Best Golf Games to play Online

Alongside with modern technology, professionals attempt to invent a great number of applications developed for golf. The initial benefit of these devices is that you could use them everywhere you want without moving. Besides, they support you well in improving your game as well as reducing your handicap. If you are looking for the effective ways to enhance your skill levels, here are applications you should take into your consideration. Most of applications are free, while some of them can cost up to $25, depending on what you want to upgrade.

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Best Golf Games to play online for Mobile

  1. King of the Golf Course

This is a new flavor of mobile golf, which comes with fabulous features you can get from the arcade style. It is popularly played by top players and in top courses. You could use this application on the most spectacular PGA Tour courses such as Pinehurst No. 2 and TPC Sawgrass.

  1. Golfshot GPS by Shotzoom Software

For people who are looking for high quality free GPS golf application, the Golfshot by Shotzoom is an ideal option. There are two main types of GPS golf applications for you to choose from, including several upgrades and free versions. Upgrade versions require a little bit higher price, whereas, many users find that other free versions still work well.

  1. Score Keeper

If you are seeking for a customizable way to record your scores during the game, perhaps the scorekeeper is the simplest and best application. It is completely free to download and setting up the scorecard becomes much easier than ever before. Moreover, thanks to the equipment of a pro upgrade, you could do many tasks at the same time such as calculating your EGA handicap and more.

  1. Flick Golf HD

A popular game must come with the great ease of use. This is the reason why Flick Golf HD is a successful symptom in golf application. With this feature, users don’t have to spend much time on studying the application’s regulations. There is no need of taking complex timing or hitting bars. All you need to do is simply flicking the ball with your finger across the screen.

  1. Super Stickman Golf 1 & 2

It is awarded Appstore Best of 2013 from Apple. Super Stickman not only offers beautiful fairways, but also the guides to hit the ball into holes among many objects. Quickly enjoy it now.

  1. Golf

Here is an essential feature of the app world. Weather plays a necessary role in determining whether you could play golf or not. By updating the latest weather reports, golfers can bring suitable weather protection and right clothes to them.

  1. Golf Swing Mobile

The Golf Swing mobile is a friendly version of software to help you get better swing. This great feature results from the analysis of predetermined parameters. It is as same as GASP analysis, in which the analysis uses professional videos. Golf swing mobile is an extremely effective tool if you use it properly.

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  1. The Rules of Golf

This is a must-have app to tell you what to do in the most common situations or unusual events. Thanks to these features, it helps prevent any confusion about the rules during your game. For example, you may ask yourself about the way to replay the ball when it falls in a water hazard, when the ball lodges on a rake prongs or penalty for marking the wrong ball. The handy device will answer all for you.

  1. Swing Profile Golf

The Swing Profile Golf provides all you need from a video capture app. It is recognized as the Best Market Research at PGA Merchandise Show 2012. High technology in this app allows you to use editing tools for analyzing your swing. Moreover, make progress by comparing your swing with other tour players.

  1. SwingPlane

Like other Swing applications we had mentioned above, the SwingPlane comes with the special ability of capturing swing and comparing it with other top results. You will find it fantastic to make use of advanced editing tools such as head position swingplane and key swing positions.

  1. WGT (World Golf Tour)

WGT brings the most realistic sensation of golf game in the world. It makes impressive by the best graphics and online competition. This virtual golf game lets you play famous courses nowadays such as Pebble Beach, St. Andrews or Bandon Dunes.

  1. iSwing

The smart iSwing app helps you capture or edit your swing on iPhone or iPad without any difficulty. With this app, playback your swing at 30 frames per second for a variety of analysis becomes greatly possible. Feel free to make changes on your swing through the handing editing suite.

  1. Golf Channel App

Users could be able to find out several apps in the Golf Channel, which help them learn how to improve their golf game in the best ways. The way this app supports users is offering stats and highlights from PGA Tour events.

  1. Golf Star

As one of the most realistic golf app, Golf Star comes with a great number of graphics and techniques to create fun golfing moments. You can challenge your friends to make more effort in playing golf.

  1. Golf Gamebook

Tracking your scores during the game becomes simple with this intelligent app. It not only helps you compete with your friends, but also trash talks with them in a fun way.

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Best golf course in Southern California

Playing golf is fun, but sometimes it is expensive to get involved in a well-known golf club. It requires you to make a careful research to find out the best place within the best price. This requirement is slightly challengeable because there are dozens of golf courses available in the world. Actually, no one wants to choose a place with bad shape for a six hour round. You are spending your money on golf experience and you have rights to seek for the better things.

Don’t worry. You can easily find a suitable best golf course in Southern California among a variety of options. These golf courses offer different skill levels to meet all types of expectations. Even you are beginners or advanced players, you can be able to seek for your great deal.

Best golf course in Southern California

  1. Balboa Park Golf Club

Ranked as the 1st deal in our list, Balboa Park proves its global attraction as the oldest public golf facility in the San Diego. As you know, San Diego is the origin of many championship caliber courses in the world, such as Torrey Pines. It also serves people with lower price of courses at just $40 for 18 holes. In addition, golfers have chance to get affordable courses there. Balboa Park provides both 18- hole and 9-hole executive courses associated with a full-length driving range.

  1. Any Los Angeles (L.A) City/County Course

In addition to great parking laws, the City of L.A. is also good at running their golf courses. It offers a great number of exquisite tests of golf at different rates for everybody to afford. For instance, enjoy 18 holes everywhere you want in the city such as Woodley Lakes, Rancho Park or Harding. The 9 holes at a par-3 or executive course can be found at Los Feliz, Penmar or Roosevelt. All of them provide fun at the affordable cost. For more affordable price, you had better choose twilights as the best time to play. This is the time when round moves quickly and rates are reduced.

  1. Scholl Canyon

Scholl Canyon is an ideal destination in SoCal for many reasons. It appeals most of guests thanks to splendid views, challenging layout and reasonable price.

