Top 10 best golf courses in Kansas

Golfing is considered as one of the most popular hobbies in Kansas City since people can refine their minds and release all of the pressure out of their heads. Hence, I will provide you top 10 best golf courses in Kansas so as to have the best choice.

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Top 10 best golf courses inmKansasTop 10 best golf courses in Kansas

  1. Wichita Public Golf Courses

The first golf course we need to mention is Wichita Public located in Kansas of the United States. Coming to this place, you can fully enjoy a number of first-class course layouts that challenge golfers of all ages, genders and levels of ability. You can choose among 5 designs including Auburn Hills in the heart of residential development, L.W. Clapp in the southeast of Wichita as well as the popular MacDonald.

Moreover, to overlook the beautiful landscape of Pawnee Prairie Park, make sure to visit Tex Consolver course. Otherwise, Arthur B. Sim is an ideal golf course for anyone being fond of the Museum District. Last but not least, you can join in the E-club anytime to keep pace with any discounts, lessons or tournaments offered by Wichita Public.

  1. Sand Creek Station

Now, I would like to introduce the second place among top 10 best golf courses in Kansas that we need to arrive once in our life. Although Sand Creek is built according to traditional and classic style, this course is still modern in many aspects in order to satisfy both the youngers and the elders. With the combination of bordering railways, platform greens and lake water, Sand Creek is considered as one of the greenest courses in this area. Besides, you can enter for a challenge club to receive gifts and vouchers whenever completing any of these 3 levels such as Bogie, Par together with Birdie.

  1. Colbert Hills Golf Course

By experiencing golfing at Colbert Hills, you can definitely feel the passion of the staff to provide a challenging but fun game for all of the players. Located in the Kansas Flint Hills, Colbert Hills will take your breath away by beautiful scenery and strategic game structure. Moreover, you are able to engage in some championship courses, par 3 courses and practice areas in form of 18-hole course, 9-hole course, artificial green and the others. In addition, Colbert Hills can satisfy your detailed requirements related to organizing any events from semi private luncheon and closed door meetings to large celebrations.

  1. Painted Hills Golf Club

Situated in the heart of Kansas City in 1929, Painted Hills pays great attention to tree-lined fairways as well as bent grass greens so as to have a stunning and refreshing appearance for any guests. However, after an extreme makeover during the period of 2012-2013, this golf course will definitely exceed your expectation with new bluegrass, greenside bunkers and cart path. For anyone who used to visit Painted Hills before 2012, you will totally get surprised with everything in front of your eyes when coming back. Lastly, make sure to register for Fall Membership Special to receive 2-month golfing for free.

  1. Falcon Ridge Golf Course

Being constructed in Lenexa, the southwest suburbs of Kansas, Falcon Ridge has earned its reputation for being one of the best courses in the Midwest. You can have a close look at rolling hills and manicured greens, which will make you remember for a long time. Moreover, taking your family to Falcon Ridge is one of the best treatment so as to enhance your close-knit relationship. Finally, a number of gift cards are offered via its online store with affordable price for many people.

  1. Andrews Golf Course

Next, the 6th golf course I am going to show in top 10 best golf courses in Kansas will be St. Andrews. You can experience the unique Ozark-feeling when visiting this course located in Overland Park. Also, every golfer with different skills can challenge themselves with 5 sets of tees available all year round. However, if you are seeking for lessons in order to have advanced skill, there are a number of outstanding programs for junior and adult as well.

  1. Quail Ridge Golf Course

With the total area of 7,361 yards in Bazine for golf course, Quail Ridge is able to become the endless inspiration for every golfer. Under the talented hand of Jerry Slack, there will be no same holes in this course, which will make you feel exciting to come back again and again. You need to notice one special thing about this course, which is the unique birthday club. After joining, you can be reminded of any activities and events all year round.

  1. Sierra Hills Golf Club

When talking about top 10 best golf courses in Kansas, you cannot forget Sierra Hills. This course aims to focus on customer satisfaction as their core priority, so that it is not a strange thing when it can appeal more and more people in the long run. However, there are some compulsory rules that you need to comply in order to have a perfect play. For instance, you are required to register at pro shop before playing golf or keep your carts behind the white line.

  1. Canyon Farms Golf Club

With the panoramic view overlooking wooden valley, a rock quarry and a tranquil lake in one frame, Canyon Farms is regarded as the masterpiece that Mother Nature has given us. However, this course may be a little bit toughing for beginner golfers. But do not worry since you can have the professional guidance from Parker Jenner, who experiences a total of 13 years in this field. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each player, he can provide you the specific training method that are the most suitable for you, and then, you can improve in the quickest way.

  1. Sunflower Hills Golf Course

Last but not least, Sunflower Hills is quite well-known for being one of the most favorite golf courses with Kansas residents. You can enjoy walking along the over-7,000-yard course while watching zoysia fairways and water hazards at the same time. You will never regret when coming to this golf course and practice all of the difficult level of golfing.

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golf courses in kansasCreating a list of top 10 best golf courses in Kansas will help you have an overview about the advantages and disadvantages when coming to play golf in this area. Therefore, make your own choice and then enter for your favorite club to satisfy your hobby.

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Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Indiana

In Indiana, there are more than 200 golf clubs controlled by the governing bodies for a long time. This will help to keep and reinforce the interest of male and female golfers. Thus, we are going to seek for top 10 best golf courses in Indiana to know clearly about this royal sport.

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Top 10 best golf courses in Indiana

  1. Victoria National Golf Club

With the total area of 418 acres, Victoria National is truly a masterpiece in the heart of Indiana. Moreover, you cannot ignore the natural but fantastic landscape of this golf course, which contains native vegetation as well as spring-fed lakes all year round. After visiting there, you have to admire the talented hands of designer Tom Fazio since he is the one who turns Victoria National into an ideal place and gives the players the purest feeling of golf. Furthermore, there are a variety of well-qualified packages offered for both individuals and groups. You can enjoy the warm atmosphere in the luxurious cottages as well as experience corporate outings in groups of 20 people or more.

  1. Wolf Run Golf Club

Next, I would like to talk about one of the places ranked among top 10 best golf courses in Indiana, which is called Wolf Run. This golf club aims to provide the world-class services to all of the golfers, which gives them the opportunity to challenge themselves and enjoy the game as well. As a result, Wolf Run is absolutely one of the best modern golf clubs in the Midwest in many people’s minds. Last but not least, you can arrange to hold many outings and tournaments for your friends and family. Therefore, Wolf Run is an ideal destination that will not make you disappointing after all.

