Golf Courses: Top 10 best golf courses in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is one of the populous states all over the United States, so that the number of golf enthusiasts there is increasing daily. Therefore, we will identify top 10 best golf courses in Massachusetts in order to know the good places for entertainment nowadays.

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Top 10 best golf courses in Massachusetts

  1. The Country Club

Situated in the suburbs of Brookline, The Country is one of the first golf clubs that has a classic concept in Massachusetts. You will never forget the history moment when the unknown amateur golfer Francis Ouimet defeated the legendary professional Harry Vandon in the playoff of the US Open in 1913. This victory has made The Country become more popular and make inspiration for ordinary Americans who are desiring to obtain a success. Moreover, this place is truly a traditional golf course with distinct features such as glacial rock formations and the elevated greens. All of these factors are added to the appealing of The Country.

  1. Old Sandwich Golf Club

With the rich heritage from Mother Nature, Old Sandwich is considered as a traditional golf club that can satisfy a number of golfers with varying skills. On top of that, this club is committed to providing an enjoyable and fun playground for beginner golfers, thus they can learn step by step and improve their ability afterwards. Furthermore, if you are interested in staying here for a while, there are numerous high-class cottages with 4 spacious bedrooms, exclusive facilities and natural wood burning fireplace which will exceed your expectations.

  1. Myopia Hunt Club

Going to the next place in top 10 best golf courses in Massachusetts, Myopia Hunt is definitely a promising name that you should talk about. Located in South Hamilton of Massachusetts, this club is able to retain most of its original golfers and trying to attract more in the future. If you are seeking for a perfect golf treatment, do not hesitate to come to Myopia Hunt. Besides, you can study the historic golf course architecture with a number of special bunkers of different sizes and shapes.

  1. Essex County Club

Originally established in 1893 and redesigned in 1917 by Donald Ross, one of the most favorable golf architects in the world, Essex County is completely able to fulfill your passion for golf as well as other activities. However, you need to comply with a variety of proper rules when entering to this course in terms of electronic devices, dress codes and accessories. For instance, men should wear tucked-in collared shirt with mid-length shorts. Otherwise, shirts and skirts are required for women. All of these regulations are quite acceptable to keep the politeness during the game.

  1. Eastward Ho! Country Club

Being constructed in Chatham of Massachusetts, Eastward Ho! Country will absolutely offers every golfer a challenging play and scenic landscape. Tricky greens and fantastic rolling fairways can easily prevent you from hitting a perfect spot, therefore; you need to focus more when playing golf at this club. Nevertheless, this toughing point will indulge the golfers to return to Eastward Ho! Country again in the future. Besides, a team of professional coordinators are always available to support for any of your events such as friend reunions, baby showers, corporate meetings together with birthday parties.

  1. Boston Golf Club

Next, Boston will be ranked as 6th place among top 10 best golf courses in Massachusetts. Being built in the south Boston of Hingham, Boston is well-known for remaining the old world style and traditional values of golf. Moreover, this club is regarded as a magnificent paradise for golfers of all ages and all skills. You will get totally immersed into the warm sunshine, unparalleled layout and numerous huge trees. Last but not least, you can enjoy the outstanding living standard by staying at the unique cottages with the combination of hardwood panels, fireplace, tree-crafted furniture and authentic hickory floors.

  1. Kittansett Club

With the collaboration of William Flynn and Fred Hood, Kittansett has earned its reputation for offering the ultimate convenience and comfort for every golfer. You can overlook the spectacular scenery with small greens and water hazards. Moreover, Kittansett can continue to grow faster and more significantly thanks to the well-qualified staff. As a result, this club tends to recruit new employees annually with a few internship programs to provide them the hands-on experience in golf course management.

  1. Salem Country Club

Donald Ross seems to be the first reason why Salem Country can gain much attention when it was first established in 1895. He is the one to give this course an extraordinary design and immaculate condition. Hence, Salem Country was honorably the official host for many national championships such as the USGA Women's Amateur, the USGA Men's Senior Amateur and the Men's Senior Open Championship. Finally, this course aims to provide a fair environment where the good shots will be rewarded and bad shots need improving.