Although the course is only 3,039 yards long, it is challengeable enough for you to hit your spots. Located in Verdugo Mountain Range in Glendale, the course allows you to see views of the Pacific Ocean, the L.A. basin and the San Fernando Valley.

Wow, the special thing is that you can get all of these benefits at just $35 for 18 holes with a cart during peak hours. This rate will even be lower in off-peak tee times.

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  1. Vista Valencia

No matter you want to learn or improve golf skills, executive courses of Vista Valencia are awesome options. Vista Valencia is a famous course that provides best deals in Southern California. It’s worth every penny to play golf here due to excellent water features and surprising course conditions.18-hole executive course is the popular option there, besides 27-hole facility with 9-hole par-3 course and par-61. Spend less than $30 to find a great course for your demand. A cart for less than $40 is another option for golfers who are looking for the affordability.

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  1. Recreation Park

Recreation Park is a reliable place that offers an attractive 18-hole golf course at municipal prices. The charm of this course comes from remarkable elevation changes as well as challenging greens. You have to spend just only less than $50 for most days during week and under $20 for the late evening of the day. These features contribute to make Long Beach’s Recreation Park become one of the best symbols of California.

  1. Harding Golf Course

As a great value of Los Angeles, Harding Golf Course provides a plenty of courses’ prices for golfers. It costs about $70 for 18 with a cart in the busiest days of the year, whereas, normal days require less than $40 walking.

  1. Classic Club

Classic club has been known as the former site of the PGA Tour’s Bob Hope Classic. It runs well under the administration of Troon Golf, the third reliable golf courses in the world. With exquisite design, this attracts most of guests and golfers at the first glance. It is hard to find these features in somewhere else in the world. This is the reasons why Classic club requires a little bit higher fee than Vista Valencia and Griffith Park. If you visit Southern California, put Classic club into your first selection.

  1. Rustic Canyon

Stretching from 6,000 yards to over 7,000, Rustic Canyon is an ideal place to have wonderful golfing experience. It not only has inviting fairways, but also challenging greens and sweeping sand characteristics. After 4:30p.m, the course offers the best deals in state with $15. Besides, you will need $50 to get happy moments here during peak hours.

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  1. Olivas Links

It is considered as one of the best deals that you can find in Ventura, California. The course provides necessary things to meet your expectations. For 18 with cart on holidays, the cost changes from under $30 to about $75. There are 4 different sets of tees in this course. Ignore your score and enjoy scenic views of Ventura Harbor and the Channel Island when visiting Olivas Links.

  1. Barona Creek

You can have reasonable twilight rates at Barona Creek for 18 holes and all skill levels. Peak time requires a little bit higher price that is appropriate with its value. The course contains 100 bunkers for golfers to have memorable experience.

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Everything You Need To Know About Golf

Golf has been a very popular game for hundreds of years. In order to play golf one need to know about many rules of golf. Some set of rules is being enforced while playing like a ‘PRO’ while there are many others that are standard. Learning and following these standard set of rules is a must to play golf.

When you start playing golf on a regular basis and seriously then, you might want to know about the complete set of rules to enjoy the game. Some of these rules are just a part of courtesy while other rules are play oriented. If you aren’t maintaining the adequate rules, then it results in the penalty.

There are many golf courses that are strict about the rules, and if you are breaching the rules again and again, then you might not be allowed to play on that golf course.

Everything you need to know about Golf

1. Golf Etiquettes

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As we discussed earlier, there are many rules in the game of golf. As you are playing this game with many persons around, Learning and following golf etiquettes is a must. These golf etiquettes ensure your respect towards the golf course, other players, and tradition of the game. These etiquettes make the game safe and pleasing to play. Some of these etiquettes are listed below:

  • Game of golf has the basic code for the dress to play at the golf course. So it is recommended to have golfing attire.

  • Always reach the golf course on time. Reaching late will disrespect your other members that are joining you for the golf course. You should reach before their tea time.

  • You always need to stay with your party and enjoy playing with them.

  • You should always allow the faster-playing groups to go ahead by waiting for one hole as this is better than holding them behind and wasting their time.

  • Give respect to others and get respect from them in return. You should not yell at them or use foul language while being on the golf course.

  • If you are driving a golf cart, then take care of it. Always get it to the designated places and don’t over speed your cart.

  • Always park your golf cart out of the way of the other golfers.

  • Play your shots keeping other golfers in mind. Always warn them before playing your shot if they are in your way.

  • Always be ready for your turn. Prepare yourself with the perfect golf club before your time to hit arrives.

  • Let the furthest golfer hit the ball first.

  • Always stand at some distance from other players while they are taking their shot.

  • Anger holds no ground on the golf course so be patient and don’t throw your clubs in anger.

  • Drinking is prohibited on the golf course while playing except water.

  • If you had lost your ball, then there is no need to look after it for more than five minutes. Just declare that it is lost and move on.

  • Always respect the flora and fauna of the golf course. Take care of the birds and other animals on the golf course.

  • Always use the dustbin on the golf course and don’t throw the garbage on the golf course.

  • Maintain the silence while some other is taking a stroke.

  • Always remain honest with the scores.

  • After finishing your game, vacant the golf course as soon as possible.

  • Don’t have personal talks on the golf course as this might disturb other players.

  • While being on the golf courses never walk between the hole and the ball.

  • Always place your bag away from the greens, Take your necessary clubs and place the bag away.

  • If your ball hits another ball, then you should place your ball on the original location before, and a two penalty stroke will be incurred.

2. Golf Swing

The most significant aspect of playing the golf game is ‘Golf Swing’. The golf swing is the hardest thing to perfect. The golf swing is a combination of balance, power, and physics to get the ball to the desired point. The basic key to master a golf swing is to practise it again and again until you reach the perfection.

