Top 50 Golf Courses in USA 2016

The US is the fourth largest country in the world in terms of area and is the third most populous country. It has 48 states in between Canada and Mexico. There are many states in the US where golf is being played, and there are several beautiful golf courses in different states of US.

The game of golf has gained its popularity throughout the world decades ago, and the US can’t stay untouched of this.  Golf in America was introduced in 1888 by Scotsman John Reid. If we talk about this very much time, then there are now 15,372 golf courses in the US, that is, approximately 45% of the total golf courses in the world according to R&A report. By this number, we can get to know about the popularity of this sport throughout the country. Now let’s have a look at the most popular Golf Clubs in the United States.

Top 50 Golf Courses in USA

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  1. Cypress Point Golf Course: This is the number one golf course not only in the US but also in the world. Playing on this golf course is a dream of every true golfer. Only luckiest of the lucky ones has the chance to play on this golf course. It is said that once J.F Kennedy was refused entry to its restaurant. It has mere 250 members that could use the golf course. Cypress point golf course is located in the foothills of Saint Lucia Mountains. Its cliff-top terrain is very much thrilling for the visitors. Cypress point golf course is renowned for its beautiful scenic views and natural flora and fauna. It has the best “17 hole” course in the world.

  2. Pine Valley Golf Club: This club was the dream of the Philadelphian hotelier, George Crump, who died before the completion of this golf beautiful This Pine Valley Golf Course is renowned for its Penal Golf course architecture. This course is located on the New Jersey side of Philadelphia, and many of the golfers consider as Monster of the Golf Courses.

  3. Shinnecock Hills Golf Course: This is one of the old clubs in the US and is one of the founding members of the USGA. This is where one of the first designed clubhouses was built, and it never changed ever since. It is located in the Southampton and one of the most beautiful golf courses ever designed.

  4. Augusta National Golf Course: Augusta National golf club is home for the masters. It is one of the most exclusive clubs in the world and is designed by the world greatest golfer “Bobby Jones” and world greatest architecture “Alister Mackenzie”.

  5. Oakmont Golf Course: This is considered to be the one of the toughest golf clubs and has hosted many major championships than any other golf club. It is located at Oakmont, Pennsylvania.

  6. National Golf Links of America: This Golf course is renowned for its Monumental History. It is known as “Bear’s Best” of the early 20th century. It is located at 2 Miles North of Southampton, Long Island, New York.

  7. Sand Hills Golf Course: Sandhills golf club is the club to respect. As the name suggests, it is made of the magnificent sandy tract. This is located at Mullen, Nebraska.

  8. Merion (East) Golf course: This is also one of the top courses in the US. One can play on this golf course when you know a member of the club. It was founded at the time when Philadelphians love to play cricket than golf. It is located in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

  9. Pebble Beach Golf Course: If you can’t play the cypress point golf course then you can play at Pebble beach only if you could afford it. It is located at pebble beach, California and considered to be a heaven for golfers.

  10. Bandon Dunes or Pacific Dunes Golf Course: This course is considered to be the best course on Pacific Duns golf Resort. It is located at the Bandon, Oregon.

  11. Crystal Downs Golf Course: This Beautiful Golf club is set in between Lake Michigan and Crystal Lake in America’s Midwest.

  12. Fishers Island Golf Course: This is one of the most romantic locations in America, and this golf club is just made on two miles wide and eight Miles long island.

  13. Chicago Golf Club: This is a very exclusive golf club of America, and this golf club is only for the VIP’s visiting Chicago city.

  14. Pinehurst (No.2) Golf club: This is a beautiful green golf course that is renowned for its ultimate tests and this club is legendary and quite unique.

  15. Winged Foot Golf Club: This is one of the finest creations of the world renowned golf course designer A.W. Tillinghast.

  16. Seminole Golf Club: As the critics said: “this golf course is one of the finest examples of golf course routing.” It is located on the Atlantic side of Florida coastline.

  17. Praire Dunes Golf Club: This golf Course consists of many inland links and it is present in the heart of the US.

  18. For Head Golf Course: This golf course is all about options and creativity of the golfers. It has an area of 350 acres.

  19. San Francisco Golf Course: This golf course is also designed by A.W. Tillinghast and is renowned for its design and golf routing.

  20. Riviera Golf Course: This golf course is a masterpiece in architecture design and has many famous members that include Glen Campbell, Dean Martin, Gregory Peck and many others.

  21. Los Angeles (North) Golf Club: This is one of the most important pieces of real estate in the whole world and is located at Wilshire.

  22. The Country Club, Brookline (Clyde & Squirred) Golf Course: this is first of its type in the US and is famous among the golfers.

  23. Oakland Hills (South) Golf Course: This golf course has most of the holes lined by the trees and should be treated with respect.

  24. Muirfield Village Golf Course: The Architect of Muirfield Village golf course requires pinpoint tee shots in order to complete the game.

  25. Whistling Straits Golf Course: This Golf course is handcrafted by nature and time.

  26. Kiawah Island Resort (Ocean): Golf Course: This course has most of the seaside holes in the northern hemisphere.

  27. Bethpage (Black Golf Course): This golf course is only for the daring golfers because of its high slope ratings.

  28. Ballyneal Golf Course: The name of this course seems like a British Open Championship Venue and is magnificently crafted.

  29. Camargo Golf Course: This is located at the edge of Cincinnati in the state of Ohio and is renowned for its beautiful greens.

