Which Is The Best Season To Play Golf?

Golf is a very interactive and easy going game. People from all the age groups can play this game and perform well. It doesn’t require a high physical movement or abilities. All it needs is a stroll down the garden and a swing of the arms with the club in the hand.

Golf is a club and ball game that was first played in the 15th century, in Scotland. This game doesn’t need a particular standard area or a court. It is played on a green course where either 9 or 18 holes are arranged in progression. There are different terrains such as hazards, rough and fairway in the course.

Each hole is played once, both in a 9-hole or an 18-hole game. The ball is brought into the play by striking it from a teeing ground. This first shot, called drive, is a long shot, intended to hit the ball for more than 200 meters. The distance from tee box to holes can be very long, and golf carts can be used for the same.

The player can take any number of strokes, in a stroke play, to hit the ball into the hole. The one who does that in the least strokes is the winner. The other for is the match play, judged by the lowest score by an individual in all the holes combined in around.

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Each sport requires different equipment to play with. So is the case with golf. The basic equipment player needs are:

Golf Clubs

These are the sticks that are used to hit the golf balls. A club has a long shaft, with a grip on the top and a club at the bottom. Different types of clubs are used to propel the ball to different distances. Long clubs with lower degree lofts are used to drive the ball a long distance. At the same time, a shorter club with a higher degree is used for shorter distances.

Golf Balls

It is a spherical, white colored ball, with numerous dimples covering it. It is made by keeping physics and aerodynamics in mind. This allows the ball to fly further when it is hit, and not deviate. A golf ball shouldn’t weigh more than 1.62 ounces and be 1.68 inches in diameter. It is usually white colored.


There is equipment that is used by golfers. There is a tee that is used in the first shot inside a tee box. The ball is kept on a small peg that elevates the ball a bit higher. Player may or may not use that. Golfers can have special shoes called golf shoes that have a plastic or metal spike on the base and give good grip.

A golf bag is used to keep and move the clubs and other personal stuff of a golfer on a golf course. They have a certain type of trolleys that can be pulled with. Also, the golf carts can be used to move the player and the belongings around the course easily.

When is Golf Season?

Golf and Fall

Fall is the season of relaxation. The air is crisp, and the colors come alive. It is the one preceding the winters, so it’s a good chance to get as much practice as possible, as there will be a break after this season. Thus, the golfer can make up for the upcoming break.

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Playing golf in fall is a very good experience. First of all, the weather is just amazing. There is a layer of gold all around. Also, it doesn’t cause fatigue and keeps one fresh. It is a great season for catching up with your old friends and having a great time.

You can also invite your work colleagues, or have some quality time with kids and grandkids. This is a season to play free golf and get some relaxation time without being tired a lot. A person should try to go golfing at least thrice a month in this season.

8 Best Golf Destinations and Seasons

There are various different golf holiday destinations in the country where you can go and spend some time golfing and enjoying. Some of the best ones are:

1. Bandon Dunes, OREGON:

Bandon has four big courses and a beautiful scene around. These courses cost you almost same to play. There are also certain offers to attract you. They provide a 50% discount on the second round, and a free round thereafter. The best season to be here is the summer as it enhances the beauty and is easy to be around

2. Reunion Resort, Kissimmee, FLORIDA:

This place can be called a family place. There is the Disney World for the family and the Annika’s Academy for the golfer. Reunion has three champion courses to practice on. The best time to play golf here is the winters. The weather is pleasant, and the breeze is cold. The golfer can play, practice and enjoy also in winters.

3. Phoenix, ARIZONA:

Phoenix is in the heart of a desert. It can be easily called desert golf. It has a course with a total of 27 holes. Along with golf, it also has a swimming pool and an art collection. With golf, a person can also experience wildlife by going both north and south of urban Phoenix. As it is a desert, winter is the best season to play golf as the climate cools down a bit.


The best time to golf in the scenic beauty of New England is the fall. The scenes during the fall are just beautiful and soothing. You drive the golf cart around on a bed of golden and red leaves. The best courses for golf are located at Stove, Sugar Leaf and Sunday River. These are mountain resorts, and thus with the onset of winter playing gets difficult.

5. Pinehurst, NORTH CAROLINA

It is basically sandy woodland, which has 9 golf courses in it. Some of these are pretty famous. The last year’s US Open was held at one of its courses. It is one of the holiest golf places in The USA. The best time to play here is either spring or fall.

[caption id="attachment_114" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Pinehurst Photo Credit: http://www.pga.com/play-golf-america/already-golf/best-time-play-golf[/caption]

6. Saddlebrook, FLORIDA:

There is a good cold weather during winters in Florida. These golf courses are very well kept and quite challenging. There are mainly two courses surrounded by greenery and worth playing at. One can go and relax at soft sand beaches also if he wants. Again, winters are the best season to enjoy golf here.


On Oahu Island’s north shore Turtle Bay is a peaceful and great resort. It has two good and underused golf courses. Along with golfing, one can take full pleasure of the mountains and the beaches. Going to the east shore, there is a good mountainside course. Due to high temperatures in summers, winters are the best choice for golfing here.

8. Pebble Beach, CALIFORNIA:

The Pebble beach may not be the world’s best golf courses, but the two courses have a beauty of their own. Various holes in the courses follow the scalloped rocky shore that is located between Monterey and Carmel’s golden beach. The best season to play would be fall. The mist and the golden surroundings make the experience surreal.


Golfing is a great game to let the burden go off and have a relaxation. It provides you with a mental peace by putting you inside a green environment. These were the best locations and their appropriate seasons available in the country. If you liked the suggestion, you would love to go and play there.

Do share this blog with your colleagues and friends to strike an appropriate time to take a golf vacation. If you have some more suggestions, please comment below in the comments section.

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10 Top Ranking Pro Golf Players (Women) In The World

Women started playing golf since the formation of Ladies Club in St. Andrews, Scotland when they weren’t allowed to enjoy the sport by men. And since then, women have never been more dominating in a sport and have gone head to head with men in the game.

There have been many great women golf players who have retained their top spot for over 100 weeks in a row. Here, we would be looking at the top ten names of women in golf who are currently active in tournaments. Rankings are calculated according to championship title wins and present performances.

Top 10 World Golf Ranking Women

The rankings, also known as the Rolex ranking because of sponsorship, were started in 2006 and are sanctioned by eight tours as well as organizations. Here’s is quick look at the top 10 women players in golf:

1. Lydia Ko

This 19-year-old Kiwi golfer is indeed the youngest player ever (including men category) to be ranked 1 in the world. Lydia has been impressive throughout and has maintained her title since October 2015. She has two major championships- Evian Championship and ANA Inspiration.

She has also been on Time’s most influential People’s list. Whether it was the amateur series or the professional, Lydia has always been on the top in her golfing journey. Because of her golfing achievements and influence on people, she has been named Young New Zealander of the year as well in 2016.

2. Inbee Park

Inbee Park is one of the most popular women golf players. This South Korean sensation plays for LPGA Tours in Japan and has over seven major championship wins to her career. Not only that, Inbee has been ranked as World Number one not once, but twice in her career where she maintained the spot for a few weeks.