  1. Crooked Stick Golf Club

As a typical 18-hole design in Carmel, Crooked Stick is considered as the haven for golfers who are interested in the peaceful and quiet atmosphere instead of crowds and noise. Also, you can experience the challenging layout which used to host a number of championships for many years such as the US Amateur Championships, the US PGA as well as the US Senior Open Championship. All of these elements will increase your keenness in order to come to this course once in the future.

  1. French Lick Resort

You will get so surprised to know that French Lick is the combination architecture of 3 prolific designers including Donald Ross, Pete Dye and Tom Bendelow. That’s why there are 3 different courses named as the Pete Dye course, the Donald Ross course as well as the Valley Links course. By coming to each course, we can realize how each designer distinguishes his style with the others. As a result, you should come play a game and refine your spirit after nervous time by watching rolling hills and endless greens in the southern Indiana.

  1. Sycamore Hills Golf Club

The next destination we should mention in the list of top 10 best golf courses in Indiana will be Sycamore Hills. Sycamore has earned its reputation for being one of the finest golf clubs all over the United States until now. This place is constructed with gorgeous trees, crystal lakes and fantastic panoramic view. In addition, you can organize some events at this site such as year-end party, business meetings, family celebrations and banquets since Sycamore Hills has a lot of venues with various capacity.

  1. Brickyard Crossing Golf Club

When mentioning Brickyard Crossing, we will remember it as the signature design of Pete Dye. Therefore, you can definitely experience a fun and fair but still breathtaking game. Besides, this place used to have a chance to host the PGA Champions Tour Comfort Classic in 7 consecutive years, which proves that this golf course offers the world-class service. In case you are in need of purchasing golf apparels, make sure to visit its Pro shop to seek for your favorite items from various popular brands.

  1. Prairie View Golf Club

With the purpose of delivering superb service and having a team of exceptional staff, Prairie View has succeeded in providing the guests a wonderful environment when playing golf. Furthermore, this place opens an academy which is used to provide detailed instructions for people of all ages and all levels. Professional teachers will help you improve skills, enhance the posture as well as share some useful tips that you cannot learn from elsewhere.

  1. Fort Golf Resort

Situated in Indianapolis of Indiana, Fort is very well-known for being one of the most affordable new courses in the country. You can feel exciting and thrilling when hitting the ball into each hole and do not let the landscape prevent you from having the perfect shot. Moreover, you can find many suitable accommodations with unique and nice features to stay here for a few days.

  1. South Bend Country Club

We cannot ignore South Bend Country in the list of top 10 best golf courses in Indiana. This course seems to be one of the quickest you have ever played before, but it you can still maximize your enjoyment after all. South Bend Country is built in 1916 with the mixture of strategic bunkers, manicured grass greens and clear lakes. Many golfers are keen on walking along the course on their feet instead of using carts or caddies. By this way, toy can imagine how relaxing that golfers can feel when coming to South Bend Country.

  1. Rock Hollow

The final destination we will search for will be Rock Hollow. From its name, you can know that this course is the combination of solid rocks, old forests, changes in elevation together with beautiful wetlands, all of which creates a dramatic scenery for anyone at the first sight. Only by coming to Rock Hollow, can you take part in a fierce golf challenge and feast your eyes with magnificent landscape from nature.

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In summary, visiting any places in top 10 best golf courses in Indiana will be able to satisfy your needs. As a consequence, make sure to share your feelings with us after playing golf and stay at one of these courses.

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Top 10 best golf courses in Ohio

Ohio has been widely popular for its Golf Association, which aims to look after the golf interest of a number of men and women. Therefore, identifying top 10 best golf courses in Ohio will help all of us know more about the layout as well as structure of a good club.

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Top 10 best golf courses in Ohio

  1. Scioto Country Club

Located in Columbus Ohio in 1916, Scioto Country is absolutely ranked among the top golf courses throughout the United States. With legendary architecture designed by Donald Ross, this place used to honorably host a number of championships for many years such as the U.S. Amateur Championship, the U.S Open as well as the U.S. Senior Open Championship. Due to this professional style, you need to comply with a variety of rules for the golf course, practice area attire, pace of play, tipping, clubhouse dress, denim policy, smoking as well as other regulations. By following these rules, you can fully enjoy the golf experience with the assistance from highly trained staff.

  1. Inverness Club

The second place existed in top 10 best golf courses in Ohio will be Inverness. Making full use of the rich heritage of Ohio land, this golf course is totally able to provide the best memory for all of the guests in their entire life. Inverness is designed to keep a historic, traditional and world-class layout, therefore, it is suitable for golfers of all skills and all ages. Apart from playing golf, this course is appointed as one of the most ideal places for gatherings. No matter what type of gatherings that you are searching for at this moment, Inverness is undoubtedly a perfect venue for anything, from small group outings to wedding celebrations and corporate meetings as well.

  1. Canterbury Golf Club

Being constructed according to the traditional Scottish style, Canterbury is definitely a picturesque and magnificent design in the heart of Ohio. As a result, this golf course will be able to provide a fun but demanding and challenging playground for both professional and amateur golfers. Moreover, Canterbury is considered as the second club all over the United States which used to host all five golf championships in terms of the US Open, Senior Open, Senior PGA Championship, PGA Championship together with the US Amateur Championship. All of these factors prove that playing golf in Canterbury is a long-lasting desire for any players.

  1. Brookside Country Club

Being regarded as the signature architecture of the well-known designer Donald Ross, you cannot ignore the legendary and breathtaking beauty of Brookside Country after visiting there once. After that, I am sure that you always want to come back again and again. To satisfy the guest’s dream, a driving range is offered for every Tuesday, which will create more inspiration for the players. Furthermore, if you feel hungry after a thrilling and competitive game, dining will be always available for you with exceptional cooking skills and a diversity of first-class dishes. In case you are in need of a private dinner, Brookside Country will never make you disappointing with unique menu and wise choice of wine.