  30. Garden City Golf course: This Garden city golf course is only of Men.

Other Renowned Golf Clubs in the United States

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  1. TPC at Sawgrass (Stadium) Golf Course

  2. Olympic Club (lake) Golf Course

  3. The Golf Club of New Albany In Ohio

  4. Bandon Dunes (Old Macdonald) Golf Club

  5. Bandon Dunes (Bandon Dunes) Golf Club

  6. Oak Hill ( East) Golf Club

  7. Somerset Hills Golf Club

  8. Shoreacres Golf Club

  9. Quaker Ridge Golf Club

  10. Old Sandwich Golf Club

  11. Wade Hampton Golf Club

  12. Southern Hills Country Club

  13. Maidstone Golf Club

  14. Baltusrol (Lower) Golf Club

  15. Pasatiempo Golf Club

  16. Sebonack Golf Club

  17. California Golf Club

  18. Peach Tree golf club

  19. Old Town golf Club

  20. Gozzer Ranch Golf Club


These are the top 50 Golf clubs in the US, and if you want to know more about the golf clubs, then you are welcome to revert back in the comment box.

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List Of Professional Golf Tours In The United States

Golf tourism is the term used to portray trips embraced by persons for which the principle reason for existing is to play golf. Golf may likewise be sought after as an auxiliary movement (for instance, somebody on a shoreline occasion playing around amid their get-away).

This kind of movement is more hard to measure, and whilst it can be vital for the greens themselves it has little essentialness for visit administrators.

Potential for Growth

The developed playing golf markets of North America, UK, Japan and Australia have seen stagnation in the quantity of devoted golfers as of late. It gives the idea that enrollment has achieved immersion level; a noteworthy benefactor to this is by all accounts the measure of time the game expands (normal round of golf is around 4 hours).

[caption id="attachment_110" align="aligncenter" width="1417"]golf tours Photo Credit:,-Ireland/2292/Dublin_City_Guide_and_Tours_/[/caption]

There is a developing pattern whereby individuals would rather take part in exercises that take a shorter measure of time. In these business sectors, the fundamental potential for development lies with the maturing populace, which is developing in size in most created nations.

These customers are turning out to be progressively dynamic, and as they are liable to be either "exhaust nesters" (the folks whose kids have left home) or resigned, they have a tendency to have additional time than their more youthful partners.

  • The quickly developing golf markets in Asia, the Middle East and Mexico will add to the development of the golf division around the world.

  • It is not expected that these nations/areas will add to the development of golf tourism in the short term, as there will be a postponement between effectively taking the game up and flying out to take part in the playing of it.

Proficient golf visits are the methods by which generally detached proficient golf competitions are sorted out into a customary timetable. There are partitioned visits for men and ladies, with every visit being situated in a particular topographical area, albeit some of their competitions might be held in different parts of the world.

Golf is one of the most lucrative games on the planet for both men and ladies. However, it has an altogether different structure from different games, particularly group activities. "Visiting experts," otherwise called "Competition golfers" or "Ace golfers," who make their wage from prize cash and supports, are a little tip top inside the calling.

The golf visit framework advanced more by experimentation than by configuration. At the beginning of expert golf in every area of the world, every expert competition was set up by a different golf club, golf association or business support. As the quantity of competitions expanded the most capable expert golfers focused chiefly on playing in competitions instead of on club proficient and golf guideline work.

Once a decent number of competitions were being played in a locale every year they were formalized into a "visit", which was directed by a solitary association, albeit singular competitions keep on being controlled by partitioned bodies much of the time.

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Equipment of Golf Tours

  1. Golf clubs

  2. Clothes/Accessories

  3. Golf balls

  4. Golf shoes

  5. Rounds of golf

  6. Golf bag

  7. Golf cards

  8. Golf office goods

Structure of Tour Golf

There are more than twenty expert golf visits; every keeps running by a PGA or an autonomous visit association which is in charge of orchestrating occasions, discovering patrons, and controlling the visit. The vast majority of the real visits are player controlled associations whose business target is to augment the salary of their individuals by expanding prize cash.

The bigger visits have a competition verging on consistently through the vast majority of the year. Every visit has "individuals" who have earned their "visit cards", which means they are qualified for play in the greater part of the visit's occasions.

A golfer can turn into an individual from the main visit by succeeding in a passage competition, normally called a Qualifying School ("Q-School")  by accomplishing an assigned level of achievement in its competitions at the point when contending as a welcomed non-part; or, much rarer, by having enough eminent accomplishments on different visits to make them an attractive part.

Participation of a percentage of the lesser visits is interested in any enlisted proficient that pays a passage expense. There are gigantic contracts in the money related prizes offered by the different golf visits, so players on everything except the main few visits dependably seek to climb in the event that they can.

For instance, the PGA Tour, which is the main level visit in the United States, offers about hundred times as much prize cash every season as the third-level NGA Pro Golf Tour.

How many master golf players are there?

Just the main 125 players, as positioned by competition rewards, get the opportunity to keep their enchantment "visit card," which permits them to enter any of the PGA Tour's legitimate occasions. This is the overwhelming men's golf visit to the U.S.

Etiquette, Behavior on the Course

The Golf Game Spirit

Golf is normally played without being supervised by an official or umpire. The diversion depends on the trustworthiness of the golfer to display his/her thoughts for different players and to maintain the Rules. All golfers ought to act in a restrained way, exhibiting politeness and sportsmanship every time, regardless of how aggressive they might be.


Players ought to guarantee that nobody is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club, the ball or any stones, rocks, twigs or the like when they make a stroke or work on swing. Players ought not to play until the players in front are out of reach.