Inbee Park is only the seventh player to have won four different titles and championships while securing a career grand slam. Currently, she is just a few points behind Lydia Ko.

3. Lexi Thompson

[caption id="attachment_103" align="aligncenter" width="600"]lexi thompson - World Golf Ranking Women Photo Credit: http://www.buffalobig.com/tag/lexi-thompson/[/caption]

What can be said about a woman who has been playing golf since childhood, securing top spots ever since she was 12? Lexi Thompson is the best US golfer in the world and also happens to be the youngest ever woman to have won LPGA title.

Before making the career jump from amateur to pro, Lexi also represented the USA in the Curtis Cup and performed remarkably, winning four out of the five matches and remained undefeated by drawing the fifth match.

4. Stacy Lewis

Winner of the Kraft Nabisco Championship and British Women’s open, Stacy Lewis hails from the United States of America and has been in the game for quite some time, unlike the new young champions. Stacy too has been ranked at the top of the charts twice in her career where she has maintained her spot for more than 20 weeks.

Stacy has an impeccable record which comprises of more than 11 professional tour wins and 2 major championships to her credit.

5. Kim-Sei young

Kim Sei Young is one of the youngest women top players and has been outperforming all the big names in the sport for quite some time. Kim hails from South Korea and is aged just 23. LPGA of Korea Tour and LPGA have been her major playing tours. She has won a record five times in the LPGA of Korea tour and two times on the LPGA tour.

She also has won the 2015 Lotte Championship and the 2015 Pure Silk Bahamas Championship.

6. Chun In Gee

Born in 1994, In Chun Gee is one of the top players in women golf and hails from the nation of South Korea which happens to be the home of two top 5 women golf sensations. Chun has won the 2015 Women’s open in the US and has been performing very well since the win.

She has won the LPGA tour of Japan twice but has not been able to outperform the consistent winners to secure a spot in the top 5 players in the world.

7. Brooke Henderson

After winning the Canadian Women’s Amateur in 2013, Brooke Henderson became the name every women golf enthusiast remembered. She turned professional in December 2014 but before that was the top-ranked women amateur player for a very long time.

She has won many events in the Canadian LPGA tours. She was also named as the Canadian Athlete of the year in 2015 for her significant achievements in Golf.

8. Jang Ha-na

Jang Ha-Na is one of the highest paid women golfers and has several title wins to her credit. Not only she is young, she is fierce in her game which has helped her win 8 times in the Korea tour and once on the LPGA tour where she started playing in 2015.

She is the ambassador of BC Hard, Kumho Tires, Honma Golf and much more. She was the first LPGA Golfer to hit a hole in one on a par-4, a feat that won her the championship a week later.

9. Amy Yang

[caption id="attachment_104" align="aligncenter" width="594"]amy yang Photo Credit: http://www.1steptobettergolf.com/golfers/y/Amy-Yang[/caption]

Amy yang is a Korean Golfer and is an active participant of the US-based LPGA tours. She was the youngest of the lot to win the Queensland Amateur Championship and to play in LET as well. She has won Hana-Bank LPGA championship and the LPGA Thailand Championship.

Currently 26, Amy is one of the top women golfers catching up in ranks to look out for.

10. Shanshan Feng

Shanshan Feng is the first ever Chinese women golfer to have featured in LPGA. Not only has she been the first ever player from her country, but she has also won four major titles including the 2012 LPGA Championship that shot her to fame. Currently 10th, Shanshan has held her career top spot of rank 5 for several weeks after her championship win.


So these were the current top women golf players of the world who have made their mark on the sport with their brilliant playing style.

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Unwritten, Yet Important Rules Of The Golf Game

Every sport in this world is comprised of with some set of rules and regulations. These set of rules and regulations are made to maintain the quality of the game and for a fair play of the teams. No sport is complete without rules and regulations. The rules and regulations also make the sport more enjoyable and convenient to play. The game of golf is very much entertaining if played by following the rules and regulations appropriately.

The Real Golf Game

[caption id="attachment_119" align="aligncenter" width="878"]real golf - Decisions on the Rules of Golf Photo Credit: http://www.golfpamarbella.com/rio-real-golf-and-hotel/[/caption]

Game of Golf had been played since hundreds of year but with the advancement of technology and aiming towards the improvement of the games, Rules has also evolved accordingly. Game of golf has a vast and complex set of rules that are governed to reduce the distrust among the players and the audience.

We have often seen in the tournaments that players are waiting for a game rule expert to review the shot taken. All this is because there are thousands of rules that are nearly impossible to keep in mind to play fairly.

Despite all these infringements, golfers; whether amateur or professional are still playing the game of golf by following the same set of rules. They hardly accompany any of the professional referees in order to play this beautiful game of golf. Due to such circumstances, disputes always arise at the time of a golf course. These disputes also arise because of misinterpretation of the players in order to succeed regardless of these set of rules.

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So, what is the solution?

The best solution that this dispute doesn’t arise is learning through the official channels and by carrying a rule book that is available for free online. Although a very few of the golfer accompanies themselves with these rule booklets while playing.

This matter of fact is not only for amateurs, but it can also be seen in the professional players of every level regardless of their years of expertise in the game. So it is suggested to carry a rule booklet for a fair and entertaining play.

Now let’s discuss some of the written as well as unwritten set of rules that you may not know being a golfer:

Rule 27-1 C:

[caption id="attachment_120" align="aligncenter" width="660"]5-minute golf rule Photo Credit: http://golf.clickon.co/featured/9-golf-rules-that-make-absolutely-no-sense/[/caption]

This rule has been revised and is one of the most important aspects of the game of golf. It defines that the player has 5 minutes to search for his lost ball. Formerly what happens is that the player was unable to notice the time of search for the lost ball. When so ever a ball is lost the player starts looking for it and sometimes other opponent players also starts looking after the ball. It consumes a huge sum of time and at last when the ball is found it was considered “In Play,” which is intern a question on the player that whether they have followed the rule or not.

This 5-minute rule was first introduced by the R&A in 1842, but it was dropped and then reintroduced in 1891. After that, it was followed by the golfers around the globe.

How can one estimate the time that is consumed on finding the lost ball?

The solution can be found in the market. With the modern technology, everything has been modernized and evolved to a whole new level. This device is specially designed to count down the 5 minutes. Every minute this device makes an audible tone along with lights to make the player aware of the minutes being consumed. This further allows the player to make a sensible judgement that whether he wants to play or he is out of the game.

Unwritten, yet important rules for the game of golf:

As we have discussed earlier that every sport has its set of rules but it is not necessary that every rule needs to write. There are many other unwritten sets of rules that pay respect to the golf course and show the etiquettes of the player towards the game. These set of rules are more in a kind of common sense which needs not to be written anywhere.

[caption id="attachment_121" align="aligncenter" width="600"]rules of golf Photo Credit: http://www.yourgolftravel.com/19th-hole/2014/01/24/silly-rules-of-golf/[/caption]

Let’s discuss these unwritten set of rules that needs to be followed by every golfer:

  • The players need to show the respect to the game and to the other players that are playing on the golf course.