3. Grip of the Club

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The second most vital factor of golf playing is ‘the grip of the club’. You should hold the club with both of your hands from the rubber area. Every golf club has a rubber area known as the grip area. This is where you hold or grip it from. You should grip it well to have a perfect swing and hit. It is suggested that you should hold the club more with the fingers rather than the palm.

Left hand has a stronger grip on the club while the right hand is used for the direction and stability. You should never hold a grip too tightly and even too loosely. It is one on the most difficult task to have a perfect grip. You should consult a professional golf instructor to master your grip.

4. Playing the Stance

Your standing stance will surely improve your skills to play golf more effectively and efficiently. The standing stance is a necessity for knowing the proper power, distance and aim to play the ball. You should stand with your legs apart than the width of your shoulders. You should have a straight back and bow accordingly so that your club could reach the ball easily.

While taking a swing for the club try to shift your weight from one leg to another. In the meantime, maintaining balance is a must. If you are using a putter, then stance will change accordingly. Your legs will be slightly apart and bend your knees in such a way that you are about to sit. Control the putter afterwards and take a swing.

5. Aim of the Ball

Aiming the ball also serves as one of the most important things in golf. Aim your club face towards the ball for a perfect hit. The ball will go in the direction where your club face is aiming at. Look at the target and take your stance perpendicular to it. It is seen that right handed players often hit the ball to the right which can be corrected through practising proper aim. This will also improve your stance and aiming capability.

6. Golf Swing

Golf swing includes the proper body moment to attain power to get the ball to the target by swinging the golf club. All of the above aspects play a vital part for a perfect golf swing.

  • It also requires a little of physics to aim the ball correctly and to take a perfect swing.

  • The golf swing can only be learned with more and more practise.

  • A perfect player of golf shoes is a must so that you must not slip while taking a golf swing.

  • You can take a help of professional golf instructor to know about the perfect golf swing.

7. Scores on Golf Course

[caption id="attachment_68" align="aligncenter" width="940"]score of the golf Photo Credit:[/caption]

Each golf swing you take is counted as one stroke. Every hole on the golf course allows you to have average strokes decided for that hole. Your ball has to reach the hole in that average number of strokes. If you are playing with a player that is more experienced then you then you can have the handicap. These handicaps change after every round according to your golf score in each round of 18 holes of golf.

Our Advice

These are some of the general things that you need to know before playing golf. If you have additional aspects that you would wish to share with our readers, then please share them in the comment box below.

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10 steps keep Best Golf Scores

The Concept of Golf

Golf is a sport or activity, which is also called as a ball sport. The sports activity comprises of players who have to hit the balls into a series of holes that are built on the course in a minimum number of strokes that are possible.

The golf game is one among those few sports activities that does not require a proper standard area to play. The game can be easily played on the course, which should have an arranged progression of about nine to eighteen number of holes. Each and every hole on the course should be unique in its own layout and way of arrangement.

While playing golf, the paramount things that one should keep in mind are that he should have a well-planned strategy with him as the sport is entirely about having strategies more than having techniques. The player should mainly focus on improving his score in golf, which is mainly done by improving the strategy. Also, the player should carry the perfect bold attitude and amazing understanding behind the golf shot.

To improve your score in golf is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work, passion, and dedication. To achieve best golf scores, you should keep the following mentioned points in mind while playing golf:

10 steps keep Best Golf Scores

1. Getting the Perfect Attitude

In order to improve your best golf scores, you should first get the perfect strategy of how to play the game. The player should learn how to play the game and not just how to swing or hit the ball. Each and every sport demands the proper attitude of the players.

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The players should focus on playing the way they know that they can do and not on what they wish they could do. Also, they should play quite comfortably. No matter how simple it seems to be but it has a huge impact on the game.

2. Becoming the Best Putter

In order to become a good scorer, you have to improve your putting skills a lot. No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced player in playing golf, one thing that you will notice on the course while playing is that the score of playing is most affected by putting.

No other area of playing as compared to putting can affect your score. Putting is usually referred as the final call. The player should keep in mind that once if you miss a putt, there is no sort of recovery as they have when they miss a shot. This is one of the major reason why putting has the ultimate effect of the score card.

3. Studying the Course Upfront

Jack Nicklaus, one of the most successful golf players, had once said that the only things that made him one of the best players were the ability to play the right shot at the right time and also plotting the way round the course. Also, he added that there were many other players on the course who had better swings along with stylish short games but still none of them could beat him while playing golf.

Hence, the perfect course management analysis upfront is one of the major keys to getting the best golf scores.

Following are the Key Principles:

  • Check the distance chart in order to plot the shot strategy till the green

  • Always play away from the trouble always

  • Select the best set of golf clubs while keeping the design of the course in mind.

  • Play the game with an intention to become the best putter.

4. Patience and Perseverance

Golf is one such game activity, which is considered to be one of the hardest sports till today. But once the players get used to playing it more often and enjoy playing the sport, it becomes quite easy to improve and help themselves score better. Golf is the hardest game if played when maintaining the highest standards.

Golf is one such sports activity that requires a lot of patience and perseverance. There are no shortcuts that can be used while playing golf. No matter what situation arises and how much the muscles pain, the players should keep the game going.

5. Devoting More than 50% of the Practice to Short Games

As it is often said, the more one practices one sports activity, the more, they get to learn about that sport and the better they tend to perform. Also, the same is true for golf. The more the players practice, the more they learn about the slopes, courses and the external factors that do affect the ball fly.

6. Keep a Note about Your Penalties

In golf, penalties are those shots that cost the player extra points. The player should always keep a note of their penalties in the game. Some of the many penalties are as mentioned below:

  • If the player hits a ball in the water, he can drop a new ball in the allotted location and hence gain a 1 stroke penalty.

  • If the player hits the ball out of boundary, he can again hit the ball from the original location and hence take a 2 stroke penalty.

