamante follows a concept of a hot spring village that is suitable for not only golfing but also wedding celebrations. Hence, many couples tend to choose this destination when they want to tie the knot since they can remain best memories after all.

  1. Hot Springs Country Club

Hot Springs is considered as an ideal place for both residents and travelers from the other towns owing to its superb service, well-trained staff and outstanding privileges. Situated in the Ouachita foothills, this club is also surrounded by a fascinating view of many lakes and national parks. As a consequence, these images will have a deep affection in the heart of every guest after coming here. Moreover, Hot Springs is able to provide a number of dining services from casual to formal theme.

  1. Pleasant Valley Country Club

In fact, Pleasant Valley Country is regarded as top three golf courses in the heart of Arkansas for a long time. In order to achieve this honorable position, Joe Finger has made great effort to turn a natural land into a prestigious golf club like this. Also, Pleasant Valley can satisfy all of the players even when the peak playing season is taking place. Hence, you can feel free to enjoy the most when coming to this destination anytime. For anyone who is in need to skill improvement, you can be taken to the practice putting greens with the support of quality facilities.

  1. Country Club of Little Rock

Among the list of top 10 best golf courses in Arkansas, Country Club of Little Rock will be ranked as 4th place for sure. Established in 1902, this place has gone through a lot of maintenance period to keep the best state as you can see. You will be immersed into the splendid landscape of the downtown Little Rock skyline and Arkansas River Valley when walking along the course. In addition, a variety of indoor and outdoor activities such as art fitness center, pool pavilion and dining clubs are available all year round to give you the best treatment.

  1. Chenal Country Club

With the purpose of connecting the society into a whole group, Chenal Country provides many opportunities to have a playground for both professional and amateur players. Therefore, all-skill players can improve significantly by learning useful methods from each other. Most of the players who have ever come to Chenal Country agree that they can maximize their satisfaction about excellent standard and entertainment aspect.

  1. Texarkana Country Club

Texarkana Country is the 6th place we are going to talk about in top 10 best golf courses in Arkansas. This club is quite distinct from the others due to its unique design of deep bunkers and sloping greens. Thanks to this special feature, golfers will remember Texarkana Country more compared to the other clubs at the same area. Furthermore, this site takes pride in having used to host a number of amateur championships including the National Youth Classic, the Mid-South Cup Matches as well as the Nike Tour events. Last but not least, on special occasions, Texarkana Country can hold numerous parties for groups, families and corporations, which will absolutely exceed your expectations in the end.

  1. Pinnacle Country Club

Being constructed in the Northwest of Arkansas, Pinnacle Country is designed as a family-oriented layout which provides a warm and cozy atmosphere for every player. As a result, you are always welcomed to come in groups to enjoy the best moments together. Moreover, there are a variety of programs for men; women and kids that can help you make more friends in a short time.

  1. Big Creek Golf Course

Being built in Mountain Home, Big Creek is popular for being an ideal destination for national and foreign golfers. People are interested in walking along the white sand bunkers and beautiful zoysia fairways. Furthermore, you can watch the magnificent landscape of many attraction destinations such as Norfolk Lake, the Mountain Home, Bull Shoals Lake, White River together with Twin Lakes area. All of these amazing points make more and more golfers eager to return to this place again in the future.

  1. Hardscrabble Country Club

Next, Hardscrabble Country will be put as the 9th place in top 10 best golf courses in Arkansas. The world-renowned architect Perry Maxwell showed great contribution to creating this place and make it to a wonderful golf course. In addition, Hardscrabble Country used to witness a diversity of history winnings including Alice Dye with the USGA Senior Women's Championship or Mark Brooks with the Trans Mississippi Championships. Lastly, in case you are seeking for an elegant wedding venue, Hardscrabble Country will be a nice choice with fantastic food, professional service and fascinating decoration.

  1. Thunder Bayou

The final spot will belongs to Thunder Bayou in Arkansas. This course is a perfect place for anyone who is finding a location to practice and refine the spirit. Additionally, you can participate in hunting and fishing after playing a few rounds of golf. Finally, after entering the front gate of Thunder Bayou, you can feel the hospitality and warmth inside this classis course.

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Playing golf in the professional and outstanding courses will give you the best experience; therefore, this list of top 10 best golf courses in Arkansas is born now. If you know any better places, make sure to share the information with us at once.