  • You need not take a shot until the other group that is playing in front of you has gone to the secure area.

  • While taking a shot if you find that someone is standing in the way of your target then you can possibly warn them to go to a secure place and then should take a shot.

  • You should not stand close to someone that is going to take the shot. Always maintain a distance from them.

  • Always maintain the silence on the golf course while someone other is going for a swing as they might get disturbed by your voice.

  • You should never step on the putting line of the other players.

  • Never delay the game and always follow the group of players that are in front of you all the time.

  • Always invite the faster groups to play before you do.

  • Always fulfil the damages that you have caused to the greens while taking a shot or while doing something else. Most of the times we accidentally damage the greens so always repair the spots.

  • You always need to wipe the trails and marks that your ball has put on the greens.

  • Never throw your golf clubs in anger and always be patient while playing the game of golf.

  • Never park your cart amidst of other player ways.

  • Always put the flags at the right place.

  • Never walk in between the way of hole and ball.

  • Always put your bag at proper places.

  • Never throw garbage on the greens and maintain cleanliness on the golf course.

  • Always wear the proper dress for playing golf.

Now the question arises that whether all these rules are necessary to play the game of golf?

Yes, these rules are very much necessary to play the game as it provides respect for the game and keeps the disputes away from the game of golf. Disputes always have a negative impact on the game because one doesn’t want to spoil the continuity while playing.

Most of the time it happens that players get into disputes which further results into spoiling the mood of the game.  These set of rules and regulations has been designed and governed over the years that the tradition of this game should remain at its verge, and its legacy could be carried out for the future generation.


Although these days many of the golf clubs has their own set of rules that are also necessary to be known for playing at the golf course. You can find these set of rules and regulations at the golf club itself. We always suggest our fellow golfers always to ask for the booklet of the golf course and follow the rules governed by them so that you could play without any hindrance from their side.

If you want to know about some other rules that could help you out, then you can ask your question in our comment box.

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What You need to know about Golf and Equipment?

If you are fond of sports especially golf, then you must know few things about golf and its equipment.  If you want to win a game in golf then without complete knowledge you cannot do that. If you are keen to gain more and more knowledge about golf and equipment used while playing it then, you cannot afford to miss reading it.

What You need to know about Golf Equipment?

Golf Club the Foremost Part

The most important equipment while playing golf is the golf club.

  • The grip part is of utmost importance as a player needs to hold a golf club legitimately via its grip. When he holds it properly, then only he can employ it in a flawless way. It is a first step and a way to sure victory in a golf game.

  • The head is another important factor of the golf club which should be considered and checked properly before buying one. Proper head of a golf club will let you go for many perfect shots. There are few limitations according to rules and regulations of golf play, but club makers try to render best golf club tools for golf players.

  • The next important part of a golf club is the shaft. It plays an important role in making perfect shots for a player. It helps in making a shot at a distance. With care in these three important factors, you can select a flawless golf club to attain a win for sure.

The golf club is made of various materials. It may be made of iron, wood, hybrid category; putter or else with wedges and uses also varies with the type. Since a player is allowed to carry as much as fourteen golf clubs, then it is wise to include each type. If you are aware of ground in which you will play golf, then you can include a number of required golf club accordingly.

You are allowed to carry fourteen golf clubs when you enter to play a golf game, and if you choose golf club with care, then you can be successful in each and every game you play positively.

[caption id="attachment_73" align="aligncenter" width="800"]golf club Photo Credit: http://www.trumpnationallosangeles.com/Default.aspx?p=DynamicModule&pageid=288159&ssid=166811&vnf=1[/caption]

Golf Ball: Another Prime Part

Size range allowed in a golf game is at least 42.67mm in diameter and in weight it is 45.93g. It is available in various price ranges depends on the material from which it is constructed. The material can be a cause of price as well as various weight arrays.

  • A golf ball can be made of wood or else with synthetic material whatever is the stuff used you should select one which is most appropriate and according to your best shots you can play with. You should select a ball so that it is with less tow and more twirl to boost the ball to go up and let you go for grand shots.

  • Usually, four-piece golf balls are most exclusive and can facilitate in great shots as well. The golf ball is also available in two and three piece wraps as well and is less expensive comparatively. Great shots can be made using these balls also, and it depends totally on you and your practice time given for shots.

  • A golf ball with soft covers is able to make more twist and turns which will help you in making good shots. Indentation on a golf ball does matter a lot. The technique of construction makes you go for awesome shots so you should not take a ball selection frivolously.

Ball markers are also a must have tool for players to play properly. It is necessary to mark the various points of different shots played by you or else by your adversary. Marks can help to decide the winner if done with proper care. It can be tee holder, or divot tools depend on your convenience.

Golf Bags Must be Appropriate

[caption id="attachment_74" align="aligncenter" width="766"]golf bag Photo Credit: http://www.sunmountain.com/news/tag/best-golf-bags/[/caption]

A golf bag must be like that which can carry all the necessary equipment required for playing golf.  It should accommodate equipment in a way that you don’t need to search for them and waste your precious time. It should also keep all the tools safely as well.

Price can vary and according to that functions and utility also varies. A golf bag will be available with more facilities will cost more and a golf bag with fewer facilities will cost less comparatively. It is you who can decide on which one is the right golf bag which is affordable as well.

There are stand bags available for carrying golf equipment. These bags are available at an affordable price and with additional features to carry equipment with safety. Stiff inner support and fold-out legs, which construct the bag a support permitting it to be steadfastly placed on the lawn.

  • Sunday bags are named according to players get time to play golf usually on Sundays. They have very less load and supple structure allowing the bag to be turned round up or crinkle for storage without clubs and also have storage pouches for the prerequisites of play that is golf clubs, balls, ball markers, but over and over again be deficient in more superior features like separated golf club storage.

  • Travel bags are one of the appropriate selections if you need to travel to another far place to play golf. These are available with legitimate locks facility as while travelling your golf equipment should be safe. It is quite heavy in comparison to other golf bags but easy to stand as well.

  • Cart bags are also available which are ordinarily used as a golf bag when you want to play golf but don’t want to carry a golf bag. It is available with wheels in it via which it can be work as a cart and named according to that purpose only.

Bags with single side holder or else with the double holder to hold it on the backside with comfort are available to opt, and you can choose one according to your need. If you believe in comfort with easy carry bags, then you should choose one with double holder straps.

Tees Are Essential As Well

[caption id="attachment_75" align="aligncenter" width="800"]golf tees Photo Credit: http://gadgetbestbuy.com/?wpsc-product=plastic-golf-tees-2-34-70mm[/caption]

Tee is something which is used only for the first hit for every hole to make your ball stand on it before striking shot. Tees are usually made of wood or else of plastic. You always choose a date according to your golf club. There are rules applied on tees as well which restrict selection according to your need but still it can be used with convenience.

With more height tees you can use to play when you are using the golf club to lift ball appropriately. It becomes easy to strike a shot in a perfect manner with high tees when you need to send a ball into a hole with more distance, but it gets break easily, so you need to be careful while using it.