  • If the player loses a ball, he can hit the ball again from the previous location and hence take a 2 stroke penalty.

7. Adding Up the Points

The player should always keep in mind that once he is finished playing the game, he should add up his scores from each and every hole for the grand total. Also, after calculating it once, the player should check it again.

If the player is playing in some particular match or tournament, he should know that his competitor is keeping an official record of his scores. Hence, the player should cross check the total and then and only then sign the score card, which makes it official.

The player who has the minimum number of points is declared as the winner of the game.

[caption id="attachment_156" align="aligncenter" width="980"]increase your points Photo Credit:[/caption]

8. Conceding a Hole if It is Necessary

While playing golf, there occur many situations when the player takes an impossible amount of time to get the ball into a particular hole. During such instances, the player should take a smart step by saving his energy and sanity for the next round and move to the next hole. The player gets to make a clean start for the next hole.

9. Do Not Obsess Much Over the Shots that You are Taking

If you are a beginner in golf, you should mainly focus on how to get the ball in the hole more than being upset about not being able to take many shots. By doing so, you will not only be more focused on getting the ball right in the hole but also, it will help the player in completely analyzing the game in the proper manner.

As you start getting more and more knowledge about the game, you can then work on making many shots improve your score on the score card.


Golf is one of the most difficult sports activities that is being played by many of the people. It is not an easy task to gain the perfect score on the score card in starting. It takes a lot of hard word and patience for the players to gain the best score. To gain the best golf scores, the players should always keep the above-mentioned points in mind and also should be quite careful about the competitor.

We hope that the above-mentioned information was quite helpful to you. You can comment below in the comment box. Your suggestions are quite valuable to us.

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Top 10 Most Challenging Golf Courses in California

Any time we make a discussion about golf, two most popular terms that often spark controversy are Best Courses and Best Golfers. California is an ideal destination for holding golf events or welcoming golfers all over the world. With about 1,000 golf courses, this offers a plenty of options to players, from $12 goat farms to the most luxury global courses. Wow, it is obvious that California provides memorable experience in the life of every golfer who has chance to come there. You have chance to get an amazing array of experiences from mountain layouts, ocean courses, desert tracks or private clubs.

Here are top 10 challenging places that you shouldn’t miss in your golf life in California. Our list below is the collection of valuable opinions from different people, including golf experts, travel insiders, architects and regular golfers.

Top 10 Most Challenging Golf Courses in California

1.Mountain Course at La Quinta

The mountain course is beautifully located in the Palm Springs valley. When joining this incredible course, you need playing right up against the Santa Rosa rocks. Bulldozer is effectively used to slightly make the houses on the mountain course disappear.

[caption id="attachment_481" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Golf Courses in California Photo Credit:[/caption]

2.Pelican Hill in Ocean North

This is the wonderful design made from designer Tom Fazio and sometimes is called Pebble beach. Coming with gorgeous view, the Pelican Hill is not only a golf course to play, but also a great place to relax. It is located in the wonderland of Newport Beach in Los Angeles, where golfers could enjoy the sea mist in their face. Pelican hill also has the best course restaurant in America. Forget your score and have warm dinner at restaurant Cielo by walking down 25 miles from highway 1.

3.Torrey Pines in South Course

Torrey Pines has an excellent reputation in the world of golf. Its significant impression comes from the dramatic coastline views, which lengthen up to 7,607 yards. Golfers spending time on Torrey Pines South will not forget the moment of fantastic feelings. The blue ocean will soothe your nerves during competitive games.

[caption id="attachment_482" align="aligncenter" width="720"]Most Challenging Golf Courses in California Photo Credit:[/caption]

4.PGA West in TPC Stadium Course

Differentiating from its peaceful and simple scenery, this golf course is definitely considered as the toughest golf course in the world. Under the eyes of designer Pete Dye, the stadium course equips the famous 17th island green and several special holes.

5.Indian Wells Country Club in Classic Course

You absolutely get the happy moments when playing golf in Indian Wells Country Club. Its design is inspired by old-style Palm Springs golf and some unique twists. It is where the mountains and houses are located very close to each other. Feel fun for cutting a corner on the mountain, crossing a plunging hill in the middle of the fairway and enjoying several inventive par 3s.

In comparison with modern standards, the Indian Wells’ Classic Course is smaller with 6,478 yards in size. This is a wonderful course that could challenge and offer fun old time golf to keep players marveling.

6.Oak Quarry Golf Club

Built into a rock quarry in the suburb of Riverside, Oak Quarry puts a strong impact on golfers’ visual. There is a great number of rock framing holes contributing to add marvelous views to this golf club. Memorable experiences of this destination are tee boxes on a ledge, the smallest green on the course, and 400-foot tall white limestone rock wall. According to Jerry Crowell, a golf professional indicated that Oak Quarry was the best inland par 3 he has ever seen.

[caption id="attachment_483" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Photo Credit: Photo Credit:[/caption]

7.Desert Willow in Firecliff Course

Designed by Michael Hurdzan, the Firecliff provides go-for-it par 5s. It requires players to overcome a bunker of green holes. The course is tough enough to make golfers feel challengeable.

8.Strawberry Farms Golf Club

Strawberry is a course for everybody with nice and unique sceneries. It was designed by Doug DeCinces, an obscure former major league third baseman. This golf club has great number typical characteristics of Southern California area. Get fun time in the natural views that meander through waterfalls, boulders and hills.

9.Barona Creek Golf Club

If you prefer value in the first consideration, then course in SoCal is an ideal option. The course stretches on the reservation of the Barona tribe about 35 minutes outside of San Diego with many homes around. It implies that there is too much open space to get memorable experience in Barona golf club.

10.Northwood Golf Club

It is pity if you miss this golf club when loitering on the Sonoma coast. Members of the nearby Bohemian Club often choose Northwood as a great destination to relax and play for fun. Designer Alister Mackenzie attempts to build the golf club in a classic way. Its style is expressed through tight fairways, tiny greens and difficult bunkers. Let’s start enjoying the splendid view of Northwood by your own, not through TV.