  1. Winchester Country Club

When mentioning top 10 best golf courses in Massachusetts, many people will automatically remember Winchester Country for sure. With a long history of more than 50 years, Winchester is excellent at providing a community that can enhance and better the human relations. People visit this place and enjoy the most of golf, and then they will share their knowledge with each other. Furthermore, you need to dress accordingly at Winchester Country so as to show respect to the other golfers.

  1. Sankaty Head Golf Club

From the past until now, Sankaty is well-known for welcoming residents and non-residents of Massachusetts all year round. Besides, this club is very suitable for family gatherings since it aims to design many activities for the whole family. By engaging in swimming, tennis and camping, you can relax and enjoy life with your beloved members.

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In summary, all of the destinations in top 10 best golf courses in Massachusetts is pretty amazing and fascinating. Therefore, do not lose any chance to come there once in your life if you can.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Golf Course?

How much does it cost to build a golf course?” is a challenging question for both the clients and the investors. It is difficult to say an exact finger because the expense for golf course depends on various factors such as the course size, the demand of customers and the competence and fame of the architect. With experience and suggestions from professions, we carry out the following article to support you whenever you want.

How much does it cost to build a golf course?

What quality do you want?

Quality is one of the most important factors deciding to the golf course expense. It is undeniable that the higher-quality golf course the customers want, the bigger expense they have to pay. The quality of a golf course is influenced by the quality of each construction material like soil, greens, grassing, tees and so on which contributes significantly to how much does it cost to build a golf course.

In fact, the customers have to pay only 50.000 USD for grassing in building a minimalist course while the number is double for a high-end one. According to a report about the cost of building an 18-hole golf course in Ireland as well as Great Britain, the average cost of this construction is mostly influenced by the quality. 2.2 pounds is the average cost to build a low-quality course while the number reaches to 5.9 pounds to construct a high-end one.

Which size your course is?

Increasing or decreasing the size of the golf course is has an effect on the expense of making a golf course. Bigger size means that the demand for construction land of construction items definitely rises. Especially when the course is located on the expensive land, it raises the cost a lot. Furthermore, the investors also use fewer materials for the construction process. In fact, it costs NZ $4000 000 less in making a Par 70 or even a Par 71 golf course than a Par 72 one.

To construct a large golf course, it takes about two or five years while the architect only needs to use one to three years to make a small course. As a result of the fewer construction time, the course will be played faster. Particularly when the players have to pay fees for playing, the owner can benefit a lot. Therefore, the customers should take consideration of the golf size when dealing with the question “how much does it cost to build a golf course”

Who makes the golf course?

For the demand of competent and famous architects, the customers also have to pay more. Compare to normal architects who has no fame, the cost of renting a well-known and famous designer is much higher. However, the golf course which is designed and constructed by a competent architect ensures higher value and better quality. Considering what architect makes the course is also as a way to find out how much does it cost to build a golf course.

Good site for lower cost

The problem about how much does it cost to build a golf course can be immediately solved when the clients and investors move their eyes to the site of a course. Actually, a good site not only enables the investors to save extra expenditure but also helps them to save the construction time.

A good place for a golf course guarantees perfect drainage and irrigation which reduce the demand for building extra drainage system, moving earth and so on. Consequently, the designer can rapidly determine which place is the best for a golf course, then starts the construction without time delays or extra resources requirement. This enables the course to be finished on time and be ready for an important opening.

The question “how much does it cost to build a golf course?” is not very difficult to answer. Nevertheless, it is definitely not easy for both customers and designers. In fact, the cost of establishing a golf course depends on several elements in terms of quality, size, type of architect and site. Combining these factors together delivers the most suitable course construction expense. Hope that our article will be useful for you. Do not forget to visit our website for further useful suggestions.


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Tiger Woods How I play Golf

Have you ever made a question that how the number one world golfer- Tiger Woods play? How many hours does he spend a day training or does he practice other complementary activities besides golf? Or what are his swing strategies? In our following article, we would like to share with you some of his golf secrets. So now you will have a better insight about “Tiger Woods how I play golf”.

Tiger Woods How I play Golf

1.  Enhance training time and complementary exercises

The first thing of Tiger Woods how I play golf is his training time and complementary exercises. Tiger Woods golfer regards golf as his career. If a full-time officer works 8 hours per day, Tiger Woods retains his drill intense from ten to twelve hours a day even when he has reached the number one position in golf world rank.