  1. Kirtland Country Club

Now, I would like to introduce another excellent place among top 10 best golf courses in Ohio. With the purpose of delivering social and recreational experiences, Kirtland Country will help you to enhance your relationship with your friends and within your family. This golf course focuses on maximizing the players’ satisfaction as well as taking full responsibility for any mistakes. Therefore, this is a perfect place for relaxation after nervous time working or studying.

  1. Moraine Country Club

Situated along the rolling and glacier-carved hills of the Miami Valley, Moraine Country will be able to feast your eyes with the combination of classic Scottish style and incredible natural landscape. Also, many people consider this course as one of the most toughing ones in the United States. As a consequence, you cannot only have a look at the masterpiece of nature but also take part in a fierce competition in order to challenge yourself. Moraine Country has introduced a number of notices for golfers’ dressing in terms of clubhouse, seasonal dress code, men and women’s proper attire as well as other accessories.

  1. The Country Club

The Country has earned its fame for being the family friendly club in Ohio with a variety of sports and other outstanding services. This club is regarded as an important place that gives much contribution to developing the golf history. Hence, you can receive the superb services and remain unforgettable memories when enjoying golf at this place.

  1. Double Eagle Club

It will be a huge mistake if we do not mention Double Eagle in the list of top 10 best golf courses in Ohio. This typical 18-hole layout course is a truly natural masterpiece with endless greens, which will give you a refreshing and comfortable feeling at the first sight. Moreover, Double Eagle is strongly committed to community support since it opens a lot of fundraising and tournament programs for the disadvantaged. For instance, ‘Birdies for Buddies’ is regarded as the golf tournaments to support cancer research, which attracts more and more golfers to join in this meaningful activity.

  1. The Virtues Golf Club

The Virtues is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful courses in Ohio, which is designed based on the traditional parkland style. Therefore, you can walk along the course to observe the beautiful valleys, wide rolling fairways, immaculate greens as well as many mature trees in the same picture frame. In addition, if you want to save money when going in groups, there are 5 available packages annually in terms of Early Spring, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. With these offerings, you can enjoy the golfing, overnight accommodation, free breakfast and access to the local attractions.

  1. Coldstream Country Club

Followed the traditional and classic style of green grass course, Coldstream Country will bring you a comfortable but fun when playing golf. Nevertheless, you are required to remember the course etiquette in order to have a fully satisfactory trip. For golf course and practice area, you should dress accordingly and keep your cell phone silent anytime.

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Going through top 10 best golf courses in Ohio, you can find out the most favorable one for yourself. Therefore, make sure to share your feelings with us in order to improve our understandings about this field.

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Top 10 best golf courses in Nebraska

These days, more and more golf courses are existing in Nebraska with professional services and affordable fees. Therefore, I would like to make a list of top 10 best golf courses in Nebraska to provide you helpful information.

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Top 10 best golf courses in Nebraska

  1. Bayside Golf

With the purpose of praising the beauty of western Nebraska, Bayside will definitely help you imagine how legendary and magnificent this land can be. You can simultaneously get to watch a panoramic view with a number of picturesque grasslands. As a result, Bayside seems to offer you more than what you expect since you are able to walk along the beach, know more about 150-year-ago life in Nebraska as well as enjoy the sunset view daily. Besides, you can apply for some golf packages when going in large groups such as Diamond and Platinum. However, you need to comply with Bayside’s rules related to dress code, beverages, check-in time, carts rent, cancellation policy and five-some restriction on specific days as well.

  1. Woodland Hills Golf Course

Now, I would like to introduce the second place in top 10 best golf courses in Nebraska that you should come once in your life. This course is designed to suit the golf players at all ages, genders as well as all skills. Therefore, no matter you are a beginner or a professional player, you can maximize your enjoyment in the end. Being constructed on a tree farm, you can have an opportunity to observe a variety of different trees at Woodland Hills.

Moreover, you cannot ignore the beauty of rolling fairways and crystal lakes when visiting here. Also, Woodland Hills can be accessible via Android and Apple’s app store when you want to seek for tees time, membership card, scoring or other information. As a consequence, purchasing golf certificates, packages and VIP cards are available all year round on the website, which will save time for busy people nowadays.

  1. Pioneers Golf Course

Located in Lincoln, Pioneers are considered as the oldest golf club in Nebraska. Hence, you can totally relax after nervous time by playing golf in a classic and traditional layout. By this way, you can enjoy the landscape as much as the golf games. Nevertheless, similar to Bayside, this course requires the players to follow their regulations in terms of dress code, carts, foursomes, bare feet and chest, alcoholic beverages as well as other limitations. To provide the best customer service, Pioneers welcomes golf players at any levels to come and challenge themselves. Furthermore, a team of experienced teaching staff is always available to help you improve your ability when needed.

  1. Wild Horse Golf Club

Situated in Gothenburg, Nebraska, Wild Horse is famous for being one of the best golf courses all over the United States in terms of quality, facilities and service. With incredible backdrop of endless greens and unparalleled layout, amateur and skilled golfers can comfortably test their ability in order to gain more experience for this royal sport. Moreover, if you are in need of purchasing golf apparels for tournaments, do not hesitate to visit the Pro shop to find your desirable items from a diversity of brands. However, in case you cannot seek for your desirable items, you can contact with our staff for customs order.

  1. Quarry Oaks

You cannot forget Quarry Oaks when mentioning top 10 best golf courses in Nebraska. This place is the combination of native and natural beauty of Nebraska with grass areas, rolling hills, sand dunes and huge oaks. Moreover, you can choose Quarry Oaks as an ideal destination for one of your biggest days in your life. Organizing your wedding here can create a peaceful and private atmosphere for anyone who are interested in country-style setting.

  1. Wilderness Ridge

For many years, Wilderness Ridge has earned its reputation for satisfying a number of golf players with well-trained staff and unique golf facility. Regardless of the fact that you are a member or a guest, Wilderness Ridge is always willing to assist you so as to help you enjoy the best thing here. For children who are expressing their interest in this sport, Wilderness Ridge offers a wide range of options to help the young people gradually approach golf including clinic, camping, lessons or leagues.

  1. Eagle & Tara Hills Golf Course

Being built in the beautiful Papillion, Eagle & Tara Hills are considered as the spectacular design in Nebraska with the combination of bent grass greens, sculptured bunkers as well as mature trees. You will never get tired when playing golf here since this place will give you memorable and breathtaking moments. Also, you can grab the chance to have private instruction with coach Mike Stolarskyj, who used to win many tournaments, hold many records and compete in a variety of championship golf tours before.