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Golf Courses: Top 10 best golf courses in Missouri

In order to control the development of golf effectively, Missouri Golf Association was established in 1905 for a total of 170 clubs within this state. Therefore, we are going to discover top 10 best golf courses in Missouri and identify their best characteristics.

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Top 10 best golf courses in Missouri

  1. Louis Country Club

The first one to appear on this list will be St. Louis, which is located in the suburb of Ladue. This club is the combination of modern and classic setting, which never fails to attract more and more golfers to come by. Moreover, St. Louis can have such a popularity nowadays mostly thanks to the collaboration of the duo designers Charles Blair Macdonald and Seth Raynor. They are making great efforts to satisfy the most difficult golfers and make them return more times in the future.

  1. Bellerive Country Club

Being named after the last French commander in North America, Louis St. Ange De Bellerive, this destination has a long history of over 100 years until now. As a result, people are familiar with Bellerive Country’s existence. Furthermore, this site is proud of previously hosting the US Open, where Gary Player defeated Kel Nagle to complete his career grand slam. This moment is more memorable when he contributed all of his winning check to the cancer research as well as supported for junior golf training. In 2018, Bellerive will honorably host the 100th PGA Championship, which is a great chance to enhance its position in the world.

  1. The Dalhousie Golf Club

The 3rd place that we should mention in top 10 best golf courses in Missouri will belongs to The Dalhousie. This club is regarded as one of the top-performing golf playgrounds in the heart of Missouri. Being located in the historic Cape Girardeau, you can overlook the beautiful banks of the Mississippi River and experience the thrilling game with your partners. All of these outstanding points will actually exceed your expectation about a high-class golf course. For anyone living outside this area, you can apply for the National Golf Membership to receive the best service from The Dalhousie.

  1. Boone Valley Golf Club

With the total area of 440 acres of a scenic farm, Boone Valley will not make you disappointing once setting your first footstep here. This club has much experience on hosting many popular championships before. Fr instance, Boone Valley used to be an official destination for the PGA Champion Tour for a consecutive 4 years. Besides, this site is highly committed to delivering a fair and toughing game for all gofers regardless of race, religions, ages, gender, nationalities and the other matters. As a consequence, everyone can pursue their passion without any confusions or tension.

  1. Old Warson Country Club

With the combination of narrow greens, water hazards, bunkers and rolling fairways, Old Warson is truly a natural masterpiece in the Midwest area. A number of men and women are coming to this place to test their ability and become immersed into the scenic view. Also, many championships used to take place at Old Watson including the Ryder Cup Matches, the U.S. Mid-Amateur Championship and other national championships. By achieving these things, you can imagine how favorable and professional this place is.

  1. Buffalo Ridge Springs Golf Course

Going to the 6th place among top 10 best golf courses in Missouri, Buffalo Ridge Springs is a wise choice for any golfers. As a typical 18-hole course, this club will give a unique image of rich Zoysia grass fairways and free-ranging buffalo. Moreover, you are offered a wide range of group packages in order to maximize your satisfaction in the end. You can choose a standard package with planned services, otherwise, Buffalo Ridge Springs is willing to customize a golf outing that is suitable for your requirements.

  1. Branson Hills Golf Club

Branson Hills has greatly earned its reputation for being a picturesque design that can feast the eyes of any golfers. You can have a close look at the Natural rock outcroppings, wooded areas as well as the fascinating waterfalls, all of which are added to the beauty of Branson Hills. Furthermore, you can grab a chance to stay and relax at a variety of luxurious and glamorous accommodations including Branson Landing, Hilton Branson Convention Center hotel, The Hampton Inn at Branson Hills together with Branson Hills. By joining these, you can have a warm retreat and refine your spirit immediately.

  1. The Country Club of St. Albans

The Country Club of St. Albans aims to provide the exceptional service to players of all ages and all skills. This club is always willing to support the golfers with friendly attitude, respect their ideas and try to improve the quality as much as possible. Apart from golfing, you are able to take part in a diversity of indoor and outdoor activities in terms of club dining, swimming, tennis, summer camping and many tournament competitions. By engaging in these activities, you can communicate with more friends and keep healthy.