To avoid to be exhausted or injury, another professional golfer, as well as Tiger Woods reduces training volume during competition periods. To sensitive sports like golf, that your health is in the best condition is really essential. If needed, Tiger regularly practices from two or three hours after each round and almost never keep training long before the main rivalry. Physical activities are cut down and he rarely plays powerful exercise too. Instead, he performs splits and does yoga as an effective complementary. Moreover, he also spares time for practicing short shots such as the chip, putt or pitch. The majority of amateurs make the mistake by practicing long shorts instead of short games or full swings.

2. Let’s have a right stroking posture

The posture of hitting the ball is extremely important. You must ensure that your back is up and your knees are lowered a bit. Tiger Woods particularly keeps his chin up too. This is also a thing you need to remember and adjust. Your chin must be up so to make enough space between your chin and chest. So that your left shoulder can turn back easily and do a perfect backswing.

Tiger Woods also emphasizes on a distance of the player with the golf ball. If you stand too close to the ball, you will have to keep your head down to be able to look at the ball more clearly. Incidentally, this put a negative effect on the rotation of the left shoulder during the backswing performance. Therefore, simply try to extend your distance to the ball and keep your head up. You can turn your shoulder backward or towards more easily.

3.Control the divots

A professional golfer is a person who is able to control the eddy, orbits, and distance of the ball. Prior to 1997, his strokes of iron clubs created the deep and larger divots. This means his downswings are too steep and he reduced the upward inclination of the club to hit the ball. Consequently, he could not control the eddy, orbit or distance of the ball accurately.

Afterward, Tiger Woods trained strenuously and changed his swings to win Masters in 1997. With his new swings, the attack of the ball becomes less wide, divots left on the grass get different too. Instead of the long and deep divots, they become narrower their size is similar to the dollar. You can perform deep divots if needed, however, the ideal divots should be long and thin. Now, you understand “Tiger Woods how I play golf, right”.

4. Perform wide backswing

Backswing is the combination of horizontal and vertical movement. Most of the amateur players have a narrow and vertical backswing. Because they tend to lift their arms straight up and raise their wrists immediately. This also causes the slope downswing and the tendency is to cross the ball instead of swinging through the ball smoothly.

Therefore, when you make a backswing, do not forget its horizontal movement. You stretch your hands and arms out of the body. When the club head moves to the knee position, then lift your wrist naturally. With this method, you can gain strength and also ensure your downswing is not too steep.


Here are some techniques secret tips of Tiger Woods, the best golfer all the time. You can consider them as your references. You can practice these technique tips by yourself or do it with your experienced coach. However, each person does not have the same program and training volume. Therefore, consider them carefully to find out your best suitable techniques.


Top 10 best golf courses in Maryland

Maryland is a promising land for golfing due to its climate extremes and topographical variety. Therefore, we are going to identify top 10 best golf courses in Maryland in order to have more understanding about this field.

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Top 10 best golf courses in Maryland

  1. Baltimore Country Club

The first one in the list will be Baltimore Country which was originally designed by A. W. Tillinghast. This club is considered as a whole greenish course with a number of bunkers but limited water hazards. Until 1990, a world-renowned architect Bob Cupp redesigned this place and it has become one of the most prestigious golf courses all over the United States. From its foundation time until now, Baltimore Country held a variety of popular championships such as Men’s U.S. Open, Men’s U.S. Amateur, U.S. Women’s Open and the United States Open as well.

  1. Congressional Country Club

At this time, I would like to introduce another place ranked among top 10 best golf courses in Maryland, which is called as Congressional Country. From hearing the name for the first time, you can imagine a very royal and stunning style club. Congressional Country has a long history of establishment since this place was originally regarded as a gathering venue between Members of Congress and businessmen. And nowadays, it turns out to be a multifunctional club which contains a diversity of recreational activities such as golf, tennis, swimming, bowling together with dining.