  1. Lincoln City Golf

The next destination I would like to list in top 10 best golf courses in Nebraska will be Lincoln City. There are 5 golf courses offered in this club such as Highland, Mahoney, Holmes, Pioneers and Ager. You can experience different strategic layouts and fantastic scenery including rolling terrains and gradual hills. To choose the most suitable course, you can update information via the website related to fees, membership registration, schedule as well as discount cards.

  1. Tregaron Golf Course

With Tregaron, this golf course obtains great commitment to providing the golfers the best services, so that it can create unforgettable moments and then enhance good relationship with everyone. Moreover, highly-trained employees at Tregaron is excellent at holding group events and corporate meetings. Therefore, Tregaron is such a good choice for anyone seeking for customized and personalized outings.

  1. Iron Horse Golf Club

Lying between Mahoney State Park and Ashland in Nebraska, many people tend to visit Iron House again and again to enjoy the extraordinary views and wonderful course conditions. In addition, by joining the E-club, you can know a lot of useful information including special offers, promotions, Pro shop discounts and upcoming events as well.

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Knowing top 10 best golf courses in Nebraska can help you to gain more understanding about this popular sport. After that, when you have a chance to come to Nebraska, make sure to come to one of these places and enjoy your life.

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Top 10 best golf courses in Washington

Golfing demand in Washington is rising dramatically due to the increase on the people’s standard living. Therefore, you need to have a summary about top 10 best golf courses in Washington so as to maximize your satisfaction when enjoying your hobby.

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Top 10 best golf courses in Washington

  1. Chambers Bay

When talking about Chambers Bay, you will remember the wonderful and breathtaking scenery, which makes you memorize for your entire life. Being constructed in University Place, Washington, Chambers Bay is the great combination of Scottish links land and Pacific Northwest. You can comfortably observe the towering sand dunes as well as tawny fescue grasses while walking along the course. Moreover, with anyone who wants to play a fair and challenging game without wasting much money, Chambers Bay offer stay and play package. In particular, you will be provided high-class accommodation from Tacoma hotels during your golf playing.

  1. Sahalee Country Club

The next destination in top 10 best golf courses in Washington will be Sahalee Country Club. This golf course has been regularly ranked among 100 best courses all over the United State over 3 decades. You will be definitely immersed into the natural landscape with hemlock trees, which creates an open space for golfers. Furthermore, Sahalee Country is able to satisfy both of the professional and amateur players when they first come here. However, if you intend to play golf at Sahalee Country as a guest, you have to read its guidelines and policies in terms of course etiquette, cell phones and wireless device policy, dress code as well as driving directions.

  1. Aldarra Golf Club

With the mixture of rolling terrain and mountain streams, Aldarra is considered as the paradise in the rural area of Pacific Northwest. Also, this course aims to promote the history of golf, enhance customer relationship and deliver the outstanding services for golf players of all ages and all skills. To achieve this mission, Aldarra has made great attempts to train well-qualified staff in a friendly and professional environment.

Besides, one prominent feature about this course is that you can play golf in winter, which makes Aldarra become distinct from other places. Last but not least, by applying for membership, you can feel free to receive many benefits such as accessible clubhouse, golf shop service as well as daily bar and grill.

  1. Wine Valley Golf Club

With the stunning view of Blue Mountain, Wine Valley will not only bring pleasure when playing golf but also give you a truly toughing game to challenge your ability. Apart from golfing, this course provides you with a diversity of weekly specials including Local Rate Dates, Burger and Brew, 9 and Wine as well as Ladies Clinic. In addition, Wine Valley can arrange to hold some small gatherings, corporate meetings and even large events with the capacity of 250 people.

For couples who are in need of an ideal wedding venue with sunset or panoramic view, do not hesitate to choose Wine Valley since it can inspire beautiful memories that you will never forget.

  1. Tumble Creek Golf Club

Now, I would like to introduce you the next destination ranked in top 10 best golf courses in Washington. Tumble Creek is regarded as a magnificent heaven, where you can completely catch the picture of pine forests, expansive meadows, soaring peaks as well as rolling hills in one frame. Additionally, a variety of challenging holes will be offered to the players in order to make them more and more enthusiastic. Lastly, there is one unique program called Signature Touchpoints, which you need to experience at Tumble Creek to create a memorable vacation after busy work and tremendous deadlines. You can maximize your relaxation by a combined method of exploring, immersing and discovering.

  1. Seattle Golf Club

Founded in 1900, Seattle Golf Club welcomes the golf players with outstanding view and well-qualified services. As a consequence, it is not an exclamation to say that this course is truly incredible with the overlooking of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Besides, the golfers with all levels of skills are able to test their ability limitation. In addition, with the establishment of clubhouse, Settle Golf Club is able to provide service for formal dining and meetings. However, you are required to comply to dress code when attending these banquets at all times.

  1. Palouse Ridge Golf Club

Located along the rolling hills on the Pullman campus of Washington State University, Palouse Ridge has earned its reputation by classic but strategic and dramatic layout. Furthermore, there are a series of teaching programs for both beginners and advanced golfers available all year round. You can join the class either as an individual or in a group. Also, you can visit the amazing steak house called Banyans on the Bridge, which follow the concept of British Colony. Hence, you can enjoy a diversity of Washington state wines as well as Pacific Northwest microbrew beers.

  1. The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge

When listing top 10 best golf courses in Washington, golf club at Snoqualmie Ridge is absolutely an outstanding name that you cannot ignore. Being recognized as the signature course of Jack Nicklaus in the shadows of the Cascade Mountains, you will be able to go through an extraordinary lifestyle with remarkable backdrop. As a consequence, when challenging the strategic hole course, you can also be merged into the picturesque water feature of this club.

Furthermore, one of the symbolic events called The Boeing Classic is strongly supported by 1000 volunteers. This program is opened for golfers who are at least 50 years old, which will encourage the elders to keep fit and stay healthy as always.

  1. Fircrest Golf Club

Being established and maintained for more than 90 years until now, Fircrest still keeps its position as a convenient destination in the west of Tacoma. You can easily approach this golf club by starting from Seattle, Olympic or Gig Harbor.

