How to Hit a Driver

Golfing has a ton of benefits you’ll be able to reap. It isn’t just something that will have you burn calories from walking or swinging the golf clubs, but you will also be able to take advantage of the health benefits it has as you walk through golf courses and enjoy the breeze as you walk outside with family, friends, or by yourself! It’s a form of relaxation and leisure, getting to spend time away from the busy city and be one with nature.

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Anyone will be able to golf, and it doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ll be able to learn the sport and enjoy the game and the many benefits it has!

But of course, if you are just a beginner, you will want to learn the proper swings in order to improve and enjoy the game even better. This will mean learning the proper swings, equipment, and other things you need to know about gold. A drive is one of the things you must learn about, with it being a popular swing many use to start the game. Therefore, it’s important to also learn how to swing a drive, so this article will show you how to hit a driver.

What is a Driver?

Before we show you how to hit a driver, it’s best to know what exactly a driver is and what it does in order for you to know where and when to use it.

A driver is basically kind of swing golfers use to start a game. It is best on par-4 or par-5 hole, where you will need to have the least number of swings when shooting the golf ball in the hole. It means that when you hit with a driver, you will be able to go the distance and right direction in order to go as near the hole as possible. This will enable you to shoot the golf ball into the hole in less than 5 swings, making you get a higher score and win the game. It’s very important to learn how to hit a driver in order for you to conquer or master the courses that go for par-4 or par-5.

Beginners and advanced golfers will need to know how to hit a driver for them to know how to swing properly and with strength and distance. They must learn these swings to take account the different factors that may make or break their game. It doesn’t only include the aspects of the golfer himself, but also the environmental factors such as the type of greens you are in and the weather as well!

When learning how to swing properly, you will now know the many things you can do with your swing. There are different drills to learn and practice, especially when it comes to how to hit a driver. This article will show you the drill and how to properly do it.

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How to Hit a Driver

When you want to learn how to hit a driver, there are some things you will need to prepare, such as:

  • The driver or golf clubs you are comfortable with. You may opt to use a driver, as this is the reason why people call this swing the drive!

  • Proper golf balls suitable with your power of swing. Low compression is best for beginners, while those with high compression are for those with stronger swings.

  • The proper golf course where you can practice on.

  • A good attitude when it comes to practicing golfing! These drills take time, and it will take patience to master these swings, which is why you need the motivation and determination to keep going, no matter how frustrating it can get, especially for beginners!

Here are the steps and tips on how to hit a driver:

  1. Make sure you practice proper form, with one side of your body facing your preferred direction, or where the ball is supposed to be going. If you are right handed, the left side of your body should be in front, while it is vice versa for left handed golfers.

  2. The ball should be ahead of your head, your legs a bit wide apart, and your knees slightly bent. Make sure you have a tight grip, but a natural one where it is not too tight, nor too loose.

  3. When swinging, push the club away from you slowly, shifting your body when doing so.

  4. Swing it downward smoothly for a good stroke, keeping your feet flat. You don’t want to hit it too hard, but you want to prioritize hitting the ball smoothly for it to go to the right direction.

  5. Keep your arms extended and not bent when swinging. Fold your front elbow and cross your rear and front forearm together. Make a capital L when about to swing, then an X when you do make that swing.

  6. When swinging, your rear foot should turn while you are making the stroke, not before.

  7. Repeat for a few times until you get it right.

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In Conclusion

Golfing is a tough sport in the beginning, but it definitely will get easier and more fun with practice. Once you get the hang of hitting a driver, you will be able to properly play the game and enjoy it better now that you know how to swing properly. This drill is designed to help you learn how to hit a driver, as well as how to do the proper form when swinging.

Once you know how to hit a driver, you will know how to start doing the other proper swings. With knowing how to swing far distances, you get to control your power and the direction you want your golf ball to fly off to, making it an enjoyable game for you to play. So what are you waiting for? Head on to the golf courses and start practicing your swing now! You definitely won’t regret doing them. In time, you’ll be a great golfer!

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