  1. The Club at Porto Cima

To be honest, The Club at Porto Cima deserves to obtain a spot in top 10 best golf courses in Missouri. This club is well-known for being one of the signature courses of Jack Nicklaus all over the United States. As a consequence, many people undoubtedly become absorbed into this subtle Mediterranean golf theme. In addition, in case you are in need of purchasing any golf apparels and equipment, make sure to come to this club’s Golf Shop to seek for your favorable items.

  1. Old Kinderhook

Being constructed among beautiful valleys at the Lake of the Ozarks, Old Kinderhook is considered as the stunning and spectacular course in the heart of Missouri. You cannot ignore the beautiful valleys, breathtaking waterfalls, rolling hills and endless bent grass greens. Additionally, the landscape of rugged Ozark hills is the great emphasis to this course’s beauty.

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After this summary, you can choose your favorite place among the above list of top 10 best golf courses in Missouri. Thus, get ready to discover the amazing features of that venue and tell us afterwards.

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Top 10 best golf courses in Mississippi

Mississippi is considered as one of the lowest-income states all over the United States, so that golf is not a favorable hobby here. However, many talented designers have built many places to increase people’s passion for golf. Therefore, now we should have a check at top 10 best golf courses in Mississippi so as to keep track of the dramatic changes in this royal sport.

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Top 10 best golf courses in Mississippi

  1. Fallen Oak Golf Club

Situated deeply in De Soto National Forest of Mississippi, Fallen Oak is truly a natural setting designed by Tom Fazio, one of the most legendary architects in the world of golf design. You can definitely feast your eyes by a number of large specimen trees, dramatic changes in elevation, manicured TifEagle greens as well as century-old oak trees along the streams. All of these factors have attracted more and more golfers to come to Fallen Oak all year round. Moreover, service of caddies is always available, so that do not hesitate to look for necessary support from them.

  1. Annandale Golf Club

Now, I would like to present the 2nd place that should be put among top 10 best golf courses in Mississippi for sure. With the purpose of building a place that can deliver the joy and excitement for golfers in the end, Jack Nicklaus has succeeded in creating Annandale. We will absolutely have no doubts in Jack’s talent since he has proved himself with a number of golf masterpiece throughout the United States. That is why Annandale used to honorably take responsibility for hosting a variety of championships including the U.S. Mid Amateur Championship, the annual PGA Tour and many events of Mississippi State Golf Association.

  1. Old Waverly Golf Club

Old Waverly is considered as a gracious golf setting that can easily catch the attention of many golfers at the first sight. With a gracious setting, you can walk along the course and observe a number of beautifully looking-glass lakes such as the largest Lake Waverly, Pecan, Azalea together with Camellia. Furthermore, this place is willing to provide more services for their guests apart from golfing. As a consequence, you can enjoy your living with excellent Southern cuisine, luxurious accommodation and stunning landscape.

  1. Laurel Country Club

Established in 1917, Laurel Country is regarded as the most long-lasting golf club in the heart of Mississippi until now. This place does not aim to satisfy any parts of players but for every golf enthusiast. As a result, you can feel free to pursue your golf dream at Laurel Country without having any pressure and distractions. With a countryside layout including many rolling hills and pines, Laurel Country brings a peaceful atmosphere to all people who used to set their feet here.

  1. Dancing Rabbit Golf Club

When writing down a list of top 10 best golf courses in Mississippi, you need to remember Dancing Rabbit for many reasons. Being constructed in the east central area of Mississippi, Dancing Rabbit has earned its reputation for being the second home of many golfers whenever they need relaxation and get away from working for a few days. Also, you can visit some casinos such as Silver Star and Golden Moon around this club to enjoy the gaming in a relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, you will not worry that golf is the only activity here.

  1. Grand Bear Golf Course

Following Annandale Golf Club, Jack Nicklaus continues to put great impressions on everyone by the masterpiece Brand Bear. You will be totally absorbed into the natural but spectacular layout with the combination of towering pines, deep bunkers, natural cypress wetlands piney woods. All of these factors are combined appropriately to give you a perfect work of art. Furthermore, you are offered a wide range of packages when going in groups. By this way, you and your friends can save more money but still remain memorable moments together.