  1. Loomis Trail Golf Club

With the concept of Northwest, Loomis Trail is well-known for its scenic beauty with long greens. Moreover, you can observe the whole system of extensive canals as well as lakes. Besides, Loomis Trail’s membership is a good chance for you to have privilege of saving money, advanced reservation, attending special events and pro shop discounts as well.

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In summary, top 10 best golf courses in Washington is a short description in order to give you general thoughts. Therefore, you can share your opinion with us and make decision on the best one in your mind.

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Top 8 Best Golf Practice Net 2018 reviews


Top 10 best golf courses in Georgia

Georgia has obtained great fame for being a birthplace of many professional golfers. Therefore, we need to seek for top 10 best golf courses in Georgia in order to know more about this royal sport.

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Top 10 best golf courses in Georgia

  1. Cuscowilla

Located on Lake Oconee, Cuscowilla is a private golf club that can attract your eyes at first sight. Its beauty is the combination of expansive fields of Bluestein grass, towering pines as well as shimmering waters, all of which results in the serene scenery and poetic landsacpe. However, do not let the view prevent you from hitting a perfect shot. Last but not least, despite being a private golf course, Waterside Restaurant of Cuscowilla is always available for public all year round. You can taste the incredible chef specials, enjoy the spectacular view as well as experience the world-class service at one place.

  1. East Lake Golf Course

When seeking for top 10 best golf courses in Georgia, you can never ignore the favorite East Lake. Being constructed in the city of Atlantic, East Lake is considered as the oldest golf course until this moment. As a consequence, it remains the classic layout but still conduct redesigning frequently in order to catch up with other modern gold clubs nowadays. Furthermore, to create a fun, fair and breathtaking playground for both top-performing men and women golfers, East Lake hosts a tournament called East Lake Cup. You can take part in this game to challenge your ability as well as extend your relationship by meeting new people.

  1. Atlanta Country Club

With the purpose of delivering an exceptional golf course as well as grabbing the golfers’ appreciation, Atlanta Country is a toughing but interesting club that you need to visit once in your life. In addition, the beautiful landscape can feast your eyes at the first sight for sure since you cannot neglect either the rolling hills along the historic Civil War sites or the crystal water of the Chattahoochee River.

Besides, all-skills players can test their ability with 5 choices of tee boxes. Apart from participating in golf, you can join some more sports such as tennis, swimming and fitness. Especially, Atlanta Country ‘s fitness center is always updated with new free weight facilities as well as iPod interface in order to provide the best exercising destination for you.

  1. Lookout Mountain Golf Club

With the mixture of hospitability, playability, tradition as well as elegance in one venue, Lookout Mountain can meet your expectations as always. This course was previously called as Fairyland Golf Club but was renamed later. Situated in the heart of Georgia for many years, Lookout Mountain has a stunning and incredible view with the special endless greens.

Moreover, this place is regarded as an ideal destination for any public or personal events in terms of outings, wedding celebration, corporate meetings, conferences, holiday parties and other special events as well. With the fantastic settings and enthusiastic support from the staff, you can keep memorable moments for your whole life.

  1. Hawks Ridge Golf Club

Lying at the cornerstone of the northern Atlanta, Hawks Ridge owns a graceful and sophisticated beauty. As a consequence, you will be reminded of this golf course every time someone asks for top 10 best golf courses in Georgia. This place is in the middle of old style layout and present-day decoration. Hence, it can satisfy both the youngsters and the elders when they visit this place. Also, if you want to stay at Hawks Ridge for some relaxing days, make sure to make reservations at their guest cottages so as to enjoy the spacy rooms and latest facilities.

  1. The Farm Golf Club

In spite of the typical layout of 18-hole course, you can experience the thrilling but exciting games in The Farm. From the first hole, you can play golf along the fairway wood and narrow green. Besides, the second hole is the design of a generous landing area. As a result, there are different views with strategic architecture for the whole course in order to provide an extraordinary feeling for golfers.

  1. Currahee Club

Coming to Currahee Club, you cannot only experience the golf challenge in a fun way but also feel satisfied with the magnificent landscape. You will be amazed when walking along the course located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and overlook the shores of Lake Hartwell. Due to these factors, golf can become a perfect starting point for your relaxing day.  Also, Currahee Club offers Discovery Tour in order to help you to become its member in one day. After applying to this program, you can enjoy all of the available amenities including clubhouse, championship golf courses as well as homes for sale.

  1. Cobblestone Golf Course

Now, I would like to introduce one more place in top 10 best golf courses in Georgia, which is called as Cobblestone. This place has earned its reputation for being a top-choice for Metro-Atlanta golfers in a long period of time. Lying on the bank of Lake Acworth in Acworth of North Atlanta, Cobblestone is built with lakes and white sands dunes. This splendid view will definitely create a barrier for you whenever desiring to perform a good shot.

  1. Harbor Club

With the same location on Lake Oconee as many other clubs, Harbor will absolutely bring you unique features with beautiful shorelines as well as wooded hills. This is considered as an ideal place for your beloved family since you can let them enjoy living in a high-class resort and other premium amenities. Furthermore, in case you want to customize your new homes at Harbor, there is a team of skilled designers to support you anytime from even the small details.

  1. Rivermont Golf Club

Rivermont is another relaxed golf course for family gatherings. By coming to this place, you can refine your spirit and socialize with your friends while playing golf. After going through many times of redesigning, Rivermont is on the way to improve and have excellent layout for golfers.

[caption id="attachment_1641" align="aligncenter" width="730"]best golf courses in Georgia Photo Credit:[/caption]

The above list of top 10 best golf courses in Georgia will undoubtedly make you feel satisfied and comfortable when visiting. Moreover, I am sure that you will desire to come there again and again in the future.

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Top 10 best golf courses in Illinois

Illinois, one of the largest cities in the United States, has increased on the number of golf courses these days. Hence, the list below will present top best 10 golf courses in Illinois according to my opinion.

Top 10 best golf courses in Illinois

[caption id="attachment_1617" align="aligncenter" width="730"]Top-10-best golf courses in Illinois Photo Credit:[/caption]

  1. Butler National Golf Club

Situated in the Western suburb of Oak Brook in Illinois, Butler National is well-known for previously holding the Western Open tournament. Therefore, people find it challenging and thrilling when competing in this course even for many times. However, you need to comply with a number of strict regulations in order to play golf in Butler National. In terms of dress code, detailed requirements will be given before entering the course as well as clubhouse. Furthermore, smoking will be prohibited when you are in the clubhouse. Nevertheless, by contacting golf shop beforehand, you will be well-equipped with full package of practice facility.