  1. Caves Valley Golf Club

Many people can never forget the moment when they first enter the front gate of Caves Valley. It is such an amazing treasure from Mother Nature, so that this club can definitely become the best home away from your own home. Furthermore, Caves Valley has put great efforts to preserve the basic tradition of golf for all players. Besides, in case you are in need of dining service after playing a few rounds, you can visit the high-class restaurant to taste the excellent dishes with beautifully presented decoration.

  1. Bulle Rock

Bulle Rock has earned its reputation for being the creation of Pete Dye, one of the legends in the world of golf architecture. As a result, this place used to honorably host McDonald’s LPGA Championship for many times until now. All of these factors help Bulle Rock to maintain its position for a long time. Also, for anyone who is seeking for luxurious accommodations for relaxation, Bulle Rock offers a wide range of well-qualified places for you including villas, family homes and condominiums which will maximize your satisfaction after all.

  1. Columbia Country Club

When coming to Maryland, you cannot ignore Columbia Country that will absolutely deserve to have a spot in top 10 best golf courses in Maryland. With unparalleled structure and elegant layout, this golf club is very suitable for any golfers who are keen on the peaceful atmosphere and willing to challenge themselves. Due to the limit of membership, Columbia Country’s guests are required to comply with some of the policies related to dress code, tees and tournaments participation. Apart from golfing, you can engage in other activities with your friends such as racquets sports and swimming.

  1. Chevy Chase Country Club

Chevy Chase is designed according to a classic and Tudor-style layout; therefore, you can reminisce about the history and even your childhood. After coming back from this club, you will keep unforgettable memories inside of your heart and desire to return again in the future. Also, Chevy Chase will provide professional service if you need to organize any events. A number of spacious and glamorous destinations are always available for you to hold small gatherings and also large meetings with a capacity of 500 guests.

  1. Four Streams

Situated in the middle of the Agricultural Reserve area of Montgomery County, Four Streams is well-known for being a sanctuary where you can enjoy the best thing of golf. Furthermore, golfers of all ages, genders, religions, races and levels of ability are always welcomed with warm atmosphere. Therefore, even the amateur players can have the best moments and feel free to pursue their golf passion here. You will never regret playing golf at the magnificent place which devotes to delivering the playable, fair and challenging game for all golfers.

  1. Burning Tree Country Club

When talking about top 10 best golf courses in Maryland, you cannot ignore Burning Tree Country. This club was established in 1962, which is committed to creating a family oriented environment. Moreover, there are a number of professional tournaments taking place in this course such as Met PGA events and the US Open Qualifiers. Besides, with kids who are showing some interest for golf, Burning Tree are opening a variety of training programs as well as a summer camp for them. By joining these programs, they can communicate with more friends and become more energetic.

  1. Lighthouse Sound

Lighthouse Sound is regarded as a splendid golf course that takes over all of the valuable heritage from Mother Nature. As a result, the dedicated staffs are making attempts to maintain this club annually in order to show off the whole beauty to more golfers in the long run. Last but not least, there are a diversity of gift cards available on the website of Lighthouse Sound that allows golf enthusiasts to enjoy the best time without wasting much money.

  1. Whiskey Creek Golf Club

Whiskey Creek has succeeded in balancing the toughing challenge and relaxing playground for any kind of golfers. This special feature is obtained due to the fantastic collaboration of two amazing architects J. Michael Poellot and Ernie Els. They are excellent at making full use of natural treasure of this land including free-flowing creeks, stonewalls, broad meadows and dense pine forests. Experiencing golf at Whiskey Creek will bring you long-lasting memory for your whole life.

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This list about top 10 best golf courses in Maryland will certainly provide you more useful information on how to choose the suitable destination. If you have a chance to come to one of these sites in the future, please make sure to share with us immediately.

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Top 5 Best Golf Swing Analyzers 2018


Golf Courses: Top 10 Best golf courses in Kentucky

The foundation of Kentucky Golf Association in 1911 has fostered the development of golfing in this area until now. Therefore, we should have a look at top 10 best golf courses in Kentucky to understand why this royal sport can increase its popularity with many players.