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10 steps keep Best Golf Scores

How to Become a Golf Course Designer

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Top 10 Best Golf Cities in America

If you are a great fan of golf, then the United States is a place you must not give a miss.  Within the country, there are a lot of other places to visit, but there are best golf cities, which are a must to visit. That doesn’t matter how much you want or afford to spend as there are cities, which are according and fits your pocket well.

10 Best Golf Cities in America

1. New York

New York is a city, which is full of opportunities for everyone and so is for golf players, if you are one of them then you can go there and take pleasure in some free rides as well as your most esteemed golf game legitimately. It is a myth that this city is quite costly, and you can get rid of it when you plan a visit there.

[caption id="attachment_56" align="aligncenter" width="825"]10 Best Golf Cities in America Photo Credit:[/caption]

2. Las Vegas

How about to play golf within the desert area? Las Vegas is the place where you can find a place without a lawn, but you can opt for it to play golf without any boundaries and limitation. There are various other facilities available for the ultimate enjoyment you just cannot afford to miss.

3. Chicago

Next is Chicago, which is popular for its sports event and is quite a large city, which can do that legitimately. It is a place, which is well-known for other things as well. Few are like for comedy, its architecture, and museum, etc. So if you plan a visit there, then it will be a trip, which can give you value for your money you will spend.

4. California

California a city in San Francisco, USA is popular for its world famous bridge and various other places as well. Here if you think there is no place to play golf then it is a mistake there is available. There you can enjoy the view of one of the longest bridge as well as golf.

[caption id="attachment_57" align="aligncenter" width="800"]golf in California Photo Credit:[/caption]

5. Charleston

Charleston within north California US is a beautiful place, which is a must to visit. It is a historic place and earlier day kings were used and love to play golf a lot so here are the places where you can see those places as well as if you are keen to play then you can do that but need to pay for that quite handsome price.

6. Seattle

What about Seattle, which is a quite famous city within Washington US are full of mountain area and farmers as well. So there you can find an adequate place to play golf, and you can find a gorgeous thing to gift your near and dear ones as well as for yourself.

7. Washington D.C.

If you would like to play golf on ice, then it is a place you must visit. It is Washington DC in the US, which is a city, which will let you fall in love with this place and with a variety of weather availability you can choose to visit according to your favorite endure.

8. Honolulu

Honolulu Hawaii is a place within the US, which is quite famous for its scenery, and you can enjoy there your game as well explore beach of Hawaii, which is superb. Here places are so beautiful while watching them you will forget about your golf, but if you love to play golf more than any other thing, then you can try this place as well.

9. Palm Spring and San Diego

Palm Spring and San Diego within California are two distinct places but are perfect for playing golf. Palm spring is a place full of resorts and golfer enjoys playing within the city as well as San Diego has got Natural Park of, which few are available to play golf. These two cities a golf player should visit and won’t regret.

10. Orlando

Orlando in Florida US is known for its world famous amusement park and for other places as well. There if you visit and want to spend some time in playing golf, then you will find few places to do that. It also represents culture diversity worldwide.

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Golf Championship and Winners

Since finest golf players who are champions and winners of Olympic championship many times are from the US itself, and then it is a country well known for golf players. Therefore, it is a country where you can find out best equipment for playing golf. It is a country who can make a beginner be an expert in playing golf.

Here few cities are present like Palm Spring where resorts are present, which encourages new golf players to join their golf game and learn nuances of the golf and its required equipment. You will learn about rules and regulation you need to follow when you will go for some golf competition or may reach a level up to entry in Olympic.

You should be aware of the most vital tool you need to focus on while playing golf. You can take your golf club only fourteen in number with you. Ball of golf should spin more in, which lawn and, which kind of bag you should have when you are going to play golf etc. are quite few to mention.

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How To Dress Perfectly For Golf?

The game of golf is an activity, which involves precision, exercise, style, and outdoor fun. The game of golf is easy to play but mastering the techniques is near to impossible. The thing, which makes these game elite, is the dressing style of the players (how to dress for golf). The clothes of golf are stylish yet comfortable to play.

A golf enthusiast always wants to have proper golfing clothes for themselves. Every sport has its own unique dressing code to play well. Golf also holds a unique dressing code in order to play comfortably.

In Golf, you have to move your body from head to toe for a perfect swing. Therefore, flexible clothes are required to play well at the course. But in addition to comfort, you must take care of standards set of specific golf clubs and golf courses.

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Some of the common standards that are set by golfing clubs are like:

  • Shirts must have collars

  • The shorts or slacks must be elegant to pay respect to the sport.

All of these standards are set to reflect the elegance and tradition of the golf.

How To Dress For Golf


As we have discussed earlier that every game has its own unique dressing code in order to play comfortably so this also goes with the shirts you are going to wear for golf. It is a thing to remember that you can’t just wear anything on a golf course.

Shirts are the vital part of golf attire and needed to be chosen carefully in order to create an impact on the mind of your opponents and to get self-confidence. If you wear the perfect golf shirt, then people will get to know that what this game mean to you.

It also shows your respect for the game and its tradition. If you don’t wear the perfect shirt, then it will make you uncomfortable on the golf course and will create a negative impact on the mind of the people that looks at you.

If you want to choose the perfect shirt for the golf course, then these tips must be kept in mind.

1. Rules & Regulations of the Golf Course

You must be aware of the regulation about the attire of the golf course if you are playing regularly. There are many golf courses that have clothing guidelines in order to play. Although in recent times these golf courses became lenient regarding clothes and let the players wear what they want to but still they have some of the guidelines. So it is important to know them so that you could wear a perfect shirt on the golf course.