  1. Skokie Country Club

At this time, I would like to describe another place in top 10 best golf courses in Illinois, which is called as Skokie Country. This place is considered as the masterpiece in the heart of countryside since you can observe the endless green grass as well as the broad oak savannah plain when first setting your feet here. In addition, Skokie Country is willing to satisfy your dining needs, from a quiet corporate meeting to the exciting wedding celebration for many people.

  1. The Beverly Country Club

The Beverly Country is regarded as one of the finest golf courses all over the United States since there are no holes that run in the same route. Moreover, the designers have made full use of beautiful and gifted natural resources in order to give The Beverly Country a stunning appearance. You cannot ignore the beauty of the prominent ridge combined with sand dunes and manicured greens. Lastly, with the history of 4 times hosting Western Open championships, this course will undeniably help you to have a fierce but fair competition.

  1. Conway Farms Golf Club

With strong dedication of keeping traditions of golf, players tend to relate Conway Farms to a peaceful and quiet image. You will be greatly impressed by a mixture of endless grasslands, clear lakes as well as green trees. Furthermore, you may not find anywhere else that strongly support the amateur golfers like Conway Farms. Last but not least, this course always motivates their employees by not only providing fun and professional working environment but also give them opportunity for seeking for scholarships to improve their future career.

  1. Rich Harvest Farms

Taking advantage of promising geographic terrain of Illinois, Rich Harvest Farms is able to grab attention of many golf players at the first sight. By owning unlimited charms, this course will be an ideal place for any golfers all over the world. You will be totally immersed into the prairie grasses as well as wetlands since they are able to feast your eyes immediately. Besides, you can enjoy a diversity of food and beverages with excellent cooking skill. All of these stunning elements will last long inside your heart, which makes you accept to return to this place again and again.

  1. Marshall, IL Golf - Canyata Golf Course

The next destination that stands in top 10 best golf courses in Illinois will be Marshall, IL Golf – Canyata Golf Course. With the purpose of delivering the fun playground but still professional, Marshall will provide the world-class service to golf players of all ages and all skills. If you used to come here, I assure that you think of losing yourself into a natural wonder. As a result, you can relax yourself and refrain from being stressed after experiencing some days in Marsha.

  1. Knollwood Club

Being constructed in Lake Forest, Knollwood is undoubtedly a superb masterpiece that we take over from Mother Nature. One of the outstanding features is that this place is fully committed to preserving and protecting the traditions as well as classic style, which will distinct them from the other courses. Apart from playing golf, Knollwood also offers a variety of interesting sports such as racquets, swimming, skeet and cross country skiing. This kind of diversity will prevent the players from being bored and tired when playing only one sport during the day.

  1. Flossmoor Country Club

When mentioning top 10 best golf courses in Illinois, we cannot forget Flossmoor Country, which is considered as one of the oldest clubs in the Midwest. You can recall the past memories and previous events when playing golf in this classic parkland course. However, this reminder is able to fool you and stop you from hitting a good shot in order to earn more score.

In addition, there are many first-class rooms with unique features for people to organize weddings, fundraising programs as well as the other events. You can have 5 best choices with Ogilvie Room, Butterfield Room, Main Dining Room, Herd Room and Veranda Room. In the end, families can participate in group activities such as tennis and swimming in order to enhance close-knit relationship.

  1. Bull Valley Golf Club

Being built in Woodstock, Illinois, Bull Valley has earned its reputation for being a dreamland of golfers. At the same time, many professional golfers are passionate to come here and challenge themselves since this course is kind of the most difficult one in the Midwest until now. Also, you can book this destination as a wedding venue on one of your most important day in your life. Bull Valley is able to support your detailed requirements with friendly attitude such as indoor/outdoor area, wedding rehearsal, bridal room, cocktail tables or even dance floor.

  1. Shepherd’s Crook

Shepherd’s Crook is sculpted with the classic style, but it still follows a strategic outlay, so that it will be suitable for both professional and amateur players. Moreover, by becoming a member in the player’s club, you can have a lot of benefits including discounts, awards programs, membership gifts as well as year-end banquet.

[caption id="attachment_1619" align="aligncenter" width="730"]best golf courses in Illinois Photo Credit:[/caption]

After reading all of this information, you can seek for the best place for yourself out of top 10 best golf courses in Illinois. Remember to try at least one place if you have a chance and it will become one of the most memorable things in your life.

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Top 10 best golf courses in Colorado

With the diversity of geographic territory, Colorado has a number of advantages to become the promising land for golf courses. As a consequence, I hope the below list related to top 10 best golf courses in Colorado will provide you useful and beneficial information.

[caption id="attachment_1612" align="aligncenter" width="730"]Top 10 best golf courses in Colorado Photo Credit:[/caption]

Top 10 best golf courses in ColoradoTop 10 best golf courses in Colorado

  1. Ballyneal Golf Club

Located in the high plains of Eastern Colorado, Ballyneal is a fascinating design whose foundation is based on the unique sand dunes. Therefore, this place follows the simple and natural concept, which remains all of the valuable resources from Mother Nature. As a result, playing golf in Ballyneal will create a huge inspiration for players and their partners. Moreover, this course offers an exclusive hunting land with the support of professional guides as well as gun dogs, all of which will make your trip become unforgettable for a long time.

  1. Cherry Hills Country Club

The next place among top 10 best golf courses in Colorado that we have to mention is Cherry Hills Country. With the symbolic image of a cherry orchard, Cherry Hills Country is designed to obtain a top-notch and classic layout, which reminds the players about the typical American golf club. When setting your first footstep here, you will definitely enjoy a handful of interesting experiences that will last long inside of your heart. Last but not least, Cherry Hills Country attracts many customers by their meaningful financial assistance activities such as scholarship programs and fundraising events for their employees as well as golf caddies.