  1. Reunion Golf & Country Club

Originally located in the rolling hills of Madison, Mississippi, Reunion is well-known for taking over all of the natural heritage from Mother Nature and becoming a magnificent sculpture in the eyes of many people. This place is suitable for players of all ages and all skills since it provides a fun and fair but challenging playground, so that everyone can test their ability. Besides, you can visit the practice area in order to improve your skill with the supply of world-class facilities such as food and beverages, driving ranges, towels as well as expansive hitting area.

  1. Preserve Golf Club

Many people are reminded of Preserve immediately at the moment they hear top 10 best golf courses in Mississippi. This place is designed with unparalleled structure, thus, it will indulge a number of golfers to come play and desire to return again in the future. Also, Preserve is willing to organize customized weddings for any couples who are sharing the same passion for golf. They can have wedding photos inside the 18-hold greens to create the fantastic view for their whole life.

  1. Shell Landing Golf Club

When coming to Shell Landing, you will become one with the wonderful landscape as it will remain in your mind for a long time. With affordable price, you can make the most of your day by enjoying the purest golf spirit and challenge yourself. Furthermore, if you are hungry after a few rounds, make sure to stop by The Landing Bar and Grill in order to have a taste of well-cooked menu with your friends. Last but not least, you are able to require some individualized events with the support of professional coordinators.

  1. The Dogwoods Golf Course

A number of golfers has a deep affection for The Dogwoods after the first visit time as they are interested in playing golf in a natural beauty like this. However, you need to be cautious since this splendid panoramic view can prevent you from losing such focus on the ball.

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After checking top 10 best golf courses in Mississippi, you can know why people are becoming keener on this royal sport. Thus, you should discover the fantastic things at one of these destinations and enjoy yourself.

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Golf Tips: How To Clean a White Golf Hat

For many golfers out there, whether you are a professional and amateur player, a good golf hat is a must-have accessory. In spite of their usefulness, cleaning your own golf hats can be a bit of a nuisance and is often neglected, especially for white golf hats. However, knowing how to clean a white golf hat can be a lot more beneficial than you think, and you'd be surprised to see how easy it actually is to have a clean white golf hat as if it was fresh from the store.

As you all know, keeping any white outfit or accessory clean and safe from stains can be a tough challenge. White is such a vulnerable color to wear and to wear white, one must pick up a few tips to clean white clothes and accessories. To answer the question of how to clean a white golf hat, it is in fact quite similar to cleaning a white piece of clothing, white shirt collars for example, in terms of principles. In order to clean your golf hat, you must first understand what might cause them to get dirty in the first place.

A white golf hat can get dirty easily especially during summer. It is usually covered with sweat, which makes it turn yellowish and smelly on the inside of the hat. The yellow stain can really be a pain to clean, and you may wonder how to clean a white golf hat when it is damaged by sweat and dirt accumulated from a long time of being in use. Below are some do-s and don’t-s for you to save your white golf hat and make it look like new.

How to clean a white golf hat


#1 - Check the material and washing direction of your hat    

It is important to check the washing direction of any piece of clothing or accessories that you want to wash, not just hats. Some materials are meant for dry-cleaning only, and not following the washing direction properly can severely damage your hat. White hats should always be cleaned separately to avoid color fading and mixing with dark-colored stuff.

#2 - Use stain remover to quickly get rid of the stain

Stain removers are usually available at supermarkets and convenience stores, and they can do a good job or removing dirt marks by applying directly on the mark. However, they do not work well with a stain from sweat and oil, so they should be recommended for a quick fix only.

#3 – Try the soak-and-rinse method

This is a popular way to clean white shirt collars, and it can be adopted to clean your white golf hat. First, soak your dirty hat in the sink with water (again check the washing label before trying this), next add a gentle type of detergent or bleach. Let the hat get soaked thoroughly for at least half an hour. Afterward, scrub the sweat stain or dirty marks with a toothbrush and then rinse your hat with clean water. Finally, air-dry your hat.

#4 – Use a piece of a clean white washcloth

Another method to directly tackle the stain or dirty marks without having to wash the whole hat is to use a piece of a clean white washcloth. First, you will need to prepare a mixture of water and a mild detergent. Next, you dip the washcloth in the mixture and rub it on the surface of any dirty spots of your hat. Continue rubbing until the dirt mark is gone. Then you dip your washcloth in clean water to rinse your hat off the detergent. Let it air-dry and you’re done.