Ball in Play

A ball is "in play" when the player has made a stroke on the teeing ground. It stays in play until it is holed, aside from when it is lost, too far out or lifted, or another ball has been substituted, regardless of whether the substitution is allowed; a ball so substituted turns into the ball in play.


The player's clubs must acclimate with this Rule and the procurements, particulars and translations

Maximum of Fourteen Clubs

The player must not begin a stipulated round with more than fourteen clubs. He is restricted to the clubs subsequently chosen for that round, aside from that on the off chance that he began with less than fourteen clubs; he may include any number if his aggregate number does not surpass fourteen.

The option of a club or clubs must not unduly defer play, and the player must not include or get any club chose for play by whatever other individual playing on the course or by gathering parts conveyed by or for the player amid the stipulated round.

Stroke Play

In any round of an impediment rivalry, the contender must guarantee that his impairment is recorded on his score card before it is coming back to the Committee. On the off chance that no impairment is recorded on his score card before it is returned or if the recorded debilitation is higher than that to which he is entitled and this influences the quantity of strokes got, he is excluded from the impediment rivalry.


Your suggestions and views are our priority; please share them in a comment box below.

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List of all the Golf Equipment for Beginners and Professional

[caption id="attachment_186" align="aligncenter" width="700"]List of All the Golf Equipment That You Need To Have infographic List of All the Golf Equipment That You Need To Have infographic[/caption]

If we observe the sports happening in the previous century, then golf has come forth as the widely accepted game. The progress of golf in the USA and other parts of the world has resulted in name and wealth to its participants who were never the case earlier. Professional game of golf was never so accepted and in vogue.

In the present scenario anybody of some standing plays golf. Earlier it was thought to be the game for retired people, but it is not so. People of all age groups play this game for leisure and as a competition. Fifteen of the past Presidents of America were golf players.


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Golf is played with a club and ball. The clubs of varying specifications are used in the game. The ball is hit with the club to make it enter the holes spread over the course. The minimum strokes are the contention. This is one game that does not depend on standardized playing region.

The holes vary from 9-18 holes. Every hole has a tee box as well as a putting green with the actual cup. The terms used for the game balling is

  • Fairway

  • Rough

  • hazards

Each hole laid out on the course is exclusive with specifications and game plan. The game is based on lowest number of strokes. It is called stroke play. It is the pattern at all levels of the game.

History of the Game

Golf has been the game of the UK right from the 1800s; it was in the second half of the century that the game took roots outside the UK. Even at that time it was not noticed in the USA; in the last decades of the century, golf clocked in the northeastern USA. The whole of the 19th century the game of golf was a struggle in the country. It was first the civil war and later other games like horse riding, boxing that took the lead.

The pioneering golf course was constructed in the USA in 1888 by Scotsman John Reid. His golf clubs came from Tom Morris. He created interest among some of his friends and built a three holes course among cow pastures at Yonkers New York. It was in 1889 Kentucky members laid out a course and names it Middlesboro Club.

As the last decade of the century lead to its conclusion, there were 9 golf courses in the whole of the USA. In the east course, the first 18 hole course was in Chicago. It was the pivotal location. As the century concluded, the number of golf courses had gone up to 26.

It is clear that golf gained popularity in the USA. There was demand for an organized body to conduct the game. In 1894 the golf clubs that held an important meeting was:

  • Golf club in Yonkers

  • Massachusetts Brookline

  • Rhode Island Newport

  • New York Southampton

  • Chicago golf course

These organizations of the golfers created Amateur Golf Association in the USA. Theodore Havemeyer belonging to the Newport club was appointed the first President. Thus began a new phase of the game where competitions’ were held. The first in the list was National Open and Amateur Championships. The first prize was booty of $150 comparatively above the British open in the same year.

The Variation

The pair of things that a golfer requires for the game of golf is:

  1. Golf club

  2. Golf ball

All golfers carry assorted golf clubs each with a specific function and varied shots. The golfer makes a selection from a band of heterogeneous clubs. The clubs are aimed to hit the ball with deviating distances or put the ball in air through a befitting stroke. The set of the golf paraphernalia has several varying club and the ball position decides which one is to be used.

In standard golfers, the kit is 14 golf clubs. Most of them are serially placed. The number is the identification of the angle of the club. It is also called loft. The lower the serial of the club the angle is the lower rung. Thus, for instance, the number 1 iron will be with diminished angle permitting the ball to move towards the lessened trajectory; the 9 numbered iron will have sufficient loft it is meant for hitting the ball in the air.

Types in the Golf Game

The conventional golf club includes the woods; it has a huge head at times carved out of wood. It is put to use for long shots. It has reduced mastery and with iron comparatively difficult to hit. However once it hits the ball progresses further. These are also numbered, and the lowest ones are labeled driver.

Iron clubs has extra flat top carved out of metal. These have more exactness. The player determines the balls:

  • Distance

  • Direction

  • Spin

These are also numbered but come with a nomenclature such as Sand Wedge, wedge, etc. these types are used in almost all locations shots; assist in the rough section or else when coming closer to green.

Putters have a flat faced and is meant to give a roll to the ball. These are put to use in the greens. At the fringe intersection, they roll the ball towards the green. Aimed putting helps to get a score in the game. The classification of putting is not crucial to the game, but the skill of the player is the deciding factor for the game.