Shorter tees are long lasting and durable than longer tees. These are suitable to play with the iron golf club. Brush or step tee is also another option of tees used today. You can make a decision the best which one you will choose for lifting ball aptly.

Launch Monitor

Launch monitor will let you know about your skills and ways of playing you need to alter. Will tell you about your ball spin and about your distances you can cover as well as about lift you have made with your ball. Initially spending on launch monitor can let you save money expenditure on the golf club and other necessary golf accessories.

Golf Carts are Required to Roam Around

Golf push cart is a necessity for big golf lawns. It is near to impossible to roam around a huge golf lawn, and a golf cart makes your work or better to say play easier. If playing golf is your passion and you want to have ultimate pleasure while playing it then golf cart is an essential tool you must have while playing in big golf turf.

Towels Required for Cleaning Golf Clubs as well as Golf Balls

Your golf bag should lug small size or hand towel. It can be employ for various purpose one you can use it for wiping your hand, and another, and more important one is to clean your golf club faces as well as your golf ball.

Ball mark mend tools, club head, covers to ensure their safety, divot fixture to fix divot legitimately, range finders, ball retrievers, and clothing for you are few to mention and the list of requirement for professional players quite long.

For the novice player, essential golf tools are the only golf club and a ball with a tee is more than enough. Once you become a good player and quite confident with your golf, then you can go for other equipment which is necessary for flawless golf. If you opt for slow and steady learning, then you can become a wonderful golf player.


Please share your valuable thoughts with us!

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How To Improvise Your Golf Swing?

There is one undisputable truth in best professional and amateur golfers. It is that these golfers frequently fall victim in their pursuit of constant improvement and trying to make faultless the golf swing although the playing method is perfected. As a result, they mix their thought bug with golf swing which ultimately kills the originality of the way they swing and eternally changes their playing style.

Although it is not a happy situation but it is true that most leader golfers and instructors are doing harm than achieving any good, in improving the knowledge, by advancing it to the top performance level.

How to improve your golf swing

Original or Genuine Swing Style Dilution

For example, real styles of golf swing of Tiger Woods in now out of existence due to the diluted technique adopted by him in his pursuit to getting better. From this what can we learn? The answer is never doing what he tried to do.

[caption id="attachment_175" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]How to improve your golf swing Photo Credit: http://www.golfdigest.com/gallery/todd-anderson-fix-your-swing-fundamentals[/caption]

Let's begin with a significant question.

What precautions and method you will adopt to help you from now on to take right decisions to prevent you losing your original or genuine style of golf swing?
Looking at the golfers and golf history and those who played their best games, one thing is sure that they have adopted a style of the golf swing that nobody else had.

Depending on your exposure and the approach you adopted to learn the game and playing method, it shall reveal whether your golf swing is original or authentic style.

If It is Not Broken, It Needs Not be Fixed

  • A significant and rational approach to improving the golf swing does not necessarily mean that you become casual in your method of improving it. A significant difference to note is that golf swing can be changed but essentially can’t be improved.

  • Each triumphant female and the male golfer have believed actually in following constant This decision was never based on the cost of diluted skill to take part in the game.

  • This means they made excellent changes in golf swing by out of the box thinking and expert’s advice. They would consider whether to change their technique or not after understanding the end result fully.

  • Mostly they never adopted any change, which actually is the cleverest thing one can achieve.

  • When you become an experienced player and start playing really well, generally the changes you desire for your golf swing are not decided on the looks instead it’s based on standard technique and adjustments in the vital essentials that execute the golf swing.

Explained above are few basics that every time will show a high influence on the way golf is played by you, basics learnt by you and familiarized during the career, as the steady position of the club and your body  combined with an efficient schedule before taking a shot, and pace and timing of golf swing.

Flow, Feel, and Form; Three Stages to Change Golf Swing

[caption id="attachment_177" align="aligncenter" width="800"]How to get the perfect golf swing Photo Credit: http://ladiesgolfshoppe.com/basic-golf-swing-lessons[/caption]

The changes you make in the golf stroke must take you towards an identifiable feel different than the actual stroke. It has no sense to make your golf swing look flawless unless it demonstrate that and gives a feeling which  you carry till golf course and   with extreme confidence allow it  to flow.

  • The core of your genuine golf swing is the ‘Feel’. Your inherent familiarity and body alertness exerts pressure on the golf club and in turn club transmits back that pressure in the body that affects the way swing goes back and forth and the golf ball is hit.

  • The feel will have to be guarded at all cost as it is a unique thing like prints of your fingers.

  • Your golf swing alertness must be thought as feel, and the amount of change should be decided, and also how much that change will influence your skill and how to play at the level of competition.

  • Generally, golf swing variation is described by a three stage approach understanding the process of change of golf stroke. These are Flow, Feel, and Form.

Hence, on the basis of our three stages, the aim of change in the golf swing is for deriving flow from the feel and form from the feel. The best feel can only be developed on a robust mechanical base.

To Change Structure or Form of Golf Swing

The first stage is changing few components in your present structure of golf swing but remembers the difficulty of change procedure of the golf swing and how much change mechanism you will fit into your present golf swing design.

  • Change in the structure should be thought as the number of parts of the body that is required to be changed, trained and accustomed to making the golf swing work successfully.

  • If a number of parts is changed, the more difficult the structure becomes, and hence it is harder to replicate and time.

  • The putting is the easiest stroke to modify, and the very difficult is changing the full swing.

  • Get clarity on your vision about the goal you’re concentrating at, and dividing the change into small identifiable and convenient parts.

  • Each component of the stroke has to be fitted together like a riddle, and your repeated performance are the bond that cements it and transforms it to an identifiable feel that can be repeated.

  • Repeat the change you are introducing by looking the mirror and find out to realize the feel connected with moving back and forth the golf club by the method you are trying to. Repeat every day the golf waving motion several times every day, purposely, slowly and accurately.

  • It’s important to take the assistance of an experienced and capable golf teacher to direct you to this vital element of progress process.

The golf instructor’s key role is to train you to develop the stroke technicalities, and your job is to repeat it to extend it in a familiar feel, to finally in the flow condition.


Your views and comments are our priority and guide. Share it with our readers and us.

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  • How to get the perfect golf swing

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Equipment Needed To Play Golf

Golf is a game which a person can play to relax him and take a break from his daily routine. Unlike many other outdoor games, golf requires minimal physical exercise and gives the maximum time to spend in nature. It keeps you very fresh and isn’t tiresome. The only major physical movement related is walking and swing of the arm.

Golf is also a game with minimal equipment. As it is a very calm game and doesn’t need any major physical exercise, it also doesn’t pose and danger. Thus, any safety equipment is not necessary. The most important equipment is the club and ball. If a person has these, he can play golf. These are the very basic ones.

Equipment Needed To Play Golf

[caption id="attachment_168" align="aligncenter" width="720"]Equipment Needed To Play Golf Photo Credit: http://mfg.regionaldirectory.us/golf-equipment-and-supplies/[/caption]

Other than the golf ball and club, there are many other things that make up a complete golf equipment kit. Let us see all of them:

1. Golf Club

In a golf game, players can carry a maximum of 14 clubs with them. This is the limit for each player prescribed in the rules. There are many kinds of clubs. Woods clubs are the ones that are used to hit a long shot, maybe from the tee or rough. Iron clubs are used to play shorter shorts, mostly in towards the end. Putters are the clubs used in the green for putting the ball in the hole.