#5 – Use baking soda

Have you ever heard of using baking soda to whiten your clothes? In fact, baking soda is a less known method of cleaning whites yet it has been proved to be extremely useful. It can also save you from buying expensive detergents full of potentially harmful chemicals. Sounds wonderful, right? You will need a mixture of water of about 2 liters and half a cup of baking soda. Next, you should soak your dirty hat in the mixture for at least half an hour. Then you take your hat out of the mixture and rinse it with clean water. Your white hat will get brighter.


#1 – Never wash your white hat in the washing machine, even on the gentlest cycle. It can ruin your hat while not removing any of the dirt or sweat mark.

#2 – Be careful with strong detergents. The problem with white clothes or hats is that they won’t stay white for long. They get dirty easily and look faded after several washes. Using a strong detergent can do more harm than good as it can make the hat all worn out and dull.

Those are some tips to keep in mind on how to clean a white golf hat. Nothing can look better on a golfer than a bright clean white golf hat, and knowing these tips can hopefully keep your hats look the way you want.

How Much Does a Golf Ball Weigh?

How Much Does a Golf Ball Weigh?

Golf is enjoying its popularity as a sport that attracted more than two million new players last year. And as far as golf is concerned, it is undeniable that the golf ball is a key component of any golf game. It goes without saying that a golf game without a golf ball is like a restaurant without food. While golf players are the soul of the games, a golf ball is a must-have item without which no player can shine. "So how much does a golf ball weigh?” one may ask. In fact, in order to have a successful golf game, a golf ball must be carefully designed and manufactured with precision and perfection.

The History and Types of Golf Ball

To answer the question "How much does a golf ball weigh?” we first need to look at the history and different types of golf balls. So what is a golf ball? A golf ball is a customized ball designed and manufactured to be used in golf games. A certain set of standards were established and agreed upon on the measurements of a golf ball. Every single golf ball that is manufactured must be tested and approved before being launched to be used in any golf game.

In the past, when golf was first introduced and played, golfers used round balls to play. The golf balls back then were leather balls that were stuffed with cows' hair. These golf balls were later improved and further polished to become the current modern golf ball. Only golf balls that conform to the regulated standards will be used for official games.

There are many types of golf balls for players to choose from. The most common types of golf balls fall into two categories: the recreational or amateur balls and the advanced or professional balls. To know "how much does a golf ball weigh", it is necessary for us to differentiate these two types.  The first balls consist of two layers: the core and the covering layer. The second type consists of three or more layers: the solid core and layers of soft covers. The second type requires more strength to control, thus they are only suitable for professional golfers.

How Much Does a Golf Ball Weigh?

The standard measurement for a golf ball is universally regulated so that all balls are precisely measured to reach their full performance. The standard weight for a typical golf ball cannot be more than 45.93 grams (1.620 ounces). The minimum diameter of a golf ball is 42.67 mm (1.680 inches). There are additional requirements as well, including restrictions in the arrangement of dimples, the radius of dimples, and their design.

So why should a golf ball’s weight matter? The answer is obvious because any kind of golf players is concerned with how much does a golf ball weigh because it directly affects the player's performance. Although there is no standard golf ball that fits every player's wishes and needs, every golf ball shares some similar characteristics. Manufacturers can alter or adjust some certain features of the balls to suit the needs of players. Golf balls can also be customized in a creative manner to show the player's characteristics. There are many brands of golf balls available on the market, and you can choose to personalize your very own golf balls to your heart's desire.

Things to Consider when Buying a Golf Ball

In order to choose the most suitable golf ball, you need to look at several factors. First and foremost, you need to check the weight and diameter of the ball to see if they exceed the regulated requirements for golf balls. A golf ball cannot weigh more than 45.93 gram, so that should be your first criteria to select a good quality golf ball. Secondly, check the hardness of the ball's core layers. The harder the core is, the further the ball will be able to fly. Thirdly, check the cover material as it will affect the spin of the ball. Finally, you should take into considerations the pattern of dimples of the ball. Feel the design of the dimples to check their resistance to force and spinning.

On the whole, though there is not one single perfect golf ball, there are certain regulations that ensure good quality and precision of golf balls. To become a better golfer, you are recommended to start learning about facts, tips, and tricks of the game, including how much a typical golf ball weighs. It never hurts to know more to make your knowledge an advantage in the game.


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