  1. Colorado Golf Club

With the clever and strategic architecture, Colorado deserves to rank as one of the best golf clubs in this area. Despite remaining the natural landscape for the whole course, this place is able to challenge all kinds of players, even the ones with highest ability. By achieving this combination, Colorado has brought a very familiar but thrilling feeling for all of the golfers. Furthermore, human resource team of Colorado consists of many talented staffs from a variety of backgrounds. This will result in the diversity of well-qualified ideas to contribute to the improvement of the golf course for long-term plan.

  1. The Broadmoor Golf Club

Lying in the Cheyenne Mountain foothills of Colorado Springs, The Broadmoor is considered as one of the best golf clubs all over the world. You will be truly impressed by the legendary design and distinctive course layout when experiencing in playing golf at the Broadmoor. Also, there are a number of influential politicians, business leaders as well as well-known golfers who have come here to challenge themselves. All of these factors can prove the absolute attractiveness of this club.

Lastly, many wilderness programs such as The ranch at Emerald Valley, Cloud Camp as well as Fishing Camp are available all year round in order to provide the customers breathtaking adventures.

  1. Ravenna

Now, I would like to show you one more outstanding place listed in top 10 best golf courses in Colorado. For those who prefer the personalized world, Ravenna is the most suitable choice until now. This place has an elegant and non-artificial beauty, which can overlook the amazing red rocks of the Dakota Hogback, Waterton Canyon and the South Platte River. As a signature design in the south of Chatfield Reservoir in Colorado, you are able to maximize your relaxation without making much efforts.

Finally, you can enjoy the simple but wonderful life when staying in Ravenna with a wide range of accommodation choice including custom home sites, Hollister Michaels Collection, The European Estate Collection as well as The Golf Villa Collection.

  1. Country Club of the Rockies

With the simple layout of rolling terrain and water, Country Club of the Rockies aims to deliver the warmth, friendliness but still professionalism to the guests. Moreover, this place put great attention to well-conditioned process, which means that they will conduct excellent maintenance procedure annually. Furthermore, children and kids can be provided with full of hi-tech equipment and great skills of golfing when taking part in the junior teaching programs.

  1. Maroon Creek Club

Being constructed in Aspen, Maroon Creek Club is regarded as a real-life heaven with neighboring mountain tops. You will be absorbed into the toughing but fantastic game while competing with the others. However, this club has earned its reputation for producing the most wonderful dining experience for anyone who used to arrive. With the combination of fresh ingredients as well as chef’s excellent expertise, Maroon Creek Club will definitely satisfy the most difficult taste.

  1. The Golf Club at Redlands Mesa

Among top 10 best golf courses in Colorado, this following place is absolutely praised for being a desirable paradise for all of the golf players. When coming to Redlands Mesa, you can observe the soaring high desert backdrops as well as rolling fairways, which will change your normal definition about the standard beauty. Also, you can have the privilege of attending either private or semi-private lessons in case you are in need of improving your individual ability.

Besides, registering to become a member of Redlands Mesa will bring you some particular benefits such as 10% discount when purchasing golf apparels at its pro shop.

  1. Roaring Fork Club

Being built in the heart of Basalt, Roaring Fork Club owns a pristine beauty, which is suitable for anyone who is pursuing the purest of golf as well as refining their spirit. Despite these simple purposes, this course always helps people to experience the best thing ever when walking through the crystal lakes, Roaring Fork River, Spring Creek and mountain views. Another special feature about Roaring Fork Club is fly fishing. The guests can have a tour around all of the fishing venues and then choose the best one for them.

  1. CommonGround Golf Course

From the name CommonGround, you can understand their missions which try to provide high-class atmosphere without losing the comfortable feeling for the players. Being an official member of this club, you cannot only make reservations only 7 days in advance but also receiving a 25% discount for green fees.

[caption id="attachment_1614" align="aligncenter" width="730"]best golf courses in Colorado Photo Credit:[/caption]

Top 10 best golf courses in Colorado seem to provide you the best descriptions about these fantastic destinations. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit them when having an opportunity since you will never regret about this decision in the future.

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How to Polish Golf Clubs

How to Polish Golf Clubs.

Do you play golf or want to learn how to? Then you will need to purchase the golf equipment to start off with. One of the most important pieces you must invest on would be the proper golf club! After all, you won't be able to golf without the golf club to swing the ball towards your target. With that being said, it's also essential for you to give the proper care for your golf clubs as well. It must be well-maintained and cleaned. One of the important tasks a golfer must do for his golf clubs is to polish them. But how do you polish golf clubs properly anyway?

[caption id="attachment_1485" align="aligncenter" width="730"]How to Polish Golf Clubs Photo Credit:[/caption]

There is a proper way on how you should polish your golf clubs in order to have it look good and to make it last for many games to come. Don't worry, as it isn't difficult to do. In this article, we show you how to polish golf clubs the right way.

Why Learn How to Polish Golf Clubs?

Like mentioned, caring for your golf clubs is an absolute essential. This is not only for your golf clubs to look good when in the golf course, but to also have it last for many years to come. This will avoid it from getting rust and let it have that beautiful look you aspire it to have. Plus, it will feel great in your hands. It's best to polish your golf clubs every now and then when you notice that it is losing its shine and quality. That way, you'll save money having to replace it when it gets rust and loses its use.

You won't need to worry about it taking too much time and money, as all you need are affordable materials and about an hour of your day a few times a year. It's very easy to do, with just about anyone being able to learn how to polish golf clubs without hassle. In the end, you and your golf club will benefit out of the polish, as your golf clubs will have the beautiful shine that keeps it well taken care of to use for many more successful games to come.

How to Polish Golf Clubs

Before you begin polishing your golf clubs, you must prepare all your materials beforehand to make the process easier. Here is what you will need  when you want to polish your golf clubs (you can find them in any reputable online shop or around your local area. Some are household materials!):

  • The golf clubs that need polishing

  • Newspaper to make cleaning up easier

  • Hot water and soap or dishwashing liquid

  • Small brush (a toothbrush will do!)

  • Towel

  • Polishing cloth

  • Polish (Make sure that this is quality polish that will help give shine to your golf clubs!)

Here is the step-by-step process on how to polish golf clubs:

  • It's recommended to clean your golf clubs before you start to polish them. You can do so through mixing soap and water and soak the clubs into the mixture in order to remove any dirt or residue that may be mixed in from the golf clubs. They may be dirty due to the weather conditions or what your golf clubs touch from the golf course.