2. Golf Balls

The golf balls are small, white balls with circular dimples all around. The size variation is allowed from a minimum of 42.67 mm, and its weight shouldn’t be more than 45.93 grams. There are around 350 – 400 dimples all around the ball. These are scientifically designed to help and boost the fly speed and distance of the ball.

3. Golf Tee

It is a small spike that is pushed into the ground. The ball is kept on it so that it provides an easier shot. It can only be used once in every hole, that too in the very first shot. It is not necessary or compulsory to do so. It is totally based on the player’s need and is the decision of the same.

4. Golf Bags

It would be really difficult for a golfer to carry a maximum of 14 clubs around the golf course in his hands or carry them loosely. To manage this and a lot of other supplies and accessories, good golf bags are available. They have various pockets and are easy to carry around.

5. Golf Gloves

Gloves are the accessories that provide a good grip while holding the club and also ease the swing of the arm. They come in single, individual pieces, which are used on one hand only. This hand is the dominant one. It allows more power and more distance for the ball to travel.

6. Golf Shoes

It is necessary sometimes for the players to have a good grip on the ground. There are special golf shoes that have different spikes under them. These spikes give immense control to the player and give him good balance and grip. These are preferable during wet conditions to avoid getting slipped while taking a shot.

Maintaining Golf Equipment

[caption id="attachment_169" align="aligncenter" width="900"]maintain golf equipment Photo Credit: http://www.secondchance.co.uk/groove-caddy/[/caption]

All the golf equipment is very expensive and needs good care. If these are maintained properly, they can be very durable and can last for years and even decades. Thus, some steps that can be taken to maintain these golf equipment are:

Golf Clubs

Clubs are pretty expensive and may be seen as an investment. Even the normal one’s cost at least $ 1,000, and the price only increases. Taking care of the clubs in an adequate manner is vital, as they are not a recurring investment. First of all, they must be regularly cleaned. It keeps the dust off them. Keep checking and inspecting the club for any wear and tear.

  • Cleaning & Maintaining Club Head: It is the most basic part of maintenance. To clean it, soak it down in some lukewarm water for a few minutes. Scrub the head with a soft brush. Clean in the line of the grooves. These can be then dried, and after they dry, a steel polish should be applied to them. If it’s a wooden club head, it shouldn’t be soaked. It should just be washed and immediately dried.

  • Maintaining Shafts: There are two types of shafts namely, steel and wooden. Both these need different types of cleaning and maintenance. Steel shafts are the easiest to manage. Most of the time they need only a quick wipe with a wet towel to make them shine. If they have a little rust, they can be rubbed with steel wool. Wooden ones need a little bit more care. They should not be easily exposed to water. Even while playing in rain, player should carry a towel with him to clean and wipe the water off quickly. Water is not good for the wood. Thus, wooden shafts must be cared for properly.

Golf Gloves

Gloves are prone to wear and tear, and will be needed to be changed after multiple uses. Using a single glove, again and again, reduces its life. It is recommended to buy two or three at once and use them in a rotation. It enhances their life. Also, if the hands of a player tend to sweat a bit too much in warm weather, rain gloves should be preferred instead of leather ones.

Golf Bags

Golf bags are made of nylon, metal frame, and silicone. But, in the end, they are stitched, and all the stitched materials have a life. In the case of golf bags, they need some special care. They should not be overstuffed. They should be washed periodically, to avoid odors. The zips must be inspected, and if they have worn out, they must be changed.

Golf Shoes

Shoes require good cleaning by the golfer. A proper size shoe must be chosen at first. The wrong size makes the shoe wear out too quickly. Also, using two pairs of shoes and rotating them makes their life longer. They can be rotated in between the wounds. Also, avoid storing them in high heat. That weakens the material.


When starting to play golf, a person makes a handful investment in the equipment. It is thus necessary that he maintains them so that they can last longer. As seen, there are ways that a person can maintain all of the equipment. There may be some other remedies to enhance the life of the equipment. If you know some more of them, please leave a comment. Share it with your golf buddies.

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10 Top Ranking Pro Golf Players (Men) In The World

If you have any interest in golf, you may be aware that golf is club-n-ball sports. Players join golf clubs and exhibit their performance in hitting balls into a number of holes made in series, in a golf course, in the minimum possible strokes.

Basic Forms for Playing Golf

Golf does not need a standardized playing are. Either nine or eighteen holes are arranged in a progression of a course. There is a tee box at each hole for the starting of the game. It also has a putting green that contains the actual cup. Besides, other standard forms of terrain are rough, fairway and hazard. But each hole has a unique layout and arrangement.


Stroke play is the most commonly played format at all levels. The player of this format plays the lowest number of strokes. Alternatively, an individual or a team, known as match play has to make the lowest score on the maximum holes in a complete round.

Top 10 Men World Golf Ranking

The ranking is made on the basis of the endorsement by 4 major championships and 6 leading tours that lead to the International Federation of PGA tours. The six tours include PGA tour, PGA tour of Australia, Asian tour, Sunshine tour and japans Golf tour.

In addition to the above leading professional tours, tours to Canada, Asia, Latin America, Korea, European Challenge are taken into account in awarding the Ranking Points. These rankings are based on the finishing positions of players and are associated with the strength of the field.

The ranking points of individual players are accumulated over a rolling period of two years. Thereafter, the points awarded for an individual event that is maintained for a period of 13 weeks are placed in order to give extra emphasis on the recent performances. The official ranking is announced every Monday that follows the completion of tournaments of the previous week, played around the world.

Based on the ranking announced on 20th of March 2016, the following are the top 10 professional men’s players:

1. Jordan Spieth

[caption id="attachment_165" align="aligncenter" width="770"]Men World Golf Ranking - Jordan Spieth Photo Credit: http://vennli.com/getting-a-grip-on-growth/[/caption]

He was born to an American athletic family, in 1993. His father Shawn and mother Chris and younger brother were basketball players. Initially, Spieth was a left-handed pitcher in baseball and left it at the age of 12 to concentrate on golf.  He won the Valspar Championship in March 2015 and broke records at the masters Tournament of 2015. He holds the record for the lowest 36 holes and 56 holes. He was declared the 2015 Player of the year.

2. Jason Day

Born in Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia on 12th November 1987 was named amongst the top 10 in June 2011. He won his first WGC title; WGC- Accenture Match Play Championship, in 2016.Thereafter, he was taken into the elite company of Tiger Woods and Geog Ogilvy. In the 2015 PGA Championship, he scored a record of 20 strokes under par.

3. Rory McLLroy

Born on 4th may 1989, in North Ireland, he is a member of the European and PGA Tours. In the official world ranking, he ranked the top for 95 weeks. He won the 2011 US Open with the record score under par (-16). In the 2012 PGA Championship, he made the record of eight strokes margin of victory.