2. Choose to Create an Impact on the Opponent

This is true that attire can create an impact on the mind of the opponents and on your play. You should always choose that shirt, which looks classy as well as comfortable. It is suggested that you should wear shirt according to the climate so that it could not cause discomfort while playing.

For instance, if you are playing in a very hot and humid weather condition then choosing a specially designed golf shirt for hot weather is a necessity.

Wearing Personalized Shirts

[caption id="attachment_107" align="aligncenter" width="800"]personalized shirts Photo Credit:[/caption]

You can create your unique identity by wearing personalized golf shirts. These personalized golf shirts will enhance your image and

personality on the golf course. The other advantage of wearing personalized golf shirts is that it increases the self-confidence while playing.

For instance, you can wear shirts of the same colour regularly, or you can wear the shirts bearing your name or logo. There are many golf stores that provide personalized shirts that you can choose among.

Pants V/s. Shorts

Having a couple of Golf pants or shorts will add a style to your attire. It is suggested to choose a stylish yet comfortable golf pants and shorts. Your golf pant must go with your full attire. They should be worn according to the climate conditions, and it should be perfect to play comfortably on the golf course.

On the other hand, if you choose a poorly made pant or shorts then it will fade after few washes and will look horrible on you after some days.

To choose a perfect golf pant or shorts these tips must be followed:

  1. Choose quality material: It is always suggested to choose pants and shorts that are made of quality materials. They material must be of high quality, but it must not be overly heavy. Your pant or shorts must be wrinkle free and with colour lock treatment. It is necessary to look at the seams and hemline carefully. Your pants or shorts must not have bulges or gaps. All of these factors ensure the inferiority of the material.

  2. Choose the one that properly fits: It is necessary to choose the pants or shorts with the perfect fitting. With irregular fitting, you can’t play perfectly. If you are wearing a pant to play golf, then it must be long enough to reach just above your ankle. If you are wearing shorts, then it is necessary that it must reach your knees. The golf pants and shorts must be tied with the belt so that it could add to the attire and let you play comfortably.

  3. Choose the one with good price: It is recommended to keep the price in mind before you choose your golf pants or shorts. Although the quality sportswear is quite expensive, so you need to look around for the best prices. You can also shop online for sportswear for better prices. If you want to buy through traditional methods, then you can look for the shops that provide discounts and avail various offers on the purchase.


[caption id="attachment_108" align="aligncenter" width="900"]golf shoes Photo Credit:[/caption]

Like all other sports golf shoes are properly designed to play comfortably and effective. These days there are many types of golf shoes available in the market. Golf shoes resemble the tennis shoes but with the spikes.

You can choose among leather shoes or the one that are made up of fibres. But there are several aspects that need to be keeping in mind before purchasing golf shoes and these are:

  1. Technology and spikes of the golf shoes: Golf shoes have evolved through years. In the past times, these golf shoes contain spikes made up of metal in order to play over the golf courses but most of the golf courses have banned shoes with the metal spikes in order to protect their grass. These days shoes with soft spikes are available in the market. These soft spikes are made up or plastic or rubber so that you could play comfortably.

  2. A comfortable level of the shoes: It is always suggested to get comfortable golf shoes that are easy to wear. If they fit easily then you can play your shots well, can stand and bend comfortably. Shoes must be water proof and sweat proof so that you can play easily in hot weather also.

  3. Purchase branded shoes: Branded shoes are designed with the comfort and keeping aspects of the sport in mind. So always wear branded shoes that ensure the warranty, quality and material type of the branded shoes.


There are several types of accessories that also add to the attire like:

  • Wristwatches

  • Sunglasses

  • Caps

Our Say to the Golfers

All these aspects ensure the perfect golf attire, and it is always required to be followed. If you need some other questions regarding the perfect dress up, then you can use our comment box below.

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History Of the Game of Golf

Every modern sport has origins as far back as thousands of years. Golf is no exception. Do you know that a man could live 10 years longer if he regularly plays golf? Golf is definitely considered as one of the most popular types of sport that has long time of development. Since this sport appeared, it has attracted potential players, from Phil Mickelson in the earliest stages of the reign of Caesar to Rory McElroy of today. In this article, we gladly show you the origins, history and growth of Golf through different stages.

[caption id="attachment_470" align="aligncenter" width="700"]History Of the game of golf[/caption]

History Of the game of golf

  • 100BC: This was period for starting early form of Golf. The way people played Golf at this time originated from a Roman game, which required participants to hit a stuffed leather ball by using a bent stick.

  • 960-1279: Then, it traced back to the Song Dynasty in China.

  • 15th century: The origin of modern game firstly started in Scotland. King James II of Scotland published this game to support the trainings of military. Although this ancient game is not exactly same as the modern Golf we play today, they were similar and shared some common features.

  • 1500: King James IV of Scotland enacted to ban Golf in Scotland within 2 years.

  • 17th century: Great Britain became a place to develop Golf as a pastime. The term “Golf” started familiar in the globe. King Charles I introduced the Golf in England. Parallel, Mary Queen popularized this game in France. The first British Open tournament is hold in 1860, contributing to the wide popularity of Golf all over the world.

  • 1873: The Canada’s Royal Montreal Club was organized in Montreal, Canada. This was called the first permanent golf club in North America.

  • 1893: The development of Golf spread in US in The Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton.

  • 1894: The United States Golf Association (USGA) began.

  • 1916: The Professional Golf Association of America was established. In this current governing body of today, different types of participants are allowed to participate in open events such as British Open and US open. It is completely open for both professionals and amateurs. However, some certain events are open for professionals only, not amateurs. They include the Arnold Palmer Invitational and the Accenture Match Play Championship.

  • 1981: In the beginning of 1981, the Tournament Players Association (TPA) Tour officially replaced the name of the pro circuit. After that, it continued to change to the Professional Golfers Association or the PGA tour.

  • 1920s: It was in 1920s that the TPA tournament became an extremely popular sport in the United States. People had advertised and marketed the sport widely in the world.