Golf Accessories

[caption id="attachment_71" align="aligncenter" width="1476"]golf kit Photo Credit:[/caption]

A golfer requires a bag to transport the golf equipment. These includes:

  • Clubs

  • Balls

  • Tees

Tees are needed when teeing off the lift of the ball and strike a clearer shot. The shoes underneath of the golfer have spikes for ground grip and balance. The glove is part of the equipment. It is worn on the left hand. A towel is carried for cleaning equipment like the ball. Some carry umbrellas.

Renowned Golfers

The first trio great golfers were:

  • Sam Snead

  • Ben Hogan

  • Byron Nelson won 52 times inclusive of five major competitions

  • Tiger

  • Arnold Palmer

  • Jack Nicklaus

By an amazing coincident the first three were born in 1912. The others also made their mark in professional golf and the Americans fans remember them fondly.

Hall of Fame

The world Golf Hall of Fame is situated at World Golf village close to St Augustine in Florida in the USA. It has honored men and women golfers through their work. The place is backed by a consortium of 26 golf organization globally. The entry in the hall of fame is based on professionalism and accomplishment of the player. Others linked through the game and included in the league are:

  • Architects

  • Writers

  • administrators

They are not players but contributors.


Every year new players and fans are joining the game show. They are not well informed on several issues of the game of its history. They may have many doubts and queries. Write to us and we will be happy to reply back. We will clarify many of your stands. A fan has a right to know about the achievement of the golfer or the rules of the game. Sharing with us will make you wiser.

Our customer care department is very interactive and prompt. We are well informed about the game and will share the same with you. Do write to us!

List of all the Golf Equipment
Golf clubs :
Golf towel:
Golf gloves:
Golf rangefinder:
Golf shoes:
Golf push cart:
Golf GPS watch:

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How To Become A Professional Golfer In The USA?

The game consists of a ball, and a club is called the game for rich people. Yes, that is right. That gentle man’s game is “Golf”. People call it gentle man’s game because every player owns their own balls instead of all players are running after a single ball like players do while playing football.

It is famous as a game of rich man because of the cost of clubs and balls. When you take a tour of the sports corner, then only you will come to realize that a kit of golf balls is more expensive than a soccer ball. Those balls are only used by a single player, which can be easily lost by hitting them into water, woods and off the hills where in soccer a single ball is being used by 22 players at a time. Now you can easily understand why it is known as a game of a rich man.

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About the Game

  1. This game is out of those few games, which do not require a specified play area.

  2. It is based on how fewer strokes you strike to put the ball in a particular hole.

  3. There are 9 or 18 holes in one round. The standardized game consists 18 holes in one round.

  4. A club and a golf ball are required for this game where each club consists of a grip and a club head.

 There are two basic forms to play golf:

  • Match play: In match play, both teams play individual contest against each other.

  • Stroke play: In stroke play, each hole of a round is being calculated to get the total score. At the end of the game, it is sum up, and the team or a player who gets the lowest score wins the game.

  • Professional golfers play Stroke Play: There are other forms of golf known as skins, 9-points, Bogey competition, stable ford, and etcetera.

The level of grass depends on the difficulty of the game. Holes are being placed in a direct line of sight, or some are little bit bend.

Swing mechanism plays a vital role in golf. You have to swing your club in proper alignment and with proper time. The direction of swing of a club must be in a direction of a golf ball. It determines whether your golf ball will reach to the hole or not.

A Dream to Become a Professional Golfer

[caption id="attachment_61" align="aligncenter" width="930"]pro golfer Photo Credit:[/caption]

Many people dream of being a professional golfer. It is not as easy as it seems. It takes hard work, dedication, passion, and patience. To live as a professional golfer is not less than a living a dream. It takes years to achieve that peak.

There are several important notions, which will help you to start your journey if you are planning to be a professional golfer.

There are several golf courses in the USA. Some of the mare listed below:

  • Cypress point

  • Pine valley

  • Shinnecock hills

  • Augusta National

  • Oakmont

How To Become A Professional Golfer

Following steps will help you to figure out your difficulties.

Step 1:

Conduct your own research before you step into this game.

1. Find out, which tours are conducted out there.

There are two tours mainly:

  • PGA tours: These tours are known as Professional Golf Association tours. These are running by this association. It runs the main professional tours in the US.

  • LPGA tours: It is known as Ladies Professional Golf Association tours. These are different from PGA tours. This is also an American organization, which is for female golfers.

Other countries also have LPGA, but the US was first to establish it. It runs training programs and qualifying school too.

These tours are very big tours to start, but as we know, things can be accomplished with small steps. Before planning to put your step into PGA and LPGA tours, you should start with small tours like The Canadian tour for men, The Gateway tour, The CN women’s Canadian tour, The Hooters tour for women, and etcetera.

PGA Tour

2. Observe what is the best way to step into PGA and LPGA tour.

There is a different way for every golfer but the known, and famous pathways give you the clear picture. It will help you to distinguish between better paths and uncertain paths. Some of the tours provide great training pitch and after getting into those tours, you can improve your game. These tours give you the best chance to experience a real golf, which is very necessary to experience to become a professional golfer.

3. Figure out what kind of game you need to practice to play on those tours.

You need to go through old established records for those games so that you will come to know, which type of game is expected from you. Once you get a clear idea of the expected game, then you will be able to work on your own game and the factors you are supposed to improve to enter in a new ring. From these records, you can confront your capabilities, and you can decide whether you are able to compete at that level of the game or not.