4. Gerry Lester, Bubba Waston Jr

Born on 5th November 1978 in America, he is one of the few left-handed golfers who play on PGA tours. Considered as multiple major champions, he won the masters Tournament in 2012 and 2014. He received a 2nd world ranking in February 2015. He has an average drive of 288.2 meters and can hit a ball to over 320 meters.

5. Rick Yutaka Fowler

He is an American golfer, born on 13th December 1988 at Anaheim, Calif. He was ranked the number one amateur golfer in 2007, and 2008, for 37 weeks. In the official ranking of January 24, 2016, he was ranked the 4th, after his victory in the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship.

6. Adam Scot

[caption id="attachment_166" align="aligncenter" width="900"]adam scott Photo Credit: http://www.forbes.com/forbes/welcome/[/caption]

He was born in Adelaide, Australia in 1980 to a golfer father Phil and started playing golf at an age of four. Joining the European team in 2001, he won his first European title at the Alfred Dunhill Championship played in South Africa. In 2006, he was ranked the number 3. He won the Byron Nelson Championship in 2008.

7. Par Henrik Stenson

He was born on 5th April 1976 and is a Swedish golfer. He plays both on PGA and European tours. He ranked in the top 10 for 100 weeks. He finished as runner-up at the 2013 Open Championship and ranked 3rd in the World Rankings. He won FedEx Cup of the US PGA tours and European Tour’s Race to Dubai.

8. Justin Race

He is an English golfer and was born on 30th July 1980. He plays mostly on the PGA tours. Playing at the 2013 US Open at Merion Golf Club, he won his first major championship. Between November 2007 and July 2008, he ranked in the top ten for 34 weeks. He won his first World Golf Championship in March 2012.

9. Dustin Hunter Johnson

An American golfer, he was born on 22nd June 1984. Considered as the longest driver and was named among the top five, consecutively for three years during 2009 to 2011. He was ranked 3rd in 2015. In the 2011 Open Championship and the 2015 US Open, he was adjudged second best, in a tie.

10. Patrick Nathaniel Reed

He is an American golfer and was born on 5th August 1990. He plays on the PGA Tour and European Tour. He became notable for his victory at the WGC-Cadillac Championship of 2014. He earned $1.53 million for his one shot win over Bubba Watson. He finished second at the Valspar Championship and was considered third at the hero World Challenge.

The above is the list of top 10 professional golfers, according to the ranking of 20th March 2016. Subsequently, there might have been changes in their world rankings. Nevertheless, they are considered among the top 10.

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Rules And Strategies - How To Approach A Golf Match?

Match play is tally record in golf when a player alone or as a team scores a point out of every hole in which they have excelled their competitor. This is unlike stroke play where collective strokes are enumerated by playing single or more rounds in 18 holes. Talking of professional golf, a small segment of well-known tournaments make use of match play record tally system.

Some of the professional tournaments based on match play include:

  • Biennial Ryder Cup played between the USA and Europe

  • Biennial Presidents Cup is held between the USA and non-European team

  • Volvo World Match Play Championship through invitation a segment of a European tour. It was earlier called PGA Championship

Classification of the Game

[caption id="attachment_158" align="aligncenter" width="707"]know the rules Photo Credit: http://www.golfnext.in/rules-regulation/[/caption]

The two bifurcation of the basic golf game is match play and stroke play. The other types of plays which are official category are Stableford whereas the team play is called Foursome as well as Four-Ball games. Stroke Play is the ultimate accepted standard rivalry game of golf at tournaments. The players or team contends for 18 holes; the overall strokes are tallied. The team with the lowest worth score is declared the winner. The players play as threes and rarely as twos.

Match Play

Match Play is played between two players or two teams. Each hole is played as an independent competition. The team with the lesser tally wins the hole. The number of shots is not taken into consideration. If the game is a draw if both teams have identical scoring. The competition is about winning the hole. Most clubs organize this time of the game.


Foursome game as cited in Rule 29 of the Rules of Golf is carried on among two players as an association; they hit the one ball alternately. Odd numbered holes are tees for one player while the other player plays the even holes. It is not into consideration as to who played the conclusive putt towards the first hole.

The game is played till the hole is concluded. Penalty shots do not modify the sequence of play. This game rule of either match play or stroke play is followed.


All players are aware that they are not permitted to take or give advice during the play. However, many are not clear as to what is considered advice. Advice is any suggestion which affects the consequence of the game. It can affect:

Golfer Suggestion

[caption id="attachment_159" align="aligncenter" width="870"]golfer suggestions Photo Credit: http://www.golflink.com/facts_27743_golf-tournament-rules-regulations.html[/caption]

However, rules related at the time of the game are not advice.

On January 2008, the word distance was clarified and was not taken as advice during the game. Rule 8-1 elaborates on player behavior:

  1. A player shall not offer advice during the rivalry game to anyone except his partner.

  2. A player will not consult anyone except his partner or caddies

Questions like cited below cause a retribution of twin stroke if the game is of strokes or forfeiting a hole in match play for asking or giving counsel.

  • Do you consider that 8-iron will help me gain green?

  • Is my swing rapid?

  • I estimate the putt as straight what is your opinion?

  • What should do with this ball? Shall I take a penalty drop?


The opponent can cancel the shot you play in many scenarios, and you are made to replay in match play.

In stroke play, the same wrongdoing brings an outcome of 2-stroke penalty or else non-penalty at all.  Playing out of turn while in a game of stroke play the etiquette is overlooked; however there is no penalty. If you are in a match play, you will be made to replay the ball to keep up the sequence.


Whacking the opponent or his equipment accidently or on purpose is rule breaking. It is called rub of the green. If the game is of the match, play you get a replay. If the ball is whipped towards the remaining green and the putt hits another ball laid on the green in stroke play you get a chance for a 2-stroke penalty. No penalty in match play.

Relinquished Putts

In a non-competitive game, players take and give gimmies.  These are puny putts which are picked and not hit. It is illegal according to rule book but happens in the recreational game. However in match play, it is legal. It does not matter it is 6 inches or 60 feet. Conceded putts are given but are not requested.

Method of Playing

In stroke play the player collects strokes in an 18-hole game. The lowest stroke player is the winner. In match play, every hole is a game in itself. The golfer with the lowest stroke on an individual hole is declared the winner. The stroke is actually a relationship between the player and the course. In match player, it is one player against the other.


If it is a stroke play and you skip tee time you are disqualified. But in match play even if you are delayed you can join the game.  You can join the game by the second tee. The first hole has been forfeited, but you can play the game on no. 2. If you do not appear by No. 2 time you stand disqualified.

Rightist Game

The goal of Match Play is to gain individual holes. Suppose the competitor plays a good shot, and it motivates you to do the same; but if your competitor’s shot lands in a pond that alerts you to avoid that mistake. It is a game reaction. Your outcomes on the variety of shots you play are connected to your game standing, whether you are progressing or lagging behind. The second factor is the hole-status.

Teeing Ground

The ball is shot from the exterior of the teeing ground. If it is a game of stroke, it calls for 2-stroke punishment. However in match play, there is no such term that means stroke punishment, but your competitor has the power to cancel the shot you played. A replay is needed.