  • Once soaked, brush the golf clubs with a toothbrush, scrubbing it until it appears clean. Rinse it with cold water after and dry it up properly, assuring that it is clean and dry. Once cleaned, it will be easier to polish.

  • Polish your golf clubs using metal or car polish and a soft cloth. Let the polish sit for a minute before completely wiping it away with a different cloth. You can also opt to use polishing sprays.

  • Once it is now clean and polished, place your golf clubs in a safe place, such as a rack or your golf bag. This is to ensure that it stays clean until your next game, and that you won't misplace it.

And there you have it! That's all you will need to do in order to polish your golf clubs properly. Just remember to NOT use a wire brush when cleaning your golf clubs, as this may scratch the metal. If you opt to have it with less shine to avoid the glare of the sun, then stick with cleaning the golf clubs with water and soap.

[caption id="attachment_1486" align="aligncenter" width="730"]Polish Golf Clubs Photo Credit:[/caption]

In Conclusion

Your golf clubs are very important. You will need to clean and polish them to assure that they will last for years to come. Hopefully, this article on how to polish golf clubs will have helped you know the proper way to keep your equipment clean. So what are you waiting for? If your golf clubs need some polishing, then follow these steps and have it shining in no time!

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Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Wisconsin

People are gradually keen on playing golf, one of the most royal sports in the world. However, many people do not know any good place to practice and improve their skill. Hence, my list of top 10 best golf courses in Wisconsin will surely provide you with useful information.

Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Wisconsin

Top 10 best golf courses in Wisconsin

  1. Whistling Straits

Whistling Straits is considered as an incredible sculpture along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. When first entering to this course, you will be greatly impressed by fescue fairways, streams, massive sand dunes as well as green grasslands. Moreover, Whistling Straits offers two specific courses including The Straits and The Irish, which deliver the delighted but challenging games for golf players of all ages and all skills. Furthermore, you can maximize your benefits by taking part in additional amenities in terms of spa, food and beverages, shopping, wedding celebrations, meetings as well as other activities.

  1. Erin Hills

Now, I would like to talk about one of the amazing places listed in top 10 best golf courses in Wisconsin. Located in the south center of Wisconsin, Erin Hills has a unique appearance when compared to the others. You can see that this place is covered by glacial till of sand and small rocks, which gives more strength for the ground. As a result, playing golf at the course like Erin Hills will create unforgettable moments for you in a long time. Furthermore, you can work up your appetite by coming to Irish Pub and Terrace as well as The Clubhouse. Also, Erin Hills can be used as a place to finalize your corporate meetings since it provides personalized services for your needs.

  1. Blackwolf Run

Blackwolf Run is regarded as a gem for all golf players as you can never ignore the natural beauty when visiting this place. It consists of two popular courses called The River and The Meadow Valley, which are suitable for both professional as well as amateur players to compete in a breathtaking but fair play. For accommodation, you can stay in a variety of rooms with different style from Canada, India and even Native America. Also, with those who are interested in purchasing golf apparels for your course, you can find a number of useful items to increase your confidence. After all, Blackwolf Run also offers a diversity of good food at their restaurant including salmon, steaks and sausage chowder as well.

  1. SentryWorld Golf Course

Going through a rebuilt process in 2015, SentryWorld has earned its reputation for its natural beauty with the combination of white sand, blue water and green fairways. All of these factors seem to attract the golfers and travelers to return to this courses again and again in the future. However, you need to follow its policies related to dressing for both men and women, carry-on food and beverages, rain check, reservations as well as minimum age. Besides, many golf instructional programs will be conducted by professional players for individuals and small groups with affordable price.

  1. The Bull

The following place will be undoubtedly listed in top 10 best golf courses in Wisconsin since it is able to grab the attention of many golfers at the first sight. Being called as the only signature architecture of Jack Nicklaus in Wisconsin, The Bull is well-known for its picturesque and classic beauty. Also, some events for couples are always available, so that you can enhance your feelings with your lover. In addition, a variety of delicious food are ready for your birthday party, graduation ceremony and picnics as well.

  1. University Ridge Golf Course

When visiting University Ridge, you can achieve your relaxing goal by observing the natural settings of City of Madison. Moreover, this golf course obtains great commitment to wildlife and their habitat protection. By maintaining this attitude, University Bridge succeeds in not only providing a fresh atmosphere but also delivering positive ideas for the golfers. This place also holds many competitive golf events for men, women, junior and professional players all year round.

  1. Troy Burne Golf Course

Troy Burne is famous for its typical rural design located in Western of Wisconsin. Therefore, you need to be cautious when preparing to hit a perfect shot as you may be fooled by the incredible image in front of your eyes. Moreover, you can assure that Troy Burne is the representative of topography in Wisconsin. Besides, you can book this place as a wedding venue on one of your most important days in life. You will be amazed by its panoramic views, professional wedding photos, outstanding settings as well as other unimaginative benefits.

  1. Pine Hills Country Club

To be honest, Pine Hills deserves to stand in top 10 best golf courses in Wisconsin for many reasons. Firstly, manicured greens and endless rolling hills have made this course become more and more fascinating. The whole course is covered by green, which creates a refreshing and cleaning feeling for all of the golfers. Also, you can enter for other sports apart from golf such as pickle ball, tennis and swimming. Finally, you can satisfy your kids when feeding their favorite food including chips, chicken and cheese.

  1. Lake Geneva Golf

You will never forget the memory when first setting your footstep on this golf course. It is regarded as a natural sculpture with the perfectly manicured green layout. You can visit two popular courses named The Brute and The Highland since you can challenge yourselves and then win interesting prizes. Moreover, Lake Geneva usually organize some meaningful events for the disadvantaged such as breast cancer patients. By engaging in this event, you can find the happiness deeply from your heart.

  1. The Bog Golf Course

Founded in 1995, the Bog is famous for its 18-hole layout during many years. You can have a test for yourself after practicing for a while. Also, if your skill is quite bad, do not hesitate to join private lessons so that you can reinforce your ability quickly. Moreover, with the capacity of 140 guests, you can hold any meetings and banquets since The Bog is very professional with service.

Best Golf Courses in Wisconsin

All of the above information is a useful list for anyone being fond of playing golf. Therefore, knowing top 10 best golf courses in Wisconsin will help you filter and finally choose the best destination for your travel in the future.

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