4. The crucial aspect to look at is a credibility of a tour.

Some small tours are not trusted worthy. Some golfer put lots of money for tours, but they end up losing their money. Small tours are very expensive too. It is essential to do all the necessary research about the tour you are hoping for. It is a waste in spending your hard-earned fortune like this.

Go for only those tours, which seem trustworthy and worthy to play. These small tours are very pivotal because it gives you the great platform to assess your game and improve at that level, which is very necessary for PGA and LPGA tour. Pick your tours as a beginner wisely because that will decide how long your journey will continue as a golfer.

5. Estimate your expenses for your tour.

This is the very important thing you need to keep in mind. As you already know how expensive this game is, tours differ in expense too. Before you sign up for your tour, look for estimated amount of your tour. Some tours post their estimated expenses as they have a clear idea of their tour. Some tours have memberships and other fees, which can provide you the necessary information for your investment.

The only thing, which you cannot determine easily is expenses of your living and traveling. For this, you need to consult other experienced golfers. They are the only ones who can give you the lucid idea for your expenses of tours. In the beginning, you will face this type of problems but with time and after few tours, you will come to know how things work.

[caption id="attachment_63" align="aligncenter" width="806"]professional golf Photo Credit:[/caption]

Step 2:

Create your own roadmap.

  • After completing your research on each and every required direction, you need to plan your journey as a golfer to reach the PGA or LPGA tour.

  • The thing you must be acknowledged while planning for your pathway is to be realistic. You are not supposed to push yourself where you will never reach.

  • You need to examine your ability and according to that, you need to create your pathway. Do not expect too many things from yourself. Keep one thing your mind that you cannot achieve the title as a professional golfer It takes time. For every golfer, it varies.

  • You must also be well aware of how long it will take to reach there. While doing this, you have to think in possible ways only. Be reasonable with yourself before you find yourself out of the race.

  • Another aspect is to look for your sponsor’s potential to provide you the money to play your game. This thing is paramount because it will decide your fate whether you will be able to play golf or not. Everyone is aware of how expensive this game is.

  • You need to create your budget for your tour after you are done with your research. It is very important that you have done your research very well.

  • After creating your roadmap for it, you need to start working on your game. For every mini-tour like Canadian tour, you will need at least 6-7 months to prepare.

  • After this time span, if you do not feel confident about your game then you should keep practicing. There is no need to hurry to go for these tours. You will only end up wasting your money and time.

  • Your wait and hard work for this game will worth at the end if you work according to your plan to reach PGA or LPGA tour.

The main reason for creating this pathway is to provide you the clear idea. It will show you the path on, which you are supposed to walk to reach PGA and LPGA tour. This helps you to motivate yourself and gives you enough reason to hold patience and to throw out the thought of giving up in the middle of the way.

Jump in this pool only when you feel cent percent confident that it is worth to jump.

Step 3:

Find your backbone for your golf career.

  • One fact you should not stop considering is playing golf will cost you a lot. Golf is very expensive game. This is the bitter truth, but that is the only reality.

  • If you want to become a professional golfer then certainly you will need help from others.

  • The first rule to reach to your dreams is to realize that this journey is not going to be smooth at all. There will be many sets back but how you will deal with those setbacks will determine your career as a professional golfer.

  • For a start, this may seem a difficult task. Keep one thing in your mind that there are several ways to deal with this problem. If you cannot deal with it by yourself, then you should not hesitate even for a moment to ask for help.

  • Some people are very eager to help others in fulfilling their dreams, so it does not matter how many people are not ready to help you with this problems.

You need to focus on those people only who are eager to help you. Learn to deal with failures and start finding other ways to walk if you find yourself stuck in the middle of something. Remember that there is always a way to your dreams. There is only efforts and determination, which are asked by that path. Never stop trying and after few years, you will certainly find yourself as a professional golfer.

Step 4:

Get appropriate and required coaching.

If you are practicing golf to play at PGA or LPGA tour then certainly you will require coaches. They play a crucial role to show you the correct direction to work on because working hard cannot be the only required factor but it is working hard in a right direction.

Without a coach, you will never be able to understand various tactics, which will be required at LGA and PLGA tour. These can only be taught by experienced golfers who have spent their many years learning those tactics.

You will require three types of coaches who will be able to help you throughout your journey of becoming a professional golfer. Such types are mentioned below.

1. Swing coach

  • Swing mechanism is a personal touch of every player. Every golfer owns their own style for it. You need to find someone who can understand your way of playing.

  • If you have your swing coach from the beginning of your journey, then you should not allow yourself to switch to someone else. That couch may be aware of your style very well that no one else will be able to understand that. The way that person can help you, it is possible that no one else can do same for you.

  • If you do not have your swing coach from the beginning, then you need to find someone who can match your way of playing. It is very necessary to find someone who will be able to understand your goals and that bond can be created between both of you.

  • It becomes imperative to find someone who has faith on your journey, and you can trust him.

2. Conditioning coach

  • In each game, our body is the main tool which decides the fate of your game. In golf, clubs and balls are not the primary things, which decide the result of the game but your body is.

  • Your body needs to be perfectly trained to become a professional golf player.

  • You need to find someone as your conditioning coach which can understand the game of golf and even more about the human

  • Your trainer should be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. He must be able to work with you taking your responsibility on his shoulder. It is very necessary that he knows how to improve your weaknesses and increase your strength.

  • You will not be able to find a single golfer you is not spending fewer hours of his week in a gym.

  • Certainly it is not a part of your schedule, but it is far more important to establish your career as a golfer.

  • If you are fit, then it will determine your quality of your game.