Green Strategy

The strategy in match play is seen on the green. Suppose you have a precarious downhill putt. If the game is of stroke play, you will take precaution not to play the putt beyond the hole. In stroke game, a bigger tally on the individual hole can spoil the round of the game.

Double Breech of Rule

In the golf rule book, the conclusion highlights the penalty option. The player breaks the laid down procedures he has to face a penalty. In stroke play, it is twin strokes and in match play, it is forfeiting of the hole. For instance, the golfer breaks Rule 19 and faces the specific penalty of a law book. The mistake is compounded by an error in the method of continuing the game. It is thus the double penalty.


Match play computes nerves and sportsmanship in the game and the player. Both enhance the ability and the game. You feel competition in your nerves. The presence of the competitor close to you makes you strong to carry the game forward with rules and planning. To beat the heat you play cautiously and if winning the game, you become relaxed. The game is based on good sportsmanship.


We welcome our readers to communicate with us regarding the game and its rules. We will support all your queries in a very systematic way. We are interactive and prompt in talking with you. Give us your feedback.

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Most Expensive Golf Sport In The World

A game of golf can be as costly as you compose it. If you don’t possess $200 for a game, do not be disheartened because local golf avenue may suit your pocket. Green charges differ based on the variety of facility and the location of the avenue. The golf course dearness is also based on demand and supply.

Most Expensive Golf Sport In The World

If you don’t possess $200 for a game, do not be disheartened because local golf avenue may suit your pocket. Green charges differ based on the variety of facility and the location of the avenue. The golf course dearness is also based on demand and supply.

Places in town and cities with numerous golf courses of all creeds bring down the charges. Municipal golf avenues charge less. Resort golf course is expensive and exclusive. Daily public golf courses are privately owned and have variations based on:

[caption id="attachment_98" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Most Expensive Golf Photo Credit: http://mcmahongroup.blogspot.in/2013/01/a-quick-primer-on-golf-course.html[/caption]

  • Maintenance expense

  • Location

  • Construction etc

However, the fee charged for daily playing can be as inexpensive as much as $25 every round of 18 holes.

Municipal Golf Avenue is low cost amounting to $15 for a walk. The most economical are the small town course with 9 holes. The player will end up paying below $10 without the cart for the entire day. Hiring a cart is an additional expense. In some courses, the cart charges are added to the greens fees. The golfer has the choice of accepting or leaving the cart. Inquire if cart absence brings the expensive down. The discount is not always applicable.

Click read more: Best golf clubs for seniors

Golf Courses Division Factors

Golf courses are classified as follows:

  • Through access-decides who all can play

  • Through size-variety in holes

  • Through setting and design

Private clubs keep within limits the entry of players. These clubs are comparatively more expensive.  Thus, it has preferential rules for players.  Public courses allow the general public to use the avenue. Included in this category are cities and counties municipal course and those coming with a daily fee on the course! The facility is for every player.

Resort courses are private property; on the campus is a luxurious hotel with spa and restaurants. The guests receive preferred tee times and rebate on green fees which daily fee users are denied. On books, the course is for public, but guests of the hotel are offered the facility to their advantage.

Semi-private courses trade membership and permit non-members for play. Those players who buy membership get preferred tee periods and cheaper green fees. They through membership access other club facilities and perks. Private courses permit only paid members on their premises. The membership fees at times are exorbitant. The non-member can venture here as the guest of the member.

Golf Course through Size

The classification of the course is done through:

[caption id="attachment_99" align="aligncenter" width="940"]golf course Photo Credit: http://www.ormeaugolfclub.co.uk/[/caption]

  1. Number of holes 18 number typically 18

  2. Types of holes are labeled as par-3, par-4 or par-5

18 hole avenue has no special name except golf course; it has par-4 holes and with a blend of par-3 as well as par-5 as the standard. A 9-hole course has par-4 and lesser number of par-5 holes.

The executive course can be either 18 holes or 9 holes but is shorter in dimension; mostly it is par-3 and lesser par-4 as well as par-5 holes. The aim is to conclude rounds is a shorter time. Par-3 course dimensions are small compared to Executive Avenue and quicker to conclude the game.

Approach course is smaller than par 3 course. It is meant for:

  • Professional golfers to pitch and chip

  • Use by starters

In this course, selective holes can be of 100yards in length, but a greater number of holes is shorter few only 30 and 40 yards. It is, for this reason, the course is also labeled as pitch and putt course.

Courses by Types and Designs

The classification is based on:

[caption id="attachment_100" align="aligncenter" width="723"]design of golf Photo Credit: http://www.fargogolf.net/edgewood-golf-course.html[/caption]

  1. Geographical location

  2. Architectural principles

Link courses are positioned on sandy shores endowed with natural wind limited trees and a lot of high coastal grasses. The greens are slow but large and stable quick fairways. The rough and surfaced fairways are watered by nature. The player has the choice to run the ball forwards on the ground towards the green. Spacious and deep bunkers are present. One such example, of course, is Scotland.

Parkland course is lavishly shaped with grassy fairways, and quick greens have a lot of trees and are situated inland. It is park look alike. Many PGA tour avenues are its example. Desert course as the name suggests is in the desert. The only grass visible is on the tee- ground, fairways and on putting. An aerial view shows it as lack of green through the sand rocks and scattered cactus; Southwest USA has such course.


Golf is by large a secure game so long it is played with common sense keeping in mind the safety rules otherwise injuries happen. The game we all know is played by swinging the metal clubs that pushes the ball with terrific speed. If a person happens to be in the way of the club or the ball it can be fatal. If you do not protect yourself from the sun or the thunder lightening or fluid intake on a hot day you are inviting problem requiring medical assistance.

As you get ready to keep an eye on those around you are at a safe distance. It is the responsibility of the player. Swing the ball with care and alertness. More alertness is required when younger players are part of the team. See forwards towards the right and the left and the region you are zeroing on. Once you are satisfied that no person is on your horizon, hit the ball.

In case, your ball lands in the close by fairway or you think the fairway is vacant which not the case as the view is blocked by trees or hillock. Yell Fore in a loud voice. This is the international code for foretelling danger to other players. It signifies take cover.

 If you hear those sounds do not stand and survey the land or stretch your neck to see. In this, you can be the target. Reach for cover as fast as you can. Safeguard your head first. If you are angry, then control your anger through breathing exercise. Remember to treat the other players as camaraderie and friends. If you happen to come across course marshal; stop him by requesting him to assist in speeding up the game.

Almost all golf carts have a safety label on them. Take time to go through them and follow instructions. You can take the cart on the pathways. Follow all safety rules.  Do not swing your feet out of the cart once it is in motion. Prevent the cart from traveling off the pathway onto the uneven terrain. Suspend speed on curves or on descending a hillock. Do not drink and drive the cart. At every crossing be vigilant.


Golf is a very sophisticated game with etiquette. However, it is not simply manners. The etiquette is inclusive of:

[caption id="attachment_101" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]golf etiqutes Photo Credit: http://www.santabanta.com/wallpapers/golf-course/[/caption]

  • Safety of the player

  • Pace of play for all to enjoy the game

  • Maintaining the avenue of the game

Thus, etiquette is the important essence of the game. The new entrants slowly learn the rules of the game as they play and interact with experienced players.