Golf in Present

In the early time, a golf ball was made from leather and feather. It was quite hard to make and much cheaper in comparison with the golf ball today. Alongside with the popularity of Golf, different materials are used to support Golf clubs. They are durable and available in today’s marketplace, including carbon fiber, titanium, graphite, and tungsten.

  • 2003: It had seen the transformation from the World Amateur Golf Council to the International Golf Federation.

  • 2009: The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was approval of the returning of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

  • 2010: The 150th anniversary Open Championship occurred on the Old Course at St Andrews.

  • 2012: Golf investment and preparation began for the Rio 2016 Olympic golf course.

  • 2016: The first time Golf will be played at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

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Common Golf Injuries and Ways to Prevent Them

Although golf has been known as a low-impact sport, it comes with numerous injuries in different parts of our body. Most of common golf injuries are the consequence of overuse or weak mechanics. In this article, we are sharing the best ways for you to protect yourself from sudden and serious golf injuries or pains.

The area that is easily suffered by golf injuries is lower back, followed by elbows, wrists, shoulder, hands and fingers as well as sunburn.

[caption id="attachment_449" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Golf Injury Prevention Tips Photo Credit:[/caption]

Golf Injury Prevention Tips

Lower Back

According to a sporty research, 75 to 85 percent of all Americans have to deal with back pains. In fact, there are a high number of golfers in this category. Lower back often occurs while putting, walking or swinging, not mention bending hundreds of times. It is obvious that when you do these activities, it leads to high impact on your spine and muscles. This might cause to minor strains in the back that easily turn into serious injuries.

Golf Injury Prevention and Solution

  • It is advisable for you to work on your swing to extend the motion range of lumbar spine and lead hip rotation.

  • Ask someone else to help you carry your bag. Shouldering heavy bags increase the risk of ankle and back injuries.

  • You will need the support from exercises related to muscle strengthening.

  • Surgery is the great solution for serious afflictions.


Another common injury that many golfers suffer is on elbow. It results mostly from repetitive movements, striking the ground or improper swing motion. The most common injury that affects your elbow is tendinitis. As you know, tendinitis refers to the influence on inner and outer tendon. The older you are, the higher chance you may be attacked by this type of injury.

Prevention and Solution

  • Working on your swing is an efficient solution to prevent elbow injuries. The golf professionals will support you well in learning how to work properly on the swing.

  • Stretching and strength lessons provide a good way to limit injuries.

  • If the symptoms of elbow injuries are fairly mild, you should use a brace. To contrast, icing and resting is out-standing solution for moderate pains.


The overuse of the tendons, fast swing or repetitive movements are high risks for wrist injuries.

Golf Injury Prevention and Solution

  • Remain correct postures.

  • You had better attempt to strengthen your muscles in both hand and forearm. Appropriate exercises help you do this task well.

  • To deal with wrist injury, take anti-inflammatory medicines and use a splint to treat the injuries.


Most of activities in a golf course require the contribution of all muscles near our shoulders. Some common problems you may cope with when playing golf include rotator cuff issues, arthritis, and impingement syndrome. It is terrible if your injuries become chronic.

Prevention and Solution

  • You should make a good warm-up routine aiming at the shoulder to reduce related problems.

  • For more stability, body-twisting exercises are great recommendations.

  • Anti-inflammatory medications are useful for serious injuries.

Hands and Fingers

Your hands and fingers may be placed at high risk of injury due to repetitive motions of golf and high speed of swing. Both single severe trauma and repetitive blunt trauma can cause to broken bones, hammer syndrome and tendinitis.

Prevention and Solution

  • Avoid hitting balls out of the artificial mats.

  • Learn how to grip properly.

  • Reduce long time of ball bashing.


Skin is the most sensitive part of our body to damage while playing golf outdoor. Normally, golfers often spend 4 to 5 hours per day playing in a large outdoor course. Regularly stand under the sun is a major reason causing to damages on skin as well skin cancer.

Golf Injury Prevention and Solution

  • Make sure that you prepare necessary things before the game. One of the best ways is often adding SPF of 15 or higher to against the sun. Hat, protective clothing and sunglasses are must-have tools for outdoor activities.

  • Right working on the swing mechanics is an important requirement.

  • Avoid long courses.

  • Create a warm up routine.

  • Regularly stretch.

Other tips and warnings

In addition to these injuries above, golfers often have to deal with the risk of damages on other body parts such as foot and ankle, hip, neck, and knee. Below are our tips to help you stay in shape during the whole golf course.

Golf swing is a common activity that requires the repetitive movements of all muscles. Over time, this may cause to injuries due to significant stress on tendons, joints, etc…To adjust the swing in a right way, all you need are:

  • Keep proper postures

Try to stand feet shoulder-width on the ground and keep your head rotated slightly outward. Straight spine and relatively bending knees are great suggestions. You shouldn’t hunch over the ball to avoid back and neck pains.

  • Stay Smooth

Make the power of golf swing transfer smoothly in all muscles of your body. If you use only one part to hit ball, it easily causes to injuries. For instance, overusing your wrists might lead to the elbow pains.

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40 Amazing And Untold Facts About Golf

Did you know your favorite game golf was originated long back in time during the 15th century? In fact, there is a mystery followed by a huge debate regarding the origins of this game. Though it is known to have originated in Scotland, many of the historians claim that golf traces back to a Roman game called 'Paganica,' which, just like golf, had to be played with a bent stick and a leather ball.

A golf course has to have either 9 or 18 holes and each hole should have a 'teeing ground'. The teeing grounds are set off by two markers, which demarcate the limits of 'rough', 'fairway', 'tee area', and other hazards. The 'putting green' is the area around the hole where the grass is trimmed in sa way so that players can make precise strokes. This area is again delimited by the fringe with a flagstick and a cup.