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 Top 10 best golf courses in Kentucky

  1. Valhalla Golf Club

In order to turn a natural land into the fantastic Valhalla, Jack Nicklaus has been highly praised for his amazing skills and great efforts. Therefore, playing golf in this course is considered as an exceptional experience for every golf enthusiast. Valhalla is also the destination which recognizes the history winning of Tiger Woods when he defeated Bob May in the breathtaking PGA Championship. Moreover, this club is committed to preserving the wildlife habitat as well as the surrounding environment, thus, you can face a number of birds and animals while playing golf here.

  1. The Club at Olde Stone

Among top 10 best golf courses in Kentucky, The Club at Olde Stone is regarded as the suitable place for friends gathering and relaxation after nervous time of working. Coming to this place, you can become one with the nature and enjoy the warm atmosphere that not many places can offer. Furthermore, with the talent of world-renowned designer Arthur Hills, The Club at Olde Stone will have a classic and elegant look with the combination of flowering gardens, manicured greens together with lush rolling fairways. All of these fantastic elements are amazingly combined at the same extraordinary setting.

  1. Idle Hour Country Club

Idle Hour Country is well-known for its modern and countryside style in the heart of Kentucky. As a consequence, you will become deeply immersed into the endless manicured greens along the course, which will create a refreshing and comfortable feeling when playing golf. However, Idle Hour Country has a restriction policy for membership, so that all of the players need to register to get access to the golf course. Besides, when logging into the website of Idle Hour Country, everyone is required to enter the member number, first name and last name accordingly.

  1. Old Silo Golf Course

Being the first golf design of Graham Marsh in North America, Old Silo can remain the traditional and distinct features when compared with the other courses these days. For anyone who is fond of staying here for a long time, there are many packages and options offered all year round. By applying to these programs, you can enjoy living at many high-class accommodations, tasting a variety of delicious food as well as maximize your golfing satisfaction at the same time.

  1. Big Spring Country Club

Coming to Big Spring Country, you can be absorbed into an exclusive 18-hole championship-style golf course so as to test your ability with both professional and amateur players. Moreover, you are able to take part in other healthy activities such as swimming and tennis with your beloved people. Furthermore, Big Spring is eager to create a cozy and interesting atmosphere for many families so that you can enhance your close-knit relationship after all. A team of professional planners is willing to organize parents-children dinner, tea party, children’s Halloween party as well as Family Gingerbread House Workshop.

  1. Keene Trace Golf Club

Being constructed in the rolling hills of central Kentucky, Keene Trace will provide a premier and outstanding playground for golfers of all ages and all skills. With regular maintenance, this golf club is the perfect destination for many regional and national championships every year such as NCAA Men's Golf Championship, Men's & Women's SEC Championships, Multiple KY Opens together with NCAA Collegiate Preview.

  1. Hurstbourne Country Club

Now, I would like to introduce the 7th place in the list of top 10 best golf courses in Kentucky, which belongs to Hurstbourne Country. For many years, this club is widely popular for being one of the top-performing golf courses in Kentucky. Besides, Hurstbourne Country can remain its reputation to compete with other courses thanks to the superb support of a great golf team. They come from a variety of backgrounds but have the same pursuit for golf, so that they create a lot of outstanding ideas and improve the course’s quality day by day.

  1. Persimmon Ridge Golf Club

Persimmon Ridge is built in Louisville of Kentucky and has earned its reputation for being the 18-hole signature design of Arthur Hills. As a consequence, this place can attract a number of players to come by every year. Moreover, people find it easy and convenient to drive to this course since it takes only 10 minutes from the Louisville International Airport. Also, Persimmon is an ideal venue for any couples who are making decision to tie the knot. This place is always ready to make you shining on one of your most important days.

  1. Triple Crown Golf Club

With top 10 best golf courses in Kentucky, Triple Crown is definitely an excellent place to mention. Originally built in 1990 by Gene Bates, this club has become the hot place for every golfer. You can have a close look at the special lush collars of Kentucky bluegrass while wandering around the course. In addition, Triple Crown can provide a number of packages for small and big events including year-end party, corporate meeting or family gathering. You only need to discuss your plan with the staff, and then they will design a perfect party with superb dining experience, customized menu and creative decoration.

  1. Lassing Pointe Golf Course

Most of the golfers tend to have a deep affection with Lassing Pointe after visiting this place for the first time. You do not to worry about skills or ability when playing golf at this club. Lassing Pointe will design a challenging and fair course for experienced players. However, casual golfers can still enjoy the playable and fun game.