We welcome comments from our players experienced and fresher. No query is silly for us. We extend all information related to the game and are interactive.  Contact us with your queries and make the game for safe and qualified.

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How To Play Golf For Beginners

Golf is one of the most popular yet the most extravagant and royal sport that is played by the elites. However, it is not limited to the elites as everyone can enjoy a game or two if they are familiar with the techniques involved. Here, I’ll be talking about how you should begin learning Golf and which aspects or details do you need to consider to become a good golfer.

How To Play Golf For Beginners

Golf is all about rules, techniques, and the right timing. The perfect swing and hit will get you the advantage and to master it all, you need to get training from a certified golf tutor (WGTF or PGA). For easy and quick learning, I would recommend that you find a golf academy or a player/professional living nearby who is willing to take up students.

Try to get enrolled in individual training where the tutor can easily teach you about the stance, grip, posture as well as the mechanics of the swing. It is going to be expensive, but worth every penny spent as you get the opportunity to learn from a professional.

Apart from the training, here are some very important things that you need to do before you head out to play:

1. Get a Set of Golf Clubs

[caption id="attachment_77" align="aligncenter" width="863"]club sets Photo Credit: http://www.allkidsgolfclubs.com/tartan-precise-xr9-youth-golf-clubs.html[/caption]

Getting a set of clubs is the first step of learning to play golf. After all, you wouldn’t want to borrow the set every time you need to practice the stance, grip or the shot itself. Getting a new set of golf clubs would cost you somewhere in tens of thousands of dollars.

Depending on the size of the club set that you are buying, the price may vary. You can decide the size of the golf clubs that you are buying by testing out which one is more comfortable. I would recommend buying it with a professional trainer.

Buying golf clubs is expensive, like magnanimously expensive. Thus, I would recommend, and I prefer to start my learning journey in golf with a used set of golf clubs. Now you may not get a golf choice of size in the used clubs, but you will certainly save a couple of grand there which can be used in your golf training.

2. Learn the Rules

To play like a pro in a few months or at least be versed with the terminologies used in the sport, I would recommend you learn the theoretical aspect of golf as well. This would mean perusing through the long list of rules and regulations of this esteemed sport. You can easily get access to the set of rules of Golf from the official USGA website.

For learning the rules and the terminologies, I would recommend that:

  • You keep a hard copy of these rules from the USGA website with you at all times, especially when practicing golf.

  • Try to read them and get well versed with the basic rules.

  • Not just the rules, golf etiquette to carries a lot of importance.

  • Golf etiquette is one of the reasons why the sport is highly respected and regarded as one of the toughest sports that have been made for the elites.

  • Always follow the rules associated with the golf game. Dress according to the game; don’t interfere or walk on other players’ line.

With an understanding of the rules and the gold etiquette, you have already learned half the sport.

3. Take Your Time with the Basics

If you have to know it all, you just can’t miss the basics. Golf is totally based on learning and using the basics well. Imagine playing a swing shot that goes horribly wrong just because you didn’t grip the club well enough and your stance was totally wrong with the incorrect angle between your feet. That is what lack of basics does to your game.

In basics, you should focus learning on:

  • How to stand?

  • How and how much to bend?

  • How to grip the club?

  • How to select the club?

  • Which shot to take?

  • How to take the perfect swing?

  • How to putt?

Remember, basics are always going to help you out irrespective of the level you play at.

The best way to go through the basics is to get individual personal training from an accomplished trainer or golfer. Only the individuals with prior professional playing experience can teach you how to use the basics well. However, it doesn’t end here. Make sure you practice the learned move or stance and shot whenever you get a chance.

4. Practice Before You Go Like a Pro

Practice does make a man perfect, and when it comes to golf, it is all about honesty, judgment and practice combined with the knowledge of the sport. So before you are going out to play in the full course with your friends or colleagues, make sure that you have had the playing experience from a 9-hole golf field.

Practice definitely helps a lot. You might not be able to win with a few days’ practice, but you can certainly finish the game at a decent position.

5. Driving Range Practice to Learn Better

It is said that the best learning is done by oneself. In the case of Golf, it is absolutely true. Only you will be responsible for the selection of the club or the shot. Therefore, you need to be confident and sure of what you are doing. This comes from practice, but not the regular practicing in the course.

For the best learning through practice, it would be better if you go to a driving range. There, you can easily observe the trajectory of the ball after shot and witness how different power affects the trajectory. Also, you will get a better idea as to how factors like wind and humidity affect your game or shots.

6. Working on the Short Range

It is great to take a 200 or 300-yard shot. If you are taking the perfect swing and have finally brought the ball to the greens, you have more than 80% of the work done. But what about putting the ball? Yes, that requires efforts and practice as well.

As any beginner proceeds, they only try and focus on taking the long range shots. With practice and time, they do get around the swing shots that land perfectly but they are unable to use the putter finally to end the game. So you need to make sure that you do not make the same mistake.

7. Stay Motivated

Tiger Woods didn’t get it right the first time, nor did Gary Player. Do you know what made these golf beginners into golf legends? Motivation, the right frame of mind and of course, a lot of practice.

All I am trying to say is that you will make mistakes, some of them very terrible indeed. But you do not need to lose hope at all. Stay motivated and always be inspired by the greats like:

  • Woods

  • Gary Player

  • Tom Watson

  • Arnold Palmer

  • And, much more

The best way to remain inspired and motivated is to see how these legends did it and how they took their shots. Seeing and learning is the best way to perfect your game over the time.

So now that you know the Secret Seven tips for the beginners to learn golf, you should also know what you should avoid doing so that you can learn at a better place and play the game with the best spirit.

8. What Should You Avoid?

[caption id="attachment_78" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]How To Play Golf For Beginners Photo Credit: https://www.golftec.com/blog/2014/09/10-golf-etiquette-dos-donts/[/caption]

What really makes the beginners learn fast is their curiosity, and when you have interest, curiosity paves the way for passion for learning. However, too much of excitement can lead to some very common mistakes that undermine your learning journey. Some of these mistakes that you should really avoid are as follows:

  • Don’t get distracted: One of the major reasons why people do not learn in the stipulated time is that they get distracted by others playing the shots. Losing focus is not what you need: not at all in the beginning stages.

  • Always say or yell FORE: Surprised? That’s what you say when your shot is about to approach a group of people playing at a distance away from you. It is better to warn them than actually to hit them with the ball.

  • Don’t go for a new set of clubs: If you are a beginner, there is no point in getting a new set of clubs since you would not really be able to use them in the best possible way and might end up destroying them to some extent. Get a used set and practice well.

  • Mind the weather: Always mind the weather and take appropriate protection against sun or lightning. If the weather calls for it, call of your game for a while and take a break. Better be safe and play later!


So that pretty much sums up how you should begin your learning curve in the sport of Golf. Try to follow these tips and suggestions as well as the ones given by your trainer and you will find yourself improving at an unprecedented rate. Last but not the least, welcome to the golf playing club!

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