3. Mental Couch

  • It will be great if you are rich enough to hire a psychologist for you.

  • A psychologist is required for your coaching because golf is not the physical game only.

  • You will require much more mental strength to compete with other golfers.

  • It is not easy to find a mental couch for everyone because no golfer can compromise with other two coaches as their role is very crucial and there are no other alternatives.

  • You can find alternatives with this one, You can inspire yourself by referring work of legends in golf. Their writings can inspire and motivate you at each stage.

  • You should find someone’s work, which can influence you more and then you should follow that way.

Step 5:

It is your time for the transition now!

  • Now as you have the entire required pool of things in your bucket, then it is your turn.

  • After doing all the research work, collecting money from sponsors, Routing your path, and Reaching to all coaches, you need to decide from, which way you want to enter in this game.

  • This decision will decide how long it will take for you to become a professional golfer.

  • Sometimes you qualify to turn as a professional golfer, and you can reach to PGA or LPGA tour.

After completing all these steps, now you are allowed to name yourself as a professional golf player. Congratulations!

Few Things You Need to Keep in Mind as a Professional Golf Player

[caption id="attachment_64" align="aligncenter" width="800"]pro golfing Photo Credit:[/caption]

Never lose your positive attitude.

  • Keep one thing in your mind that sometimes roads can be dusty and filled with heavy stones but it is only you who can help yourself to get rid of all problems.

  • Certainly you will face problems like losing the game, missing strokes, poor play, and most importantly loneliness. Missing your home and your loved ones is the usual feeling but to overcome all of these obstacles is necessary if you want to continue your career as a professional golf player.

  • Self-confidence and positive attitude towards your game will help you to improve your game and to make your life worth living as a professional golf player.

  • Always walk with optimistic thinking on this path regardless of all the obstacles you will face.

Maintain your diet.

  • Eating proper food is essential for your game. As we know it is our body that plays on a field, then it is must to maintain it.

  • You need to quit fast food first. It does not provide necessary nutrients.

  • Providing your body correct food is as important as to fuel a car for a ride. You cannot deny the fact to fulfill your taste.

Kill extra time enjoying your hobby.

  • Every golfer has their own hobbies. On tours, every golfer gets some time to do extra things.

  • During this span of time, a person should do activities, which lighten their mind. Reading can be the interesting activity to do as it gives you the things to discuss with other players and make new friends.

Find a place to work out.

  • It does not matter where you are. It is very important for you to find a gym or a place to work out.

  • You cannot play at your best if you are not in your perfect physic.

  • Continuous work out is very important for your game. You should prepare one schedule for exercising.

Joie de vivre

  • It is very important to enjoy whatever you are doing in your life. That defines you, and it helps you to move forward every time.

  • A life of a professional golfer gives the chance to explore new places all around the world, a chance to meet new people, and most importantly a chance to play Golf, game, which is known as Gentleman’s game!

  • Never forget, which life you are living as a professional golfer because very few get that chance to live this life. Never lose that sight of living.


I hope that above mentioned tips for “How to become a professional golfer in the USA?” will help you. You can always find details about this game at several places. This blog explains the tactics for becoming a professional golfer and maintaining that state of living.

Do you have some suggestions? Mention them below in comment box and let us know your reviews. We would be more than happy to assist you.

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How To Play Professional Golf? Rules & Techniques

What is Golf?

Golf is considered the most expensive and popular game in the world. The game is played at various professional levels, and it has largely following in almost every country. Golf attracts a huge number of golfers as it can be played by people of all ages. Millions of people around the globe are obsessed with it. The game involves putting a ball into a hole by hitting it with a club in as few strokes as possible.

Golf is a very challenging game, and it takes years to become a master golfer. There are numerous interesting aspects related to golf, its different game variations and formats, the golf course, clubs, and balls. The game of golf is a club and ball sport where golfers use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course in as few strokes as possible.

Golf does not require any standardized playing area. It is played on a course which has either 9 or 18holes in it. Every hole consists a “tee box”. The tee box is the point from the game is always started. A hole also contains a “putting green” which contains the actual cup. The terrain between the holes has standard forms, like fairway, rough, and hazards. Each hole designed on the course comes with its unique layout and arrangement.

In order to hit a ball, you need to have a golf club, or you can have several golf clubs. Based on your shots and the distance which is to be covered, you can use different clubs. You are allowed to carry a maximum of 14 clubs. Generally, 9 clubs are sufficient to play a round of golf.

There are a number of rules associated with golf. If you want to become a professional golfer, then you have to put a lot of efforts in learning and practicing them. The basic rules may appear quite simple. However, you will face a lot of odd situations while playing a round of golf as when balls end up in areas where they can’t be played or get lost.

The rules of golf etiquette are more important than the official rules of golf. The rules of golf etiquette are designed to ensure that every golfer on the golf course enjoys his game separately. The game of golf is enjoyed all over the world by both, golfers and fans. This game requires a lot of concentration and precision. It is played by athletes and amateurs. Golf can be played anywhere, theoretically. You just need a hole, a teeing ground, a club and a ball.

All about the Golf Course

The golf course is a ground where the game of golf is played; it has a series of holes. Every hole consists a teeing ground, a fairway, and the rough and other hazards. The standard round that is being played in golf comprises of about eighteen holes. These golf courses are private, public and municipally owned.