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The list of top 10 best golf courses in Kentucky has proven that golfers now can have a number of professional playgrounds to not only practice but also enjoy their life. Therefore, you are encouraged to visit these places and tell us your thoughts afterwards.

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How To Clean Golf Balls

How to clean golf balls

If you are a frequent golf player or simply a newbie to this sport, chances are you may have encountered dirty or stained golf balls. Golf balls are supposed to get dirty anyway. Therefore, it will be extremely helpful for frequent golf players to learn how to clean golf balls.

You can’t expect to master the art of golf while keeping golf balls clean and shiny at the same time, can you? For those who only play golf occasionally, dirty golf balls hardly pose any big problem. Just turn a blind eye on the stained balls and focus on practicing. However, for true golf players, it is crucial to keep your golf balls as clean as possible, because contaminated golf balls can result in inaccuracy in your spin or the flying range of the ball. how to clean golf balls

To your surprise, there is more than just one type of golf balls. The most common type is the two-piece golf ball. Two-piece balls consist of one solid rubber core covered with a plastic or urethane layer. The solid rubber core allows the ball to travel faster. Therefore this type of golf balls works best in long distance games. These balls are designed to fly straight, which makes them suitable balls for beginners.

Three-piece hybrid golf balls are similar to two-piece balls in design but with an extra mantle layer. These balls possess some of the characteristics of a two-piece golf ball as the added mantle can increase spin control, which makes them suitable for more experienced players.

Performance professional golf balls usually are more complicated in terms of design. Apart from the urethane cover, this type of golf balls is made with a double-core body. They are different from the other types and are most suitable for professional players as they enable golfers to produce highly precise shots.

As a matter of fact, golf balls get dirty very easily due to frequent contact with dirt from grass and soil. They can also get unwanted stain from permanent markers or mud. You can properly clean up your golf ball depending on your availability of resources in several ways. Below are some tips to clean your golf balls at home, which will come in handy for any golfer. These tips are put together from various guides on how to clean golf balls. Keep in mind that these tips apply to common types of golf balls only so please refrain from trying these tips on other types of sport balls.

How to get rid of mud or dirt marks

These are easy to handle with different techniques listed below. You can opt for the one that works for you or try the next technique if the first one fails to bring your desired results.

Technique 1

  • First, prepare a good amount of warm water (depending on the number of golf balls you need to clean)

  • Add some dishwashing liquid to the water

  • Submerge the muddy balls in the water for about one hour

  • Remove the balls from the water and wipe them with a dry towel

Technique 2

  • Put dirty golf balls into the washing machine or dishwasher

  • Soak them with water and washing detergent

  • Turn on the machine and run them through the washing machine or dishwasher under a gentle cycle

Technique 3

  • Rinse the dirty golf balls in warm soapy water

  • Use toothbrush to scrape off the dirt if needed

  • Air-dry or towel-dry the balls

How to get rid of felt-tipped marks or difficult-to-remove marks

These are a bit harder to clean and require more efforts. Keep scrolling down to know how to clean golf balls with stubborn dirt marks.

Technique 1

  • Use a magic eraser if you only need to clean a small number of balls. Magic erasers can actually remove stains on golf balls such as Sharpie marks or other permanent marker.

Technique 2

  • Soak dirty golf balls thoroughly in a mixture of warm water and white vinegar or bleach

  • Let them sit for no more than two hours

  • Rinse them with water and towel-dry the balls

Technique 3

For super hard to remove stains, the trick is use acetone-based nail polish remover. Apply the nail polish remover on the balls and scrub off the stains. Any stubborn felt-tipped marks shall be gone and your golf balls will be spotless again. However, overuse of nail polish remover may discolor the golf balls or ruin the cover, so do not attempt to use this method on the same ball over and over again.

These are some recommended tried-and-tested tips on how to clean golf balls. Just remember to replace used golf balls with new ones every once in a while and make use of these tips to clean them, and you will not have to worry about how dirty or muddy golf balls may ruin your game. Happy golf-ing!