Golf is popularly called the gentleman's game and is mostly played during leisure hours. The objective of the game is to drive a ball into as many holes as possible, using the least number of strokes. The iron-tipped wooden sticks used in this game are called 'golf clubs.'

Here are some amazing facts about golf that might surprise you and fall in love with the game all over again.

 Top 10 Amazing Facts About Golf

  1. Playing golf means spending a good deal of time outdoors. Basking in the fresh air and sunlight with constant exposure to the greenery relaxes not only our body but also our mind. Exposure to sunlight helps the body to convert sunlight into Vitamin D; apart from that golf reduces stress, helps in driving anxiety away and has multiple other health benefits.

    [caption id="attachment_123" align="aligncenter" width="854"]Amazing Facts About Golf Photo Credit:[/caption]

  2. Golf is a great way to socialize because it allows you to stay connected with your friends in a very exciting and 'gentlemanly' way.

  3. Golf is a great way to burn calories and get rid of the extra fat. Since a golf course stretches for 30-200 acres, it requires a lot of walking.

  4. Playing golf works as a substitute for the free hand exercises that are necessary to keep a body healthy. The walking, carrying the club, swinging it, gives you a little exercise every time and keeps your heart rate up.

  5. Playing golf is not only good for your heart but also your brain. With the increase in heart rate, the blood flow increases which in turn stimulates more cell connections.

  6. Golf requires a great deal of attention and concentration. Spotting the small white ball yards away, mapping its distance, etc. improves your vision and concentration a lot.

  7. Help your body get a good sleep by exhausting it first. Playing golf exhausts you and you automatically get a feel sound sleep, in order to re-energize your muscles and limbs.

  8. Golf is a sport that primarily focuses on strategy, accuracy and coordination

  9. Golf cannot be played without being creative. You need to make good use of your imagination before you make any shot, considering the placement of the ball.

  10. Studies have shown that playing golf decreases your mortality rate. Regular golf players have proven to have 40% decreased mortality rate, which means an increase of 5 years in life expectancy.

The Other Facts, Yet Amazing and Untold

  1. Golf is not only the regular game; it is a completely new language on its own. Learning the terms and phrases of the game is actually as important as learning the rules and swing technique.

  2. Usually, in other sports, there is an appointed referee or umpire to enforce the rules of the game. However, golf stands out among all other games as it depends on the players to call penalties on themselves.

  3. Near about 2000 calories can be burnt by walking while carrying clubs and 1300 calories can be burnt when riding in a cart, for an 18-hole round.

  4. Playing golf for a considerable amount of time improves your static and dynamic balance control and therefore your confidence.

    [caption id="attachment_124" align="aligncenter" width="700"]golf facts Photo Credit:[/caption]

  5. There are events held in order to help you improve your performance by providing free or low-cost instructions from professional PGA and LPGA.

  6. Michael Hoke Austin, an English-American pro golfer, has recorded for making the longest drive in the history of golf. Hoke drove the ball 15 yards to make this record, during the U.S. National Seniors Tournament 1974.

  7. The first 18-hole golf course in America was constructed on a sheep farm in 1892 by a businessman and golf lover Charles Blair McDonald and his colleagues.

  8. Long back in time when golf made its advent during the late 14th century, the golf balls were made entirely of wood. Wooden balls were used to play golf till the beginning of 17th century.

  9. Apart from Javelin, golf is the only sport that has been played on the moon. Alan Bart "AL" Shepard, Jr. is said to have performed a one-handed swing which sent the ball out of the moon's zero gravity atmosphere.

  10. Another interesting fact is that the government of China has banned the construction of any new golf course. However, the local communities have found out illegal ways to avoid the ban.

  11. Oakland University's Kassandra Komma has recently scored two ones in one round.

  12. Though Phil Mickelson is the renowned left-handed golfer of all times, he is right handed originally. Mirroring his father's swings allowed his ample success and therefore never needed to use right handed clubs.

  13. 'Condor' is an extremely unusual shot that has been verified as less as 4 times. A hole-in-one on a par three is a rare chance, whereas a condor requires making hole-in-one on a par-five.

  14. Great men like Dwight Eisenhowen, John F. Kennedy, and Barrack Obama have direct links with playing golf. Often overlooked Woodrow Wilson is also a dedicated golfer who has experience playing with black golf balls in the snow.

  15. To surprise you more, famous singer Celine Dion is an avid golfer and owns a course herself.

  16. Playing golf had been banned in Scotland, where it had originated in 1457 by the nation's parliament. The parliament believed playing golf interfered with the military training and had repeated the ban twice more after that.

  17. Even prior to the tees were introduced in the golf game, golfers used to hand-build sand piles which worked in place of the tees.

  18. Alice Miller completed 18 holes in 1 hour, 26 minutes and 44 seconds. She currently holds the LPGA tour’s 'fastest round' record.

  19. A nine hole golf tournament takes place in Toonik Ryme, North Canadian territory Nanavut's annual festival.

  20. The record for the longest record putt in a golf tournament is held by Bob Cook.

  21. A legendary figure of golf, Sam Snead, is popular for his 82PGA TOUR victories, seven major championships, and longevity.

  22. The record for playing most poles of golf in one year is held by Richard Lewis. He played 11,000 holes in one year.

  23. At the age of eight, Tiger Woods got his first hole-in-one.

  24. International Golf Club in Massachusetts holds the world's longest golf course (8325 yards).

  25. The dimples on a golf ball reduce turbulence and allow the balls to travel further.

  26. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Russian astronaut Mijain Tiurin was the first one to drive a golf ball in space.

  27. Bangalore in India built the first golf club outside Britain in 1820.

  28. History says that King James IV was the first monarch to have purchased a few golf clubs.

  29. A regulation golf ball consists of 336 dimples.

  30. Japan's Satsuki Golf Club has the longest golf hole in the world.

Our Say...

We are awaiting your comments, please share these facts if you find them interesting!

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