[caption id="attachment_181" align="aligncenter" width="800"]golf course Photo Credit:[/caption]

The golf course usually consists either nine or eighteen holes. The game starts on a teeing ground and ends when the golfer gets the ball into the Hole cut on the putting surface. The flagship displays the location of every hole. Every hole has a ‘par’ of three, four or five. There are exceptions to this rule. When playing with ‘par-four’ or ‘par-five’ hole, golfers aim to hit the fairway with their first shot before attempting to reach the green with their next strokes.

The course is maintained by cutting the grass of different heights, between the teeing ground and green to increase the difficulty. The tee not only renders level stances to the golfers but they also supervise the grass carefully in order to make sure that each and every golfer gets a fair chance in making an attempt for the very first stroke at each of the hole. Also, the fairway is responsible for giving short grass and good lies while the rough gives longer grass and other forms of vegetation that increase the difficulty.

A Staff generally takes care of the golf course. The staff consists of highly trained individuals who are responsible for the facilities of prime assets. Maintaining a golf course requires a set of skills and techniques for best results and smooth game.

Golf courses generally follow the original landscape, but some modification is unavoidable. There are always some artificial hazards like bunkers and sand traps. A golf course may also have natural hazards. The layout follows certain traditional principles which include a number of holes (9 or 18), the par values, and the number of holes of each par value.

The greens are arranged close to the tee box of the next playable hole in order to minimize the travel distance while playing around, and to vary the mix of shorter and longer holes. In some cases, two holes may share the same tee box. Holes often include hazards, which are special areas that have additional rules for play.

Types of Golf Formats

1. Stroke Play

Stroke Play is the most common format of the golf. It is played by both, professional and amateurs. Stroke play involves every golfer competing all over 18 holes. The total numbers of strokes are counted, and the team with lower total net score wins.

2. Match Play

In Match Play, either two golfers or two teams play at least one time for every hole as a separate contest. The golfer or the team with the lowest score wins the hole. If both the teams and golfers have same scores, then the hole is drawn. The team or the golfer that wins more holes wins the game. It is very common and popular at club level.

3. Foursome

Foursome is played between 2 golfers in a format of partnership. Here the ball is hit alternatively by the golfers. A golfer here tees off on holes that are numbered odd, and the other golfer tees off even numbered holes. The shots are played until the hole is completed. Stroke play or match play may be played under these rules.

4. Four Ball

This game is same as the Foursome except the golfer here plays with individually assigned ball, and the better scores of the team are counted. It can be played either under stroke play or match play.

5. Stable Ford

It is a form of Stroke Play. Here the scoring is made by the points awarded for the fixed score at each hole.

Hole Played In Points

  • <1 more than fixed score —> 0

  • 1 more than fixed score —> 1

  • Fixed score —> 2

  • 1 below the fixed score —> 3

  • 2 below the fixed score —> 4

  • 3 below the fixed score —> 5

  • 4 below the fixed score —> 6

In golf, the one who has the highest number of points is declared as the winner.

6. Bogey and Par Competitions

Bogey and Par competitions involve scoring as in Match Play. If a golfer doesn’t return to any hole, then it is counted as a loss. Winner of the game is decided by the aggregate of holes, the golfer most successful in winning holes win the match.

7. Scramble

In a scramble, each golfer of the team tees off on each hole and the best shot is decided by the golfers itself. The same process is repeated for the remaining golfers till the hole is not finished. The balls which are lifted are placed with one scorecard’s width of the selected position.

8. Ambrose

It is a form of Scramble. Here Ambrose Handicaps are used like the Stroke Play.

  • Total Net Score = Total Gross Score – Adjusted Handicap

  • Adjusted Handicap = Total Handicaps / 2 x (No. of Golfers of the Team)

9. Texas Scramble

Texas Scramble is a combination of both team play and individual play. Here set a number of drives are rewarded to each golfer throughout the course of the round. The beginner golfer is used first so as to reduce the pressure from the remaining game.

10. Skins

Skins are the variation of Match Play where each hole has rewarded some points or money. You can win money or points only after you win the hole outright. If more than one golfer achieves the best score for any hole, then the money or points are carried away to the next hole.

[caption id="attachment_182" align="aligncenter" width="849"]golf format Photo Credit:[/caption]

11. Green some

Green some is a Foursome variation. Here both teammates make tee shot, and the best shot is selected by the golfer of both the teams. The remaining golfer whose shot is not selected plays the second shot in addition to all the even numbered shots on this hole.

12. Patsome

Patsome is the combination of various games played together. There the first six holes are played in Four-Ball format, the next six in Green some format and the last six are played in Foursome format.

13. Chapman

Chapman is the Four-Ball variation format where each golfer targets the assigned tee shot and then swaps his position to target the second ball. After playing the first shot, it is decided this of the two balls will be played for remaining hole. After selecting the best position, the golfers alternatively play the strokes in anticipation of holing out.

14. String

In the string, every golfer is allowed a length of the string for improving the bad lies. The string length depends on the golfer’s handicap. When a bad lie occurs, the golfer cuts off the string length that is equivalent to the distance they move to a new position. After moving the ball from its position, the length can no longer be used. A golfer can use his string at any point in the game.

15. Flag Tournaments

In Flag Tournaments, every golfer is provided with a small flag, and the number of strokes is allocated equally to par plus 2/3 of his handicap. If a golfer runs out of his stroke, he plants his flag where the ball lands. The golfer going furthest wins the game.

Rules for Playing Golf

The basic rules of Golf states “play the ball as it lies, play the course as you find, and if you can’t either, do what is fair.”

Rules entitled under “Articles and Laws in Playing Golf” are as follows:

  1. The golfer should tee his ball within the length of the hole that is set by the club.

  2. The golfer should make sure that his tee is upon the ground only.

  3. The golfer is not allowed to have another ball when you have to strike your tee.

  4. The golfer is not allowed to get rid of stones or bones in order to play their ball nicely.

  5. If there is a case where the ball goes in the water, the golfer is totally allowed to bring back their ball and also tee Also, the golfer can play with any of the clubs associated with golf playing and then allow their adversary for a stroke.

  6. If there is a case where it is found that balls are touching each other, the golfer should lift his first ball and then play with it till he plays the last.

  7. The golfer should play quite fairly during the time of holing.

  8. If in case the golfer loses his ball then h d struck the ball he should return back to the spot where he had struck his ball last and then drop the next ball. The golfer can also allow their adversary for a stroke.

  9. At the time of holing, no presence of any human being is allowed.

  10. If in case the ball is stopped by an animal or something else then that ball should be left untouched.

  11. The golfer, whose ball lies at the maximum distance from the hole, is allowed to play first.

Some of the “sub-rules” of Golf are:

[caption id="attachment_183" align="aligncenter" width="850"]golf rules Photo Credit:[/caption]

Rule 1: About the game

The first rule in golf is about the basic meaning of the game which describes playing with a ball in various clubs, as per the rules. Also, it states that the golfers should not influence any kind of movement of the ball in the game and should not also change the course unless it is specified by some other rule or it is in favor of preventing the course from any sort of damage. If there is any violation of the rule, then the golfer is charged with a two-stroke penalty. All the rules for playing Golf should be followed as they are presented to the golfers.

Rule 2: About match play

The second set of rules states about match play where all the golfers compete with each other to have the lowest score on each and every hole. The golfers who have a tie have to divide the win of the hole amongst them. The rules also state about the conditions that are set for the golfer to win the match. Also, it describes various methods to resolve any kind of doubts or disputes among the golfers. Lastly, it states that if any kind of violation is observed by the golfer, he has to suffer the loss of a hole.

Rule 3: About stroke play

The third set of rules defines about the stroke play where the golfers compete in order to play an entire round with the minimum number of strokes. If any golfer refuses to follow the rule and that somehow affects the rights of the other golfer then the golfer is disqualified. As per the general rules for a penalty, the golfer is given a two-stroke penalty except for the case or override by some other rule.

Rule 4: Playing of ball as it lies

The ball in the golf should be played in the same position as it is kept lying on the course. The golfer is not allowed to alter the position of the ball or that particular area where he has to drop the ball as it is mentioned in the set of rules. The golfer should also keep his feel quite firmly on the course ground such that it does not change the position of the ball. If in case the ball is placed in some kind of hazard then the golfer should neither test nor touch the hazard with his hands or club. Some of the exceptional cases are mentioned in the rules.

Rule 5: Substituted ball

The golfer should be able to complete the hole with the same ball that was being played with from the teeing ground unless and until there is some introduction to a substitute ball as per the rules mentioned. The golfer can only introduce a substitute ball when it is permitted by the rules or during the time he has a two-stroke penalty. If in case the golfer hits a wrong hole then the golfer either suffers from a loss of the hole or a two-stroke penalty in the match play competition. The number of strokes that are made by the golfer when the ball was hit wrong is not counted in the total number of strokes.

Rule 6: Provisional ball

This set of rules defines about the penalty related to stroke and distance and also defines the use of the same penalty when the ball is hit outside the boundary or is hit in such a way that it is nowhere to be found within the time span of five minutes. In cases where the ball is not to be found anywhere, he can play with the provisional ball from exactly the same spot. Also, if the old lost ball is found later and the golfer wishes to play with it, he is allowed to do it without any penalty. If the golfer decides to play with the provisional ball in order to complete the hole, he gets one penalty stroke.

Rule 7: Practice

The golfer is allowed to practice on the course even on the day of the competition, but he should keep in mind that he is only allowed to practice in some specifically designated areas on the course only. Also, the golfer should be aware that he should not practice any strokes during the play of  a hole.

Rule 8: Regarding the advice

The golfer should neither render advice to another golfer, except for his partner nor seek advice from any of the golfer other than his partner. The golfer or his partner is allowed to point out a line where they will put while they are on their green but at the same time, they are not allowed to touch the green.

Rule 9: Cleaning ball

The golfers should be aware that the ball which is placed on the putting green needs to be cleaned every time is being lifted. Also, a ball that is placed somewhere else on the course should also be cleaned whenever it is lifted unless it is lifted under some exceptions mentioned in the set of rules. If a golfer does not clean his ball under this set of rules, he is liable for a one-stroke penalty.

Equipment for Playing Golf

[caption id="attachment_71" align="aligncenter" width="1476"]golf kit Photo Credit:[/caption]

There are various items which are used to play golf. All the equipment are specially designed for the comfort and smoothness of the game. The Clubs and ball are specially designed for playing best shots. Apart from Clubs and balls, there is other important devices and equipment which are vital for the sport of golf. They are:

  1. Balls

  2. Golf Clubs

  3. Ball Markers

  4. Tees

  5. Golf Bag

  6. Golf Cart

  7. Towels

  8. Club Head Covers

  9. Ball Mark Repair Tool

  10. Other Aids

  11. Gloves


Golf is one of the most difficult games that are played worldwide. It becomes easy for the golfers to play when they are made completely aware of the rules governing the game. We hope that the above-provided information about the rules and various techniques about the game were beneficiary to you.

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