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How to Replace Grips on a Golf Club

How to Replace Golf Grips

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="730"]How to Replace Golf Grips Photo Credit:[/caption]

If you're looking for a great sport to pick up, then you may want to try golfing. It has a ton of health benefits you are able to reap, and just about anyone will be able to pick up on the sport! With that being said, you will need to make sure that you have the proper equipment when playing the game. Then you may already be acquainted with the golf club! These are an essential when playing golf. You will need to care for it properly to assure that you will be able to play with quality and ease. One of the things you must learn to do is how to replace golf grips. This is very important, as you will want to make sure that you have a quality game every time. But why exactly is replacing golf grips important anyway? In this article, we show you all about replacing your golf grips!

Importance of Replacing Your Golf Grips

If you are one who wants to start playing golf, or are already an advanced golfer, then it is very important to learn how to replace your golf grips for ultimate performance. You may have noticed that your golf grips may end up feeling a bit loose or feeling old. Loose grips come from certain weather conditions, or because of numerous uses. Faded grips can come due to the sweat of your hands, or again, because of using it a certain number of times. This makes it difficult to control your golf club. And you wouldn't want something as simple as loose or faded grips to be the reason why you missed a shot or target. Not only will new golf grips make your gold club look newer, but it will also give you the comfort and performance when using it.

There's no need to worry about the whole process being difficult or costing a lot. While you will be able to take it to a golf repair shop to have it done, it may be costly and take time and effort waiting for pickup. That's why you'll be able to do it at home with ease and without it costing a ton.

How to Replace Golf Grips

If you want to replace your golf grips, it's best to start preparing what you need beforehand. Here are the materials you should purchase when replacing your golf grips (Not to worry, as you can find these items at home, purchase them from reputable online shops, or from local stores near you):

  • The golf clubs with grips that need replacing

  • Quality golf grips that are the same size as your golf shaft

  • A work table or bench with vise and clamp (The vise is only optional if you don't have one)

  • Double-sided grip tape (2-inch tape is recommended)

  • Grip solution or solvent

  • Pan or paper for easy clean up

  • Old towel or rags

  • Knife or blade

Here are the steps on how to replace golf grips:

- When using a clamp, make sure that it is secure and in proper position. Remove the old grip by using a knife to make a clean cut. Peel it off properly, making sure that there is no sign of the grip found on the shaft.

- Measure how much tape you will need to cover the grip, adding one inch to it just in case. Add the tape to the club and peel off the protective side of it after. Make sure that there are no air bubbles and that the extra one inch of tape is now pushed to the butt end of the golf club.

- Add grip solvent or mineral spirits to the club and new grips to make it easier to install. Slide the new grip to the golf club, right until it covers the tape. Adjust the golf grip to your preference before the glue settles.

- Wipe off any excess solvent or mineral spirit from the club and leave it to dry for a day before using it again.

In Conclusion

Your golf grips will need to be replaced from time to time in order for you to have a great game and avoid missing your target because of loose grips. Hopefully, this article on how to replace golf grips will have helped you learn the proper way to install new grips into your club. So what are you waiting for? If your grips need replacing, then follow these steps on how to do so. You'll definitely have a better game and improve on your performance after.

Did you enjoy the article or have any other pieces of advice to offer on how to replace golf grips? Then comment down below! We would love to hear what you have to think about replacing golf grips and how you do it.


Golf Courses: Top 10 Best golf courses in Utah

In the past, most of the local people in Utah are really keen on skiing, but they tend to show more interest for golf nowadays. Therefore, we are going to find some information about top 10 best golf courses in Utah to know more about golfing condition in this area.

[caption id="attachment_1745" align="aligncenter" width="730"]Top 10 best golf courses in Utah Photo Credit:[/caption]

Top 10 best golf courses in Utah

  1. Glenwild Golf Club and Spa

When describing the beauty of Glenwild, you cannot use any simple adjectives since it is designed with fabulous and glamorous appearance in my mind. Moreover, Glenwild is more and more popular among the golfers for being one of the creations of Tom Fazio. As a result, all players from a variety of ages and skills are able to challenge themselves while complementing the splendid backdrop. Furthermore, men and women are provided separated locker rooms in order to provide the most comfortable and convenient atmosphere for every guest. Lastly, you can be treated with spa service after becoming tired from playing some rounds of golf.

  1. Sand Hollow Resort

In terms of golfing, Sand Hollow is definitely a name that you cannot ignore in top 10 best golf courses in Utah. Located in the South area of Utah, this place aims to provide as many outdoor activities as possible for their customers so as to create the most memorable moments for them. With golf, Sand Hollow is one of the top-performing clubs in this area with the structure of 2 courses including The Championship and The Links. Each course will have distinct features that can encourage players to return again.

  1. Victory Ranch

With the combination of bent grass greens, endless blue grass as well as tall fescue grass, Victory Ranch is a truly masterpiece from Mother Nature. However, we have to acknowledge that famous designer Rees Jones has put great contribution to building one of the best courses in the heart of Utah. From this site, we can overlook a number of dramatic landscapes such as Jordanelle Reservoir, Wasatch Mountains and the Uinta at the same place. Thus, golfers need to force themselves to concentrate on the ball as this panoramic view can prohibit them from hitting a perfect shot.

  1. Salt Lake Country Club

Situated in the Salt Lake City of Utah, Salt Lake is trying their best to reinforce its playability and scenic appeal in order to increase the customer visit all year round. When playing golf in this course, you can feel the fierce and toughing game right at the start till the end. Besides, the amazing scenery which consists of gentle slope, elevated greens together with generous fairways can be used as a tool to test your focus. Lastly, after playing golf, you can visit a number of superb restaurants to taste the well-cooked dishes such as The Downstairs Grill, The Mixed Grill or The Halfway House.

  1. Promontory Golf Club

Now, I would like to introduce 5th place in top 10 best golf courses in Utah. Promontory is regarded as the signature design of Jack Nicklaus, therefore, every player hopes to come here and enjoy the real experience with golf. It is not an exaggeration to say that this site is a natural paradise overlooking the Olympic ski runs since you will never forget this fantastic feeling. Furthermore, Promontory is well-known for skiing and outdoor activities for the whole family including fishing, mountain hiking, biking, camping as well as discovery adventures.

  1. Talisker Club

Talisker has earned its reputation for being unique when compared with the other clubs since it will offer such activities based on two seasons including summer and winter. In summer, you can enjoy golfing in the spectacular course of lush rolling hills, crystal waterways and high alpine meadows. Apart from this royal sport, you can also take part in boating and horseback riding, which can make people become more familiar with their surrounding environment. However, in winter, skiing and some thrilling adventures are introduced, so that this way can encourage people to become more active regardless of the weather.

  1. Red Ledges

Red Ledges is truly a natural sculpture in the beautiful Heber Valley with open air space and wonderful land formations. Besides, you are able to observe a variety of mountain views and experience the unique mountain living for some days. For anyone who is interested in purchasing any apparels and equipment, you will be welcomed to Pro Shop to seek for your favorable items. It is very convenient since you can find a diversity of popular brands all over the world along with the dedicated assistance from Red Ledges’s friendly staff.

  1. Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club

If you have ever come to Entrada at Snow Canyon once, you will remember it for a long time, and that is why this place is ranked among top 10 best golf courses in Utah. This course tends to limit the number of players in order to provide the first-class service and deliver the purest golf to their guests. Johnny Miller is amazing when taking advantage of ancient black lava flows and annual sunshine to create the stunning golf course like this. Nevertheless, you are required to comply with some regulations in terms of dress code to express the respect for tradition of golfing.

  1. TalonsCove

TalonsCove is designed as a typical 18-hole layout, but it still has some charming point that can catch the attention of many golfers at the first sight. You will become absorbed into the emerald green grass, sand traps and challenging bunkers along the course because all of these elements are combined appropriately to create wonderful scenery.

  1. Thanksgiving Point Golf Course

With the total area of 7,714 yards in Lehi of Utah, Thanksgiving Point is absolutely a hidden gem in many golfers’ mind. You have to admire Johnny Miller again for turning a mountain dessert land into a challenging but splendid golf course.

[caption id="attachment_1746" align="aligncenter" width="730"]best golf courses in Utah Photo Credit:[/caption]

With this amount of knowledge about top 10 best golf courses in Utah, you can make specific plan now and come to visit one of these places. After your trip, please share some information with